Thursday May 24, 2018

We are an international voluntary youth organisation for those interested in ponies, horses and riding. We give instruction in riding and horsemanship, as well as promoting the highest ideals of sportsmanship and citizenship, nurturing a strength of character and self discipline.


5CA0204E-3591-44D1-8CC9-B145D1E00016 Well done to Molly from Bramham Moor and Fiona from Friars Hill for passing their lungeing test yesterday


6.30pm to 8.30pm on Friday 1st June in the lecture room at YRC, Markington. The Pony Club B Test,  Standard setting evening

Do you know the standard required for Pony Club B Test Riding


Safeguarding Workshop 

The York & Ainsty South Branch are hosting a Safeguarding workshop on Monday 11 June at 6.30pm prompt at Huntington Community Centre, just off the York northern ring road. 

If anyone would like to attend please book & pay via The Pony Club website.

If you, or anyone in your Branch needs to attend a Safeguarding Course, Liz Dunn, Area 3 Safeguarding Trainer, is willing to run a course.

The first approved course attended should be face to face. This may be followed three years later by an online course. However, as a minimum, individuals should attend a face to face course every six years.

If you are interested please contact Liz as soon as possible at or on 01422 202642 so that a date & venue can be arranged.