a very special boy: Malibu


I’m sorry to be a stranger and messaging you out of the blue but I’m really hoping you may help me. I am trying to find a very special boy: Malibu: 12.2hh, liver chestnut, gelding, 22 years old. I have set up this website with lots of photos, our story, and all of his details. I am hoping you will have come across him, and have some information for me. If not I would really appreciate if you could share it on your social media/ newsletters/ website to help me find him, and encourage your friends/colleagues to share too.

I realise this is of no benefit to you, but I really would appreciate if you could take the time to do this, it would make my dreams come true to find out about him but I need your help! Your contacts could make a really BIG difference to me. Please help!

Many thanks,