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AREA 5 WINTER LEAGUE TABLE 2017/18 (mid February)

Only two competitions to go !
Please support otherwise these events will not be viable and WL SJ will disappear.

  Angl E.Ches Gwyn Tan&B&De Dwyf&Dol B.Ch.Fores F and D WWW Ch H South TOTAL  
CLASS 1 16.9.17 1.10.17 15.10.17 12/11/2017 26/11/2017 10/12/2017 6.1 .18 21.1.18 4.2.18 Points CLASS 1
Aberconwy 5 5 5 3 6 5 5 5 5 44 Aberconwy
Anglesey 4 4 5 13 Anglesey
Berwyn & Dee 5 5 Berwyn & Dee
Cheshire South 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 48 Cheshire South
Dwyfor 3 3  Dwyfor
East Cheshire 4 4 East Cheshire
Sir WWW 3 4 7 Sir WWW
Aberconwy 1 2 5 2 2 12 Aberconwy
Anglesey 3 2 5 Anglesey
Berwyn & Dee 3 3 Berwyn & Dee
Burton Ches For 4 3 3 3 13 Burton Ches For
Cheshire South 6 6 6 6 5 6 6 6 47 Cheshire South
Dolgell 5 4 4 4 4 6 4 5 36 Dolgell
East Cheshire 5 2 4 5 16 East Cheshire
Flint & Denbigh 2 5 5 6 5 23 Flint & Denbigh
Gwynedd 4 3 7 Gwynedd
Tanatside 1 4 35 Tanatside
Waen y Llyn 3 3 Waen y Llyn
Berwyn & Dee 6 4 10 Berwyn & Dee
Burton Ches For 5 5 Burton Ch. For
Cheshire South 6 6 12 Cheshire South
East Cheshire 6 4 6 3 19 East Cheshire
Flint & Denbigh 6 2 8 Flint & Denbigh
Gwynedd 6 6 Gwynedd
Sir WWW 2 5 5 12 Sir WWW
Tanatside 3 3 Tanatside
Waen y Llyn 5 5 Waen y Llyn
Burton Ches For 4 4 Burton Chesh For
Cheshire South 5 6 6 6 6 29 Cheshire South
East Cheshire 6 6 East Cheshire
Flint & Denbigh 5 6 11 Flint & Denbigh
Tanatside 5 5 Tanatside

Area 5 PC L2 Coaches Course

Some photos from the Area 5 PC L2 Coaches Course which was held at Mostyn Farm Ride on Sunday 17th September 2017.

Great day, lovely atmosphere and fab experience for all the demo riders and coaches to fine tune their skills, and we even got to have a play around the cross country course at the end.

A big thank you to Meg Green and her team for organising this training.


National Tetrathlon Championships (including Grassroots Tetrathlon)

The National Tetrathlon Championships were held at Bishop Burton College from the 11th – 13th August 2017.

Area 5 had 7 competitors who qualified at the Area 5 Tetrathlon competition held at Whitfield farm, Warwick for this prestigious event. Unfortunately, Keeva Stott was unable to attend.

Open Boys

Both Area 5 Open Boys, Russell Wingfield (Aberconwy) and Toby Johnson (East Cheshire) came in the top 10 placings! Toby was 4th with a joint Best Shoot (940) and Russell 9th. Both competitors achieved a total score in excess of 4000 points which is fantastic achievement.

The previous weekend, Toby and Russell had both represented Wales and Borders in the Regional 100 Event held at Southfield House, Nunney, Frome, Somerset.

Junior Girls

Area 5 had a Mixed Area team of four Junior Girls taking part in the event. Annabel James (East Cheshire), Ella Booth (Cheshire Hunt North), Kiera Booth (Cheshire Hunt North) and Orla Stott (Cheshire Hunt South). This was an exceptionally large class consisting of 86 girls! The competition got underway with some very impressive shoot scores from Area 5. Orla – 900, Kiera – 800, Annabel – 960 and Ella – 980. We hoped Ella’s score would gain her the award for the Best Shoot in the Junior Girls competition but two girls, Connie Gould (Old Berkeley Hunt) and Charlotte Hicks (East Cornwall Hunt) both scored the maximum points achievable of 1000. All the Area 5 Junior Girls had a clear cross-country round on a course that was designed by Joe Weller.

Grassroots Competition

This year was the fourth year of the Grassroots Tetrathlon competition. The competition is open to both branch and centre members but competitors must not have competed at Junior level tetrathlon or above at Regional or Area level competitions.

Competition outline:

  • Swim: 3 minutes
  • Shoot: 7 metres
  • Ride: Show Jumping course with a slip rail and a halt box
  • Heights: 2ft to 2ft 6in (60-75cm)
  • Run:1000 metres

Area 5 had two competitors gain the highly sought-after places in this competition both from Flint and Denbigh PC, Archie Lynch and Leah Lamb. Both put in fantastic performances and held their own against much older competitors in a class of 48! Archie achieved 2nd place with a shoot score of 840. He was 4th in the swim and 6th in the run. Leah came 18th with a very impressive shoot of 920 narrowly missing the award for Best Shoot which was 940. Both Archie and Leah rode clear.

Well done all Area 5 competitors!

Cheshire Shield 2017 results

Please find attached a copy of the Cheshire Shield  Horse Trials results to include the Areas 4 & 5 results from Saturday’s competition. They will be published on the EC website asap.

As usual, this is an “Excel” document and therefore to move between the various classes and the team results you will need to select the appropriate tab on the bottom left of the page. Note also the team results are on a single page and you will need to scan across the page to see all four classes using the bar to the right of the tab bar.

Many thanks to all officials, volunteers, helpers etc. for ensuring that we had a splendid day and to the King family for making sure the infrastructure was so well presented and worked.

Thanks also to all you competitors, your parents, branch officials, family and friends for taking part so enthusiastically and for your messages of thanks.

We were glad to see you all and look forward to inviting you back to Somerford again.

The Cheshire Shield for 2018 is scheduled for the weekend of the 7th/8th July so make a note in your diaries now!

Regards … Geoff


Cheshire Show success for CHNPC

In the glorious sunshine, we had a fantastic time competing in the Inter branch PC Hunt Relay. The day started well with our hard work being recognised when we gained 2nd place in the Tack and Turnout competition.

The heats began and they were fast and furious. Soon to our delight we were through to the finals and we won!

Well done to all the other teams and we hope they enjoyed the competition as much as we did.

Thank you to CHS for inviting our branch to send a team and for organising it on the day.  It is a great competition and so prestigious to ride in the main arena.


Junior Regional Tetrathlon Competition 3rd and 4th June 2017

Moreton Morrell College and Xcel Leisure Centre, Coventry

162 competitors took part in the Junior Regional Tetrathlon Competition earlier this month. In order to be able to take part competitors have to be invited by their Team Manager. This year the Wales and Borders team, which consists of competitors from Area 5, 10 & 18, had two teams of 5 girls and 3 individual boys. We had a great turnout from Area 5 this year with 5 out of the 10 female competitors selected being from Area 5! All of our Area 5 girls have been training hard to perform at their best during this event!

Red Dragons

  • Annabel James – East Cheshire (Captain)
  • Ella Booth – Cheshire Hunt North
  • Orla Stott – Cheshire Hunt South
  • Deryn Cressey-Rogers
  • Megan Jones

Green Dragons

  • Seren Thorne (Captain)
  • Keeva Stott – Cheshire Hunt South
  • Kiera Booth – Cheshire Hunt North
  • Molly Cressey-Rogers
  • Ffion Priddle

Annabel James achieved the “Best Shoot” scoring a fantastic 980 (out of a possible 1000 points). Followed closely behind by Ella Booth who scored 960! Wales and Borders also had the “Best Shoot” in the boys section too with Alex John scoring the maximum possible score of 1000! The only competitor to do so in this competition.

There were very few clear rides on a taxing and technical course but Cheshire Hunt South competitor, Orla Stott was one of only 3 of our Wales and Borders female competitors to have a clear cross country ride achieving 1400 points.

On Saturday evening there was a buffet and a disco. Each region had to prepare a small performance. This year the theme was superheroes!

Wales and Borders performed to the theme tune of Queen’s Flash Gordon! The choreography and the costumes were successfully organised by the team captains mothers – they did a fantastic job.

We were all absolutely delighted when it was announced that we had come joint first with Scotland!

Overall in the competition the girls Red Dragon team came 5th out of 21 teams and the Green Dragons 14th.

Morgan Thompson, one of our W&B boys came 1st place in the boys competition – he was also our Flash on Saturday night – complete with blonde wig!

Well done to everyone who took part and a huge congratulations to all of those in Area 5!


Horse and Pony Care – FULL RESULTS

We had a lovely day hosted by the Burton Cheshire Forest Branch of the Pony Club at Dee Farm on the Wirral and run by John Gilbert very efficiently with humour and enthusiasm. We had free drinks and cake all afternoon and during that nerve wracking time while waiting for our results we had a superb dressage to music demonstration from Helen Dutton, not on her big dressage horse but on a lovely Welsh cob that had been bought at Beeston! It would be wonderful if we could all turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse!

Both senior and junior competitions were won by the Berwyn and Dee Pony Club which has only 37 members most of whom are in the youngest age group. The senior team of Lily Wakefield, Lauren Lawley and Sian Williams who have two D+ tests and a C between them did well to answer questions at B test standard. The junior team “The Happy Gang” of Sian Evans, Emily Martin Jones and Aimee Davies were thrilled to win against stiff opposition. Well done Berwyn and Dee Pony Club and Good Luck at the Champs.

Second Placed team was Dwyfor – another very small Branch,  Cheshire Hunt North Tigers took 3rd, 4th (Lions) and 5th (Leopards) places and WWW were 6th. Well done all for taking part.

Huge Congratulations to Berwyn and Dee Branch for winning the Junior class at the Horse and Pony care competition on Sunday at Dee Farm, Heswall.

They will be joining their Senior team who are off to the Champs too!

Good Luck to them!

Well done to their trainer Mary Evans and a big Thank you to John for organising a well run competition!

Thanks … Meg Green – Area 5 Representative


Anglesey E Cheshire Gwynedd Aberconwy Tan/B&D. Dwyf/Dol B Ch For TOTAL
CLASS 1 17.9.16 2.10.16 16.10.16 29.10.16 13.11.16 27.11.16 11.12.16 POINTS CLASS 1
Anglesey 4 3 7 Anglesey
Cheshire North three 3 Cheshire North
Cheshire South 6 6 6 5 6 6 35 Cheshire South
East Cheshire 4 5 9 East Cheshire
Flint & Denbigh 5 5 4 6 2 22 Flint & Denbigh
Gwynedd 5 5 Gwynedd
Sir WWW 3 3 Sir WWW
Waen y Llyn 4 4 Waen y Llyn
Berwyn & Dee 2 2 Berwyn & Dee
Cheshire North 5 5 Cheshire North
Cheshire South 6 6 6 1 6 25 Cheshire South
Dol & Dwyfor 4 4 5 4 5 22 Dol & Dwyfor
East Cheshire 3 5 4 12 East Cheshire
Flint & Denbigh 2 5 4 3 6 20 Flint & Denbigh
Gwynedd 6 3 5 14 Gwynedd
Tanatside 6 6 Tanatside
Aberconwy 5 5 10 Aberconwy
Berwyn & Dee 5 5 Berwyn & Dee
Burton Ches For 1 4 5 Burton Ch. For
Cheshire North 3 5 8 Cheshire North
Cheshire South 4 6 5 15 Cheshire South
East Cheshire 2 2 East Cheshire
Flint & Denbigh 6 6 6 6 6 6 36 Flint & Denbigh
Gwynedd 4 4 8 Gwynedd
Sir WWW 2 2 Sir WWW
Tanatside 3 3 Tanatside
Waen y Llyn 4 4 Waen y Llyn
Burton Ches For 6 6 6 18 Burton Chesh For
Cheshire North 4 4 Cheshire North
Cheshire South 6 6 Cheshire South
East Cheshire 5 5 10 East Cheshire