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The 2017 Area 8 Quiz was kindly hosted by the Suffolk Hunt here are the results – Area 8 Quiz 2017 Results
Pony Club Area 8 Polocrosse have all safely arrived home this week following a hugely successful Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley Castle.
This was our second year and we fielded four teams; two in the Minis (under 13 years) and two in the Seniors (16 years and over).
Bearing in mind that we have only been playing polocrosse recently in  Area 8 since October 2015 there were some remarkable displays of talent not to mention placings for every team in the tack and turn out. There were 28 teams entered in total and only 9 tack and turn out prizes so to take four of these demonstrated an outstanding display of commitment and hard work from Area 8 members and their parents! Everyone supported each other to achieve this exceptional result and true team work..
The teams and results were:
Area 8 (1) – 4th in the Open Minis Cup and 3rd in the tack and turn out
Xanthe Goodman (Essex Hunt North)
Sophie Barclay-Smith (East Essex Hunt)
Lottie Wilson-Fitzgerald (kindly lent by the Grafton Hunt)
Area 8 (2) – 4th in the Novice Minis Plate and 1st in the tack and turn out
Taryn Tinker (Essex and Suffolk Hunt)
Lara Thompson (East Essex Hunt)
Mollie Palmer (Enfield Chace Hunt)
Area 8 (1) AKA Essex Harriers – 1st in the Novice Seniors and 3rd in the tack and turn out
Jess Alderson (kindly lent by the Rockwood Harriers)
Jack Page (Essex Farmers)
Hollie Baker (Essex Hunt North)
Area 8 (2)- -2nd in the Novice Seniors and 2nd in the tack and turn out
Jess Ciecora-Joslin (Essex and Suffolk Hunt)
Stella Stearn (Mid Suffolk)
Seona McCredie (Mid Suffolk)
In addition Emma Joslin from Essex and Suffolk Hunt PC was graded too high to take part in the Novice Seniors competition and so made a team with Russell Smith from North Warwickshire and Hannah Drew from Over Dalkeith and came 4th in the Open Seniors.
All members displayed team spirit, sportsmanship and tenacity against teams with much more experience but I think it was clear that Area 8 has begun to make it’s mark in the Pony Club polocrosse rankings.
PC Area 8 Polocrosse will be taking a well earned res


Here are the results of Area Dressage 17

Int Qual Teams P1

Int Qual Teams P2

Int Qualifier Arena 11

Int Qualifier Arena 14

Int Qualiifier Arena 12

Inte Qualifier Arena 13

Nov Qual Teams P1

Nov Qual Teams P2

Nov Qual Teams P3

Novice Qualifier Arena 3

Novice qualifier Arena 4

Novice Qualifier Arena 5

Novice Qualifier Arena 6

Open Qual Teams P1

Open Qual Teams P2

Open Qualifier Arena 1

Open Qualifier Arena 2


Pony Racing success 2016

Congratulations to Ben Bromley from the Suffolk Hunt who this year has been competing in the Pony Club Champion Headwear Pony Racing Points Series .
Ben has finished a fantastic 3rd nationally in the 148cm section with his pony Live wire
Many congratulations to Ben.

Area 8 Tetrathlon – Archive results


Burghley show jumping 2016 -  Results

AREA 8 qualifier results

1st. Suffolk Hunt Blue. 75.5. Q
2nd. Essex Hunt North 65.25
3rd. East Essex 1. 61.75. Place decided on score in round 1 =4.5
4th. East Essex 2. 61.75. Score round 1 = 3.5
5th. East Essex. 3. 61.25
6th. Suffolk Hunt Pink. 59.75. Place decided on score in round 1 = 10
7th. Suffolk Hunt Green. 59.75. Score in round 1 = 9
8th. Easton Harriers 2. 56.5.

A lovely afternoon at Horringer Village Hall competing in the PC quiz. All ran smoothly and yummy cakes enjoyed by all parents and quiz team s . Thank you to all parents of Suffolk Hunt for their help in running the quiz.
Mascot competition won by Suffolk Hunt Green !



Horse and Pony Care 2015

The 2015 Area 8 Horse and Pony Care competition, sponsored by the Blue Cross animal welfare charity, was held on 10 April, at Barnston, kindly organised by the Essex Hunt North Branch for the second year running.

The standard was very high this year, and all the teams did extremely well. The Junior Competition was won by hosts Essex Hunt North, closely followed by the two Suffolk Hunt teams in 2nd and 3rd. The Senior competition was won by East Essex Hunt, with the Easton Harriers in 2nd and Essex Hunt North in 3rd. The winners of both sections have qualified for the Championships at Cholmondeley Castle in August.

Thank you to our hosts, Jane Anning and Susan Trembath for letting us take over their beautiful homes and stable yard, to Georgie Mackley who organised it all and to everyone who helped on the day.

Bloom Cup and Rossli Salver results

It was an outstandingly good day in extremely wet circumstances! Thank you to everyone: competitors, trainers, and the Waveney Harriers Branch Officials, who helped to make it such a success!

The Bloom Cup

The Rossli Salver

Please note: all cross country time penalties in the Rossli Salver are for going too fast!

Well done to all on a superb competition!

Dengie Competition Results

Dressage Competition Report

On Sunday 29th March Essex Hunt North Pony Club hosted the Dengie Area Dressage Finals at Brook Farm Training Centre. What a day!  It poured with rain all morning, and then when the rain finally stopped the wind picked up to gale force. The competitors were amazing, carrying on regardless, and the judges commented on how well everyone coped with the quite awful conditions.

The Dengie Novice Area Final was won by Hollie Justice on the lovely Purewell Perdita from Essex Hunt North PC, with Anna Czylok from Cambridgeshire Hunt PC 2nd and Amelia Peak, also from Cambridgeshire, 3rd. The Open, which was run in the worst of the conditions, was won by Amy Esterhuizen from Suffolk Hunt Pony Club, with her club-mate Louisa Baker a close 2nd. Guy Woods and Billy Vestey from Newmarket & Thurlow were 3rd and 5th, with Lucinda May and Snowgoose in 4th.

EHNPC members did well in the other classes, with wins for Olivia Hoare, Holly Nelmes-Faint and Imogen Pohl, plus lots of other placings.

Thank you to Brook Farm for letting us use their lovely facilities, and to all the judges, writers, scorers and especially the stewards, who worked stoically all day . EHNPC

Dressage Results

Show Jumping Competition Report

The North Norfolk Branch of the Pony Club organised a friendly, fun and excellent day of Show Jumping competition on Saturday 14th March at Easton College near Norwich.

Sue Peasley’s courses are always challenging but jumpable with plenty of good turns.

The arena at Easton is a treat for all.

The Pony Club members and their ponies/horses were really well turned out. It was a pleasure to look across the outdoor warm up arena to see such a Pony Club sight. Turn out Judge Kerry was helpful and encouraging to any members who needed a detail corrected. The new hat tagging worked well with both purple and white tags being applied.

The sun shone, although the temperature kept changing, so coats and rugs were on and off all day.

The Easton College Cafe had delicious food on offer all day, full English for Breakfast and homemade hot lunches as well as chips, something for everyone.


1stAlex CurranOaky MistEssex Hunt
2ndEllie MooreGlenford BertieNorth Norfolk
3rdKatie KerrMiss MayglareEssex Hunt
4thScarlett BedfordRock n Roll at MidnightCambridgeshire
5thStella StearnKissemmie RebelMid Suffolk
6thAmelia ButtersIndie RockEaston Harriers


1stIndia BusseyWestwinds EgoSouth Norfolk
2ndCharlotte Rose EyreIt's LogicThetford Chase
3rdGeorgia Leeder WhiteElderadoThetford Chase
4thArchie JonesRight Hand ManNorth Norfolk
5thHarriet Leeder WhiteBarco v GesstlehoffThetford Chase
6thCharlotte ChappleWonita of BellhouseSoham

Area Quiz 2015

The Area Quiz Competition was held at Great Sailing by the East Essex Hunt Branch on Friday, 20th March.

In spite of a bit of traffic chaos which held up several teams the competition started on time.

Fifteen teams competed with competitors ranging from 8 to 20 years to answer rounds of questions with subjects ranging from “The Pony Club” to “Horse Ailments” and “Spelling”.

Round 5 had items of tack and other horse associated items to be identified by “Sight” and little pots of things to be identified by “Smell”.

Suffolk Hunt Purple set the pace by taking the lead after the first round, to be overtaken by the Essex Hunt North who sat doggedly in first place until after round 4 .Suffolk Hunt Purple took the lead again after round 5, this time with the East Essex New Forests in second. This situation stayed the same through round 6 but in round 7 Essex Hunt North came steaming through to take second place. After a very exciting final round the two Suffolk Hunt teams came out first and second with Essex Hunt North finishing third and the two Easton Harriers teams fourth and fifth with only one and a half marks between them.

A very successful evening with a lovely atmosphere.

1st – Suffolk Hunt (Blue )

2nd – Suffolk Hunt (Purple )

3rd – Essex Hunt North






























Area 8 at the Dengie Winter League Championship 2015

Area 8 was very well represented at the 2015 Dengie Winter Championships which took place over the Easter weekend at Warwickshire College.

The first day was the show jumping. Four members took part in the Winter League Championships with Katie Kerr from Essex Hunt North making it through to the jump off. Sadly two poles meant she finished out of the rosettes, though she did win the prize for the best turned out. Katie has twice been a member of the winning Gosling Cup team, so she knows a thing or two about turnout! The other Area 8 riders were Alex Curran (also Essex Hunt North), Stella Stearn (Mid Suffolk) and Scarlett Bedford (Cambridgeshire Hunt).

The Open Grand Prix Championship took place in the evening with no fewer than three members from Thetford Chase Branch taking part, Georgia and Harriet Leader-White and Charlotte Rose-Eyre. Harriet finished in 3rd place, very well done to her.

The next day was the dressage. Two Area 8 members took part in the Novice. Hollie Justice from Essex Hunt North scored a very respectable 65% which was not quite enough for a place, however in the other arena Amelia Peak from Cambridgeshire Hunt Branch scored an amazing 71.2% and finished 2nd in her arena. She then went forward to the ride off, where she finished 3rd overall. Well done Amelia, a fantastic achievement, especially as her pony, Kippure Silver Dollar, is only recently back in work after time off for an injury.

In the Open Dressage we were represented by two girls from Suffolk Hunt and two boys from the Newmarket and Thurlow. The girls went first; Amy Esterhuizen rode a beautiful test, with just one mistake, but her score of 59% left us all rather shell-shocked, and her towards the bottom of the class. Not where she deserved to be, but that’s dressage I guess. Her team-mate Louisa Baker was in the other arena and she rode a smart test for a creditable 63% which left her in 10th place – well done Louisa! The boys also rode very well, Guy Woods was tantalisingly close to a rosette in 11th place, while Billy Vestey was a little lower after one or two minor mistakes on his lovely new mare Shoney, but they are ones to watch for the future.

11 year old Claudia Davis from Essex Hunt North took part in the Novice Dressage to Music. She rode a lovely test to super music, and scored 68.75% for 3rd place, well done Claudia!

Last but not least, the National Quiz Final took place on the Dressage day, with Area 8 represented by the Suffolk Hunt Pony Club. They had a lovely day, managing to watch some of the dressage during their lunch break, and they ended up in 12th place – sadly not quite enough for a rosette.

All in all it was a lovely two days, roll on next year!!

Amelia Peak







Amelia Peak – CHNPC









Katie Kerr – EHNPC

Open Dressage Area 8








Amy & Louisa – SHPC , Guy & Billy – N&TPC


Area8- Tet Qualifier_Results-2014

Quorn_Tetrathlon_Results_2013 Triathlon_Results_2013 Area_Competiton_Results (6 &  8 )