Tuesday March 20, 2018
>Area 9 Success in Triathlon Championships Qualifiers

Congratulations to the Area 9 competitors who qualified for the National Triathlon Championships

The results from the Triathlons during half-term have given us further qualifiers from Area 9 for the Pony Club Winter Triathlon Championships.

With 2 more qualifiers still to run, the list of qualifiers from Area 9 is now an impressive 21.  Congratulations to:

Senior Girls

Ellie Bliss – Cotswold Hunt PC

Jess Telford – Beaufort Hunt PC

Senior Boys

Jack Church – Old Berkshire Hunt PC

Edward Kendell – Beaufort Hunt PC

Harry Stevens – VWH Hunt PC

Junior Girls

Isla Green – Beaufort Hunt PC

Rosie Harris – Ledbury Hunt PC

Cressie May – Cotswold Hunt PC

Emily Turner – Croome Hunt PC

Junior Boys

Tom Connors – Beaufort Hunt PC

Ollie Gill – Croome Hunt PC

Arthur Townend – Ledbury Hunt PC

Harry Trotman – Ledbury Hunt PC

Mini Girls

Willa Gibb – Beaufort Hunt PC

Lexie New – Old Berkshire Hunt PC

Lucy Peevers – Beaufort Hunt PC

Felicity Townend – Ledbury Hunt PC

Mini Boys

William Connors – Beaufort Hunt PC

Tom Cox – Ledbury Hunt PC

Charles Hall – Beaufort Hunt PC

Angus May – Cotswold Hunt PC


>Pontispool 2 Day Residential Camp (XC training) – 4-6 April 2016

Booking Form for Residential Camp at Pontispool 2016

Pontispool 2 Day  Residential Camp (XC training)  – Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th April 2016

Venue: Pontispool, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton TA4 1BH

Price Child: £190 – to include stabling, accommodation, all meals and 8 hrs of instruction

Price Adult £90 – to include accommodation and all meals


MPC Residential Camp at Pontispool will take place from Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th April 2016.  Pontispool is a popular venue and in 2016 we are opening our Camp to other branches in Area 9.  We will be sharing the facilities at Pontispool with the Mendip Farmers branch but have 20 places on offer, so if you would like to attend you will need to book your place quickly.
Chris and Lucy Mitford Slade have very kindly offered to help me organise this again and we are keen to encourage ALL members who are in school year 7 or above. The XC course at Pontispool is extensive and has many jumps from 70 cm up to 1m 15 including several water jumps, steps, banks and ditches. It’s a great way to get your horse going at the beginning of the season at what ever level you are competing or if you have not competed much before, but would like some training before you start.  The link below provides you with more information:


This year we plan to run the 2 days in the same format as before so that we arrive at lunch time on Monday 2nd, ride for 2 hours that afternoon, ride 2 hours both Tuesday morning and  afternoon then 2hrs again on Wednesday morning, which means that we will be able to leave after lunch on Wednesday.
Weather permitting we will be making use of the XC course for the 2 days, however there is also a large outdoor arena with a course of show jumps, a water jump and steps if anyone wants to have a change from the XC.

The cost for members will be £190 to include accommodation for riders and their horses, 8 hours of tuition and all meals.

The cost for adults will be £90 per person which includes all meals and accommodation in a shared cabin, there is an option of a shared deluxe cabin at an extra cost.

Attending a residential camp should be an all round experience where caring for your horse is as much a part of the day as riding, members who stay with out parents will be under full supervision, will learn a lot more and usually have a very good time.

Any parents who wish to attend may do so in an official capacity and there fore should hold a current First Aid certificate, have had a recent DBS check and attended a PC Safeguarding course with in the past 2 years.

We need to pay Pontispool a deposit and give a rough idea of numbers, so if you would like to attend please let me know before the 15th December, then in order to confirm your place you will need to pay a deposit of £50 to Minchinhampton Pony Club before 15th January.

The address and post code for Pontispool is Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton. TA4 1BH.

I look forwards to hearing from you.

Julie Crew


>19 Mar 2015 – XC Fence Building and Safety

Click Here for Printable Flyer

Area 9 Pony Club

Cross Country Course Building & Safety Day

Thursday 19th March 10.30 – 3.30pm

With Andrew Hunter – BE Accredited XC Course Builder

To be held at Gadbury, Eldersfield, Glos. GL19 4PP

This course is a must for DC’s, Coaches, Course Builders and any parents who help build Cross Country fences

Each Branch must send at least one person on this course

The following topics will be covered

  • Technicality of fences
  • Risk Assessing Cross Country Fences
  • Pinning down mobile Cross Country Fences
  • Realistic level for age/ability of competitors
  • Use of mobile Cross Country Fences in an arena

Cost Adults – £10                  Pony Club Members £5


For more details       email jcrew@onetel.com      mobile 0785 585 2710

>AH Training Days 2015

Click Here for Printable Form:  AH_Training_Days_2015



 Each session will cost £10, please make out individual cheques for each session & put on the back of the cheque which session it is for (this will make banking alot easier). Can you send me the whole form please and put a tick by the date you would like to book in for.


 27th Jan 6pm – 8pm Feeding (C15 – C23)With Julie Crew
 17th Feb  6pm – 8pm Clipping, Trimming & Plaiting (A23 – A27) & Confirmation (C1 – C4) With Kate Scott
 10th March 6pm – 8pm Exercise & Fitness (C23 – C29)With Julie Crew
 31st March 6pm – 8pm Confirmation (C1 – C4)With Julie Crew
 21st April 6pm – 8pm Stable Yard (A4 – A10) & Grooming (A17 – A22)With Kate Scott
 12th May 6pm – 8pm Foot & Shoeing (A11 – A16)With Kate Scott
 26th May 3pm – 5pm Lungeing and Ride & LeadWith Kate Scott
 16th June 6pm – 8pm Farrier demonstration including coverage of the Foot & Shoeing in the syllabus
 2nd July 6pm – 8pm Paddock & Management (B4 – B9) & Handling & Tacking Up (D1 – D9) With Kate Scott
 21st July 6pm – 8pm Breeding

B10 – B26

 4th Aug 6pm – 8pm Common Ailments, Nursing, First Aid (D10 – D27)With Kate Scott
 18th Aug 6pm – 8pm
 1st Sept TestAll day Your DC needs to fill out a nomination form and send it to Julie Crew


To secure your place, fill in the form and send it along with your Cheque made payable to ‘The Pony Club – Area 9’

Return to : Mrs E Hilleard, Tomorosa, Awkley Lane, Olveston, BS35 4EW


>Area 9 Rider Training Opportunities

Area 9 Rider Development Pathway

Open to all PC Member competing at Novice Level and above

This training has been subsided by Area 9!

The Area 9 Rider Development Pathway Winter Training sessions which are listed below,  all training sessions are open to members who are competing at PC Novice Level and above. Area 9 has subsidized this Winter Training so that members can have access to top trainers at venues with excellent facilities.

Click Here to Find Out More

>Talented Training Opportunity for Area 9 Members

Click Here for more information from Pony Club Headquarters

The RDP, supported by the Sport England funded BEF Excel Talent Programme, is designed to aid the development of Pony Club Members who show the ability to progress in their sport and provides a stepping stone for young riders working towards the talent pathways of the Olympic disciplines, the British Equestrian Federation’s Sport England funded Excel Talent Programme and the UK Sport Funded World Class Programme.  This was a new initiative for 2014 and consists of nine regional assessment and training days, held in the spring, open to all Pony Club Members aged 12 years or over who meet the specified minimum criteria in Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing.  At each of the nine assessment days, three riders are selected to go forwards to the National Rider Development Camp. Riders should not already be receiving support through the BEF World Class or Excel programmes, or be on any existing Pony, Junior or Young Rider squads.

Regional Assessment Days

A list of dates and venues for 2015 will be available in the coming weeks.

2015 Member Criteria – Click Here for Printable Version

Detailed below are the minimum criteria required to apply for the 2015 Rider Development Pathway.  In order to apply for their chosen discipline(s), riders must fulfill the minimum criteria and provide evidence to support this.  Riders will be selected to attend one of the Regional Assessment days, which will take place during the Easter holidays, from the applications.  If the Assessment days are oversubscribed, results over and above the minimum criteria will be taken into account; fulfilling the minimum criteria does not necessarily guarantee a place at an Assessment day.  Ages are taken on 1st January 2015.

Riders who have previously been selected for the RDP Squad may not reapply.  This does not exclude riders who have previously attended RDP Camp.

Criteria for Dressage Pathway

Results will be considered from any Pony Club Dressage competition that is open to other Branches, any British Dressage (BD) competition, or any unaffiliated dressage competition judged by a listed BD judge.  (You can check if a judge is listed on the BD website: www.britishdressage.co.uk/judging/find_a_judge) Freestyle Dressage to Music scores do not count towards minimum criteria.

A minimum of four original score sheets at the relevant level must accompany the application.  Each score sheet must have the judge’s name, date and venue clearly filled in.

12-14 years

Riders must be competing consistently at Pony Club Intermediate level/BD Novice level or above, achieving at least 66%.
If the rider has achieved The Pony Club C+ Test, they need only supply a minimum of three score sheets.

15-24 years

Riders must be competing consistently at Pony Club Open level/BD Elementary level or above, achieving at least 66%.
If the rider has achieved The Pony Club B Test, they need only supply a minimum of three score sheets.

Criteria for Show Jumping Pathway

Results can be taken from any Pony Club Show Jumping competition or any British Showjumping (BS) or Show Jumping Ireland (SJI) competition.
Please provide full details of relevant results and proof where possible, (e.g. BS/SJI record print out, letter from Pony Club Team manager etc)

12 – 14 years

At least four clear rounds at the following levels:
•  Pony Club Intermediate or Open Show Jumping Competitions – 1.00 m or above
•  BS (or SJI equivalent) – 1.00 m or above
If the rider has achieved The Pony Club C+ Test, they need only have achieved at least three clear rounds at the required level.

Competed at The Pony Club Intermediate or Open Show Jumping Championships or Dengie Winter League or Open Finals with at least one clear round.

15-24 years

At least four clear rounds at the following levels:
•  PC Open Show Jumping Competitions – 1.10m or above
•  BS (or SJI equivalent) – 1.10m or above
If the rider has achieved The Pony Club B Test, they need only have achieved at least three clear rounds at the required level.

Competed at The Pony Club Open Show Jumping Championships or Dengie Open Final with at least one clear round.

Criteria for Eventing Pathway

Results will be considered from any Pony Club Eventing competition that is open to other Branches, or any British Eventing (BE) competition.

12-14 years

Riders must have completed clear cross country rounds (no XC jumping penalties) at a minimum of four events at Pony Club Intermediate (Level 4) or BE100 (or above), with:
•  an average dressage score of 35 penalties or better and
•  an average SJ score of 8 jumping penalties or better amongst those events.
SJ and XC time penalties will not be taken into account.
If the rider has achieved The Pony Club C+ Test, they need only have achieved the above criteria at a minimum of three events.

15-24 years

Riders must have completed clear cross country rounds (no XC jumping penalties) at a minimum of four events at Pony Club Open (Level 5) or BE Novice (or above), with:
•  an average dressage score of 35 penalties or better and
•  an average SJ score of 8 jumping penalties or better amongst those events.
SJ and XC time penalties will not be taken into account.
If the rider has achieved The Pony Club B Test, they need only have achieved the above criteria at a minimum of three events.

>2014 Pony Club National Championships – Area 9 Results


Heythrop-2014 PC champs

Novice Eventing

Arena 6: 1st Pippa Wollen    North Herefordshire Hunt
Arena 2: 5th Lauren McNally    VWH Hunt
Arena 3: 4th Freya Dibble    VWH Hunt
Arena 3: 6th Henry Hobby    Old Berks Hunt (blue)

Open Eventing

Team 2nd: Heythrop – Tilly Rigby, Duvessa Bandeen, Alexandra Taylour, Tor Smith


Section B:

3rd Tilly Rigby (Heythrop Hunt)

9th Abbie Fawcett (Cotswold Hunt)

Section C: 4th Alexandra Taylour (Heythrop Hunt)

Section D:

1st Thea Godding (Cotswold Hunt)

3rd Duvessa Bandeen (Heythrop Hunt)

Section E:

1st Max Warburton (Old Berkshire Hunt)

4th Phoebe Nicholson (South Herefordshire and Ross Harriers)

9ths Hannah Roberts (Croome Hunt)

Intermediate Eventing

Team 2nd: Heythrop – Honor Barker, Millie Browne, Imogen Humphrey, Laura Smith


Section A:

5th Laura Smith (Heythrop Hunt)
8th Octavia Manning Cox  (Clifton on Teme)

Section B:   1st Laura Warren (Beaufort Hunt)

Section C:  6th Camilla Browne  (Heythrop Hunt)

Section D  7th =  Isabelle Downes  (Minchinhampton)

Show Jumping

ledbury-2014 pc champs

Novice Show Jumping

Team 7th: Beaufort Hunt – Pandora Briselden, Maddy Adamson, Emma Hatherell, Sasha Green

Team 8th: Berkeley Hunt South – Clara Wood, Alice Bastian, Iona Griffiths, Eleanor Snow

Intermediate Show Jumping

Team 3rd: Ledbury Hunt. Philippa Whitby, Polly Smith, Holly Coles and Jack Smith.  Competing against 25 other teams they finished on a score of 4 faults with Jack Smith jumping one of only twelve double clears in the competition.

Tack and Turn out: 3rd Cotswold Hunt

Open Show Jumping

Team 4th: Heythrop – Duvessa Bandeen, Alexandra Taylour, Tor Smith, Sophie Norman


2nd: Rachel Stanley (Beaufort Hunt)

4th: Molly Davies (North Cotswold Hunt)


photo (6)

Junior Polocrosse

Team 1st Place: Ledbury Hunt/Croome   Rosie George, Joshua Smith and Maisie Slight (Croome) (and Team 2nd Place for Tack & Turnout)

Team 3rd Place: Ledbury Hunt Tigers

Charles Mason Open Championships

Team: 2nd Ledbury Hunt


COT- Dressage 2nd placeClifton-On-Teme Team 2nd


Team 2nd: Clifton-On-Teme – Jade Gage, Emily Archer, Immie Jones, Katie Archer

Arena 3: 2nd Jade Gage            Clifton-On-Teme
Arena 2: 2nd Emily Archer      Clifton-On-Teme

Tack and Turn Out: Team 2nd: Clifton-On-Teme


Individual:  10th Rachel Lade (Cotswold Hunt)


Team: 9th VWH:  Anna Horton, Alice Bibby, Alice Edgedale, Izzy McKeeman


Arena A   5th Anna Horton (VWH)

Arena B   9th Alice Bibby (VWH)

Arena C  9th Alice Edgedale (VWH)

Arena D  9th Izzy McKeeman (VWH)

Arena E  3rd  Rachel Lade (Cotswold Hunt)

Arena F   3rd Max Warburton  (Old Berks)

Horse and Pony Care


1st  Old Berks    Victoria Holt, Sasha Hargreaves, Hannah Richardson

4th Old Berks    Louise Hancock, Eleanor Hubbard, Ophelia Spracken

Prince Phillip Cup Games

Intermediate: 4th North Hereford

Cowdray Polo Championships


3rd Beaufort Hunt


2nd Berkeley Hunt


1st Cotswold Hunt

2nd Heythrop Hunt

4th Beaufort Hunt


5th Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

6th Heythrop Hunt B


2nd Beaufort Hunt

6th Heythrop Hunt A


1st North Cotswold Hunt

2nd Heythrop Hunt


2nd North Cotswold Hunt

3rd Beaufort Hunt


YOUNG TELEGRAPH AWARD For The Most Promising Player In The U15/14 Sections

Monte Swaine-Grainger (Cotswold Hunt)

The Andrew Older Memorial Trophy For The Most Promising Langford Player Of The Year

Rob Fleming ( Heythrop Hunt)

SYLVIA SHEPHERD TROPHY For The U16 Girl Who Shows Most Promise

Mali Gravell (Beaufort Hunt)


Sidney Seahorse (Octavia Slatter, Beaufort Hunt)

> John Church finishes Runner Up at Tetrathlon Championships

John Church - Tet Champs 2014 - 1

Old Berkshire Hunt PC Competitor Finishes Second in Tetrathlon Open Championships.

John Church (OBH PC) finished runner up in this year’s Open Boys Tetrathlon Championships, held at Bishop Burton College from 18-20 August.  Having finished 5th last year, John was hoping to do well again, especially after captaining the UK Team at the International Tetrathlon in Australia.  He opened the competition in style, winning the shoot with a personal best score of 940 and placing 8th in the swim and 7th in the run (with another PB).  Going into the ride on the final day, he was in 3rd equal place, 150 points behind the leaders.  Of the first 4, he was the only one to go clear x-c, and he finished in 2nd place, just 21 points behind the eventual winner.  He was delighted with the result and even more so to be the only UK boy to be awarded a Gold Tetrathlon badge, awarded to competitors who score at least 4,400 points and get a maximum score cross-country.

>Polocrosse success at PC National Champs

photo (6)Rosie George, Joshua Smith and Maisie Slight

The Junior polocrosse team from the Ledbury Hunt pony club who won at the Pony Club Championships at Chomondeley Castle on 16th/17th August 2014

The team played brilliantly to win all their pool games, by a margin to gain their place in the final. For a very young team, they kept their heads and showed real skill to triumph over their opposing team, winning by one goal, scored in the last 20 seconds of the game. A massive achievement!

>Sr Regional Tetrathlon Report 9/10 Aug 2014

The 2014 Senior Regional Tetrathlon competition was held at Aylesford cross country centre, Melton Mowbray, and the Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham, on 9/10 August. Competition was very tough and conditions were made even more challenging for Sunday’s ride when the tail of Hurricane Bertha presented competitors with torrential rain, wind and thunder. Nevertheless, the 109 competitors (35 boys and 6 boys’ teams; 74 girls and 15 girls’ teams) continued undaunted and maintained an amazingly high standard, with 18 girls and 11 boys scoring 4,000 points or more.

Central England fielded 1 boys’ team, 4 girls’ teams and 1 individual and everyone can be proud of their performances over the weekend. The boys’ team finished in second place to Wales and Borders, a superb result given that the majority of the team had not represented Central England before. The girls’ teams also achieved great results, finishing in 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th place.

Although not part of the official competition, the swimming relay is always a highlight of the weekend. This year, in a surprise move, it was decided to run the relay as an individual medley, rather than a freestyle competition, and there was a rush to find competitors who were willing to swim backstroke and butterfly! Although finishing in the middle of the rankings after a very close race, the Central Team of John and Jack Church, Sammy Bousfield and Rebecca Leadbeater gave the other teams a good run for their money.

Every Central England competitor put in a huge effort and contributed to the Central Region’s great spirit and excellent performance during a very testing and challenging competition. The 25 Central competitors, and their top 20 finishes, were:

Area 7

Bindy Udale North Shropshire 10th team; clear x-c; 16th run
Robyn Turney Pytchley 9th team; clear x-c
Imogen Hall Warwickshire 10th team
Lucy Mills Warwickshire 10th team; clear x-c
Hannah Anderson West Warwickshire 6th team; 10th individual; clear x-c (4 time faults); 14th shoot; 16th swim; 14th run
Harriet Green West Warwickshire 6th team; clear x-c

Area 9

Ellie Bliss Cotswold 6th team; clear x-c; 9th shoot
Alice Harper Ledbury 7th team; clear x-c; 14th shoot
Libby Walker Ledbury 9th team
Millie Walker Ledbury 9th team
John Church Old Berkshire Hunt 2nd team; 5th individual; clear x-c; 5th run; 7th swim
Jack Church Old Berkshire Hunt Individual competitor. 4th swim
Hannah Prestwich South Hereford and Ross Harriers 7th team; 14th shoot; 18th run
Greg Hall Vale of the White Horse 2nd team; 18th individual; clear x-c; 10th swim
Harry Stevens Vale of the White Horse 2nd team; 14th individual; 8th shoot; 11th run
Miranda King Vale of the White Horse 7th team; clear x-c; 9th run
Philippa Hall Vale of the White Horse 7th team; clear x-c

Area 12

Corinna Leadbeater Oakley Hunt West 6th team; clear x-c
Rebecca Leadbeater Oakley Hunt West 9th team; 13th individual; clear x-c; 10th run; 14th swim
Sammy Bousfield Old Berkeley Hunt Chilterns 6th team; 11th individual; clear x-c; 4th shoot; 6th swim
Francesca Ryde Old Berkeley Hunt North 10th team; clear x-c
Alice Peet South Oxfordshire Hunt Central 7th team; 17th run
Hamish Firth Whaddon Chase 2nd team
Oliver Firth Whaddon Chase 2nd team; 13th individual; clear x-c; 6th run;
Kate Dugher Whaddon Chase 9th team