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2014 – Mini Area Eventing Results

Thursday, 7 August – Foxcote

Class 1A (Mini Team Area ) Red Section

1st Ophelia Spracklen Wicombe Red Surprise Old Berks Blue 23.75
2nd Poppy Charles Timmy Old Berks Blue 24.17
3rd Georgia Barrett Jason North Hereford 30.21
4th Grace Tucker Jigsaw Beaufort Buff 31.46
5th Morgan Kent Asti VWH 31.88
6th Meg Stratton Gypsey Beaufort Blue 32.92
7th Lucy Perring Disco Old Berks White 33.58
8th Cecilia Mayne Peaches With Cream Beaufort Buff 35.42

Best Dressage – Ophelia Spracklen
Best Cotswold – Penny Saunders It’s The Joker

Class 1A (Mini Team Area) Green Section

1st Jessie Saunders Westside Donegal Mirah Old Berks Blue 28.75
2nd Poppy Richardson Tazer Beaufort Blue 30.83
3rd Emma Hall Jessie Berkeley Hunt Green 33.75
4th Daisy Davies William Berkeley Hunt Green 35
5th Polly Kilgour Stockham Pegasus Old Berks White 35.42
6th Saskia Stephenson Blaenpentre Halwen Old Berks Blue 35.42
7th Lucy Gilder George Cotswold Vale Tattingers 36.25
8th Willa McMullen Deo North Hereford 37.08
Best Dressage – Jessie Saunders
Best Cotswold – Angus May Quickstep


1st Old Berks Blue TEAM SCORE 76.7
Poppy Charles
Ophelia Spracklen
Saskia Stephenson
Jessie Saunders

2nd North Hereford 105.6
Georgia Barrett
Georgie Voelcker
Willa McMullen
Tiggy Cowan Taylor

3rd Beaufort Buff 105.7
Grace Tucker
Cecilia Mayne
Lauren Dunne
Finnola Stratton

4th Old Berks White 107.8
Edward Wildern
Lucy Perring
Polly Kilgour
Archie Mackenzie-Smith

5th Beaufort Blue 122.9
Meg Stratton
Milly Harvey
Lucy Peevers
Poppy Richardson

6th Berkeley Hunt Yellow 159.7
Jess Pitcher
Patrick Hart
Megan Griffiths


1st Alice Livesey Beechfield Diamond Monmouth 21.3
2nd Oliver Thompson Mr Mufti Tedworth 21.7
3rd Millie Weedon Poppy Cotswold 29.6
4th Jack Tucker Bennie Beaufort Team 30.4
5th Jemima Landale Jigsaw Beaufort Team 32.1
6th Teagan Manning Copenhagn Malvern Marvels 35.4
7th Ginny Wood Monty Cotswold Vale Team 36.3
8th Daisy McMullen Holly North Hereford Team 36.9
Best Dressage – Alice Livesey
Best Cotswold – Millie Weedon


1st Genevieve Manning Pintura’s Pride Malver Marvels 20.4
2nd Amber Dunne Perky Beaufort 23.2
3rd Jaymee Savill Petronella Cotswold Vale 24.2
4th Lottie Gilderson Tyrcanol My Spirit Malvern Marvels 20.4
5th Abbie Cowley Moustic de Houlie Tedworth Team 25.8
6th Chloe Rodriguez Oakapple Bugle Cotswold Vale 26.1
7th Ralph Verney Lema North Hereford 28.3
8th Ellie Saunders Charlie Chaplin Cotswold 40.7
Best Dressage – Genevieve Manning
Best Cotswold – Ellie Saunders


1st Malvern Marvels 80.8
Teagan Manning
Genevieve Manning
Lottie Gilderson

2nd Beaufort 85.8
Jack Tucker
Jemima Landale
Amber Dunne
Millie Kold

3rd Cotswold Vale 86.5
Ginny Wood
Erin Kemple
Jaymee Savill
Chloe Rodriguez

4th Tedworth 111.3
Oliver Thompson
Abbie Cowley
Imogen Thompson


1st Chloe Ponting Cookie n/a 24.2
2nd Rachel Lade Bobo Cotswold 26.2
3rd Sophie Malt Moonlight Dancer Cotswold 40.1
Best Dressage – Chloe Ponting
Best Cotswold – Rachel Lade


1st Penny Chivers Hardi Lift n/a 26.25
2nd Flora Tiley Piglet Cotswold 34.17
3rd Olivia Davies Just Puzzle North Hereford Team 39.17
4th Mollie Tice Zigzag VWH Team 41.67
5th Esme Sainsbury-Plaice Aslan North Cotswold Team 2 47.75
6th Chloe Rodriguez Pringle Cotswold Vale Lansons 48
7th Alex Holman Lakestreet Hope n/a 49.58
8th Amy Peevers Windsor Beaufort Blue 51.25
Best Dressage – Penny Chivers
Best Cotswold – Flora Tiley


1st Emily Archer Cloud Clifton on Teme 27.5
2nd Amber Wild Seaholm Deacon Cotswold Team 31.25
3rd Jess Telford Tockas Harlequin Beaufort Blue 34.17
4th Georgia King Mojo Apache Tedworth 37.92
5th Mia Langsbury Silver North Cotswold Team 2 39
6th Sophie Watkins Tally VWH Team 39
7th Sarah Mole Neo Southern Star n/a 40.67
8th Jenny Lawton Whispa Cotswold
Best Dressage – Emily Archer
Best Cotswold – Amber Wild


1st Anya Waugh Hells Bells Banwell 27.8
2nd Amy Curtis Alfie Beaufort Blue 27.92
3rd Tintin Belsham Skipper Bob VWH Team 29
4th Holly Osborne Fly North Cotswold Team 2 29.2
5th Sophie Warner Woody Cotswold Vale Lansons 33.6
6th Daisy Wheeler Up with the Lark Croome 35.25
7th Flora Tiley Topper Cotswold 35.9
8th Emily Pitman Khan Cotswold Vale Team 2 36.5
Best Dressage – Anya Waugh
Best Cotswold – Flora Tiley


1st Alex Harvey Frank Beaufort Blue 27.5
2nd Holly Menzies Spot n/a 35.5
3rd India Griffiths Mr Darcy Berkeley Hunt South 35.75
4th Ella Martin Miley Cash Cotswold Vale Lansons 36.6
5th Ibble Watson Nutkin North Cotswold Team 2 41.7
6th Mollie Spearman Frank Beaufort Buff 41.7
7th Lara Faber Johnson Expensive Label VWH Team 45.8
8th Georgia Carpenter Rita SCRS Centre 62.9
Best Dressage – India Griffiths
Best Cotswold – Katie Preece


1st Beaufort Blue 89.6
Amy Peevers
Jess Telford
Amy Curtis
Alex Harvey

2nd VWH 109.7
Mollie Tice
Sophie Watkins
Tintin Belsham
Lara Faber Johnson

3rd North Cotswold 2 109.9
Esme Sainsbury-Plaice
Mia Langsbury
Holly Osborne
Ibble Watson

4th Cotswold Vale Lansons 112.3
Chloe Rodriguez
Georgia Savill
Sophie Warner
Ella Martin


1st Tirion Budd Wing Man Curre Hunt 21.2
2nd Abbey Read King of Treasures Minchinhampton 31.6
3rd Lilly Pinchin Rathkeale Boy North Cotswold 33.2
4th Saffron Malt Llariaidd Maverick Cotswold 38.4
5th Lauren White Lightening Thief Curre Hunt 44
6th Heather Catherwood Hazy May n/a 50.8
7th Jenny Lawton Oaklands Sagittarius Cotswold 53.6
8th Abbey Read Blackmoor Clover Minchinhampton 90
Best Dressage – Tirion Budd
Best Cotswold – Saffron Malt

>2014 – Area 9 Show Jumping 4 Aug, 2014

Monday 4th AUGUST 2014

fr left: Pandora Briselden, Amy Peevers, Emma Hatherall, Jack Beattie

Area 9 - Novice Champions - Beaufort Blue Team

from left: Pandora Briselden, Amy Peevers, Emma Hatherall, Jack Beattie


OPEN Teams
1st North Cotswold
2nd Heythrop
3rd VWH
4th Mixed Bunch – South Hereford & Ross Harriers/Ledbury/VWH
5th Beaufort
6th Worcester

1st Rachel Stanley, Beaufort
2nd Thea Godding, Cotswold
3rd Anna Horton, VWH
4th James Clarke, North Cotswold
5th Molly Davies, North Cotswold

Open Tack and Turnout
1st Heythrop
2nd        Beaufort
3rd         Cotswold
4th         VWH
5th Worcester
6th North Cotswold

1st=       Ledbury
1st=         Cotswold Foxcote
3rd Old Berks Blue
4th Old Berks White
5th Worcester
6th Cotswold Stowell

1st Octavia Manning Cox, Clifton on Team
2nd Laura Smith, Heythrop
3rd Annie Davies, Cotswold Stowell
4th Miranda King, VWH
5th Flossy Freeman-Inglis, VWH
6th Megan Hughes, Old Berks Blue

1st          VWH Cricklade
2nd Beaufort
3rd VWH Bathurst
4th Cotswold Yanworth
5th Cotswold Stowell
6th Old Berks White

1st          Beaufort Blue
2nd Berkeley Hunt South Foxes
3rd Berkeley Hunt Green
4th Worcester Blue
5th Old Berks Blue
6th VWH Draycot Foliat

1ST Lydia Ward, North Cotswold Primrose
2nd Henry Insley, Old Berks Blue
3rd Maddy Adamson, Beaufort Buff
4th Sasha Green, Beaufort Buff
5th Georgie Reece, Worcester Blue
6th Henry Hobby, Old Berks Blue

1ST Berkeley Hunt Yellow
2nd Berkeley Hunt Green
3rd Beaufort Buff
4th Cotswold
5th Old Berks Blue
6th Beaufort Blue

1st Beaufort Pink
2nd Cotswold Oxpens
3rd Heythrop Major
4th Old Berks White
5th Old Berks Blue
6th Berkeley Hunt Green

1st Amelia Ford, Minchinhampton
2nd=      Ella Johnson, Heythrop Major
2nd=        Tom Connors, Beaufort Pink
4th=        Nancy Jarman, Cotswold Oxpens
4th=        Daisy Corbett, Heythrop Major
6th Freya Partridge, Cotswold Oxpens

>Area 9 Open Dressage – 29 July 2014

Area 9 Dressage  29th July 2014

Ledbury Hunt Pony Club are hosting the Area 9 Dressage competition on Tuesday 29th July at Gadbury Eldersfield.

We have the usual qualifying classes of  Novice, Intermediate and Open in the morning, but are also holding a junior team competition in the afternoon. This is open to riders of 12years and under on the 1st January 2014. Teams can be of three or four with the best three scores to count.

Area 9 Dressage 2014 Open Class Final results

Open Results – Individual

Section A – 12 competitors

1st Anna Horton VWH
2nd Izzy Downes (Q) Minchinhampton
3rd Emily Densen (Q) Clifton on Teme
4th Charlotte McDowall Ledbury
5th Victoria Smith Heythrop Hunt
6th Duvessa Bandon Heythrop Hunt

Section B – 12 competitors

1st Rachel Lade Cotswold Hunt
2nd Hannah Roberts (Q) Croome
3rd Laura Smith Heythrop
4th Max Warbuton (Q) Old Berks Hunt
5th Amy Ward Ledbury
6th Izzy McKeeman VWH

Open Results – Team (7 Teams)

1st Heythrop (Q) Victoria Smith, Duvessa Bandon, Alexandra Taylour,  Laura Smith
2nd Mix & Match Izzy Dowess, Hanna Roberts, Ellie Atkins
3rd VWH (Q) Anna Horton, Alice Bibby, Alice Edgedale, Izzy McKeeman
4th Ledbury Charlotte McDowall, Amy Ward, Ellie Pembridge
5th Cotswold Hunt Harriet George, Jenny Lawton, Abbie Fawcett, Rachel Lade
6th Clifton on Teme Emily Denson, Ellie Lewis, Caroline Lewis

Intermediate Results – Individual

Section A – 24 competitors

1st Becca Maddern VWH
2nd Holly Osborne (Q) North Cotswold
3rd Zoe Davison Beaufort
4th Grace Bibby VWH
5th Alex Worrall Mixed
6th Holly Coles Ledbury

Section B – 25 competitors

1st Anna Collins Croome
2nd Emma Williams Ledbury Hunt
3rd Laura Warren Beaufort
4th Harry Sykes Croome
5th Alex Norris VWH
6th Octavia Manning Cox Clifton on Teme

Intermediate Results – Team (14 Teams)

1st VWH (Q) Grace Bibby, Becca Maddern, Alex Norrix, Hattie Hansard
2nd Croome Hunt (Q) Isobel Lole, Amy Price, Harry Sykes, Anna Collins
3rd Heythrop Honor Barker, Emliia Vandamme, Bizzy Loffet, Imogen Humphrey
4th Beaufort Zoe Davison, Tash Bailey, Laura Warren
5th Ledbury Alice Ward, Holly Coles, Josie William
6th N. Cotswold Holly Osborne, Eve Hobbs, Chloe Pinchin
>26 July – Area 9 Novice and Junior Eventing

Area 9 Pony Club Novice Eventing Qualifier and Junior Eventing Competition

26th July, Lybrook Farm, Broadway

2014 Junior Area Eventing Winners - Beaufort Hunt Blue team

2014 Junior Area Eventing Winner Beaufort Hunt Blue team

left to right Eliza Gibb (Darius), Alex Harvey (Frank), also the individual section winner Tom Beatty (Millie) and Amelia James (Donny)

Click Here for Printable Schedule for Classes

>27 July – Area 9 Open & Intermediate Horse Trials

Area 9 Pony Club Intermediate & Open Eventing Qualifier

27th July, Lybrook Farm, Broadway

Click here for RESULTS for Intermediate and Open

Click Here for Printable Schedule

>CPD Training – Elite Coaches Participate!

Yogi Breisner receives his Pony Club Coaching CPD Log Book

CPD Training

Picture 1 of 11

Area 9 hosted Continuing Professional Development (CDP) which drew a gathering of elite coaches from the worlds of eventing and showjumping on Thursday 19th June.    Official Press Release to follow shortly……..

>Area 9 Members selected for UK Polocrosse Team

Four members of the Ledbury Hunt Pony Club have been selected to play for the UK under 16yr polocrosse team for 2014.

This is a great achievement for Freddie Leith, Charlie Ralli, Meg Smith and Erin Tufnell all from Ledbury, who will make up a team of 8 with the four other players coming from Kent, Yorkshire and the Midlands. For Area 9 players to make up half the UK under 16 squad is a real success story for polocrosse in our Area.

They are due to play a series of International matches against Ireland over the Summer where I am sure they will be great ambassadors for the UK .

>Sr Regional Tetrathlon 9-10 August 2014

Click Here for Printable 9-10Aug Regional Tetrathlon Schedule

Click Here for Printable 9-10Aug Regional Tetrathlon Entry

The Senior Regional Tetrathlon, to be held at Aylesford Equine Centre, near Melton Mowbray and Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham on 9 and 10 August 2014. The Schedule is attached.

We would like your nominations from your Areas for the Central England Senior Tetrathlon Team. Please note:
The triathlon elements of the Tet will be as for the Senior event (ie Boys: 10 m shoot, 4 min swim, 3,000 m run; Girls: 10 m shoot, 3 min swim, 1,500 m run).

The ride will be over a 100 cm course (ie Intermediate).

We do not believe there will be a limit on numbers, but this is yet to be confirmed. We will try and include as many team and individual competitors as we can, but we may have to select final numbers, so I would ask you to provide details of recent Tetrathlon scores with your nominations.

Although the Schedule says camping is £30 per pitch; this has been reduced to £30 per family.
We need to get the Central England entries in before 21 July, so to give you as much time as possible, could we have your nominations by Sunday 13 July, please.
Nominations can be made by e-mail, but we must receive a competitor entry form (also attached) for each individual, signed by the DC, and a cheque for the correct amount (payable to “UK Inter Regional Tetrathlon Champs”) before the 13 July.
We have already received the following nominations:

Area 12
Corinna Leadbeater – Oakley Hunt West
Rebecca Leadbeater – Oakley Hunt West
Kate Dugher – Whaddon Chase
Sammy Bousfield – OBH Chilterns
Hamish Firth – Whaddon Chase
Oliver Firth – Whaddon Chase

Area 9
Miranda King – VWH
Ellie Bliss – Cotswold
John Church – OBH
Jack Church – OBH

Please note that being on the list above or being nominated by your PC/Area is not a guarantee of selection; we are just keen to get the process moving. The selected competitors will be announced as soon as possible after the 13 July. In the event that a competitor is not selected after submitting the form and cheque, we will return or destroy the cheque.

Again, we would ask that the Areas or individual Pony Clubs support the purchase of cross-country sweatshirts, silks, polo shirts and swimming hats in the distinctive Central canary yellow and black, to lend to competitors . We managed to refresh some of the clothing (sweatshirts and swimming hats) this year before the Junior Regionals, but I bought these in the hope that I would be refunded. Unfortunately, so far, this has not been the case. If each of your Pony Clubs could donate £10, or each Area Triathlon Fund an amount comparable to the number of Branches in your Area, we would have sufficient funds to pay for what we have already bought and put something aside to replenish the stocks for the future (and perhaps purchase running vests). This clothing will be shared by the Mini, Junior and Senior Regional Teams, and will provide a resource for future competitors as well as those selected this year.

Please get in touch with me or Jill (contact details below) if you have any queries.

Best Regards

Fred Church

07778 768931 (Fred)
07778 159095 (Jill)
01367 870256 (Home)

>Area 9 – PPCG Results

Click Here for Area 9 Junior results

Click Here for Area 9 Senior results

Photographer for the Day

Area 9 Prince Phillip Cup Games was hosted by Berkeley Hunt South Pony Club with help from Beaufort Hunt Pony Clubs Paul Bird. Unfortunately the original date had to be cancelled and with the continuing bad weather a change of venue was also needed. A very nice venue was found at Dauntsey, Wiltshire and on Saturday June 7th Area 9 had their Mounted Games competition. One shower of rain was all we had in the morning while the senior tack and turnout competition was going on, from then on we had a lovely day.

The senior competition had eight teams competing which meant two heats and a final. North Hereford Pony Club had a great morning winning four out of the eight races and winning the competition, things then got a little bit tighter with Cotswold Vale Hunt Pony Club coming 2nd and Croome Pony Club taking the 3rd and final qualifying place, having tied on points with Beaufort Hunt Pony Club, a tie break race was run and Croome one this. Good luck to North Hereford, Cotswold Vale and Croome who are off to zone, we all wish you the best of luck. Beaufort took 4th slot, Old Berks 5th and Berkeley Hunt South 6th.

In the afternoon we had the junior competition with 9 teams competing, two heats and a final again. The clear winners here were the Worcestershire Hunt Pony Club winning 5 out of the seven races, the competition then was a bit tighter with 5 points between 2nd and 6th. In 2nd place was South Hereford & Ross Harriers Pony Club, 3rd Cotswold Vale Farmers, 4th Beaufort Hunt, 5th Old Berks Stars and 6th Berkeley Hunt South Pony Club. Congratulations to Worcestershire, South Hereford & Ross Harriers and Cotswold Vale Farmers who are off to zone, good luck to you all. We then had a novice competition with 5 teams competing, we had an assisted section and a lead rein section, all had great fun with Berkeley Hunt South winning the assisted and Old Berks coming 2nd.

In the lead rein section Cotswold Vale Farmers were victorious, Berkeley Hunt South 2nd and the Worcestershire 3rd.

A great day was had by all, with everyone encouraging one another some true team spirit was witnessed. We have certainly come on from last year with even children vaulting on this year, it was lovely to see. Well done to all the members involved you should all be very proud of yourselves. A huge thank you to all those that made the day very special and very successful. Good luck to all those going to zone, we are sure you are going to be very competitive this year.

>3 Aug 2013 Coaching Development Course

Click Here for Details on 3 Aug 2014 – Coaching Dev Course

Coaching Development Course

Coach Tutors: Paul Ingram & Pat Cran

Sunday 3rd August 2014

10am – 5pm

Cost £30.00.

Please bring a packed lunch

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided

Venue: Doddenham

Please send cheques, with the slip below, payable to “Wyre Forest Branch of the Pony Club” to Alison Vincent 388 Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2QH

There are only 8 places and these will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.