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>Area 9 – Dengie Dressage Results

Many thanks to all who came to compete and support at Home Farm on 9 March 2014.  The weather was extremely kind, and a good day was had by all.  Because we had so many entries we were able to send 7 competitors to the Championships – 3 Novice and 4 Open.  Good Luck to them all for April.

2014 Novice Dengie Dressage WinnersLeft to Right
Zoe Martin – Old Berks (4th)
Seb Johnson-Meyers – Ledbury (5th)
Holly Coles – Ledbury (1st & Q)
Natasha Bailey – Beaufort (2nd & Q)
Pandora Briselden – Beaufort (6th)
The other Qualifier, Alice George (Cotswold & 3rd) is missing from photo


1st Holly Coles Mission Accomplished Ledbury 75.2 Q
2nd Natasha Bailey Darton’s Darius Beaufort 74.4 Q
3rd Alice George Dunley Distinction Cotswold 73.2 Q

2014 Open Dengie Dressage Winners

Left to Right
Rachel Lade -Cotswold (1st & Q)
Ellie Bliss – Cotswold – (3rd & Q)
Caroline Lewis – Clifton on Teme (4th & Q)
Charlotte Mcdowall – Ledbury ((2nd & Q)
Pippa Wollen – Norh Herefordshire (5th)
Natasha Bailey – Beaufort (6th)


1st Rachel Lade Surprise Addition Cotswold 73.4 Q
2nd Charlotte McDowall Felinmore Buddy Ledbury 73 Q
3rd Ellie Bliss Devil’s Revenge Cotswold 67.7 Q
4th Caroline Lewis Rubesco Clifton on Teme 66.5 Q
1st Alisha Underwood Lady Stroud 73.3
2nd Martha Llewellen Palmer Pebbles Cotswold 70.7
3rd Charlotte Preece Nancy n/a 68
4th Alistair Llewellen Palmer Iggle Piggle Cotswold 66.7
5th Tally Smith Miss Milly Cotswold 59.3
6th Alistair Llewellen Palmer Kipper Cotswold 50
Ruth Aylemer Amie Stroud 49.3
Honor Bryce-Morris Ora Cotswold 40
1st Gwen Thomas Quiz Clifton on Teme 70.4
2nd Sarah Owens Ze Devil’s Dancer Cotswold 67.9
3rd Sophie Woodward Glenmore Ashwood Star Wyre Forest 65.8
4th Martha Llewellen Palmer Pebbles Cotswold 65.4
5th Lotte Carpenter Charlton Noted Cotswold 64.2
6th Amber Stevens Emlaughmore Playboy Cotswold 63.8
Alistair llewellen Palmer Iggle Piggle Cotswold 62.5
Sophie Morgan Clover VWH 60.8
Alistair llewellen Palmer Kipper Cotswold 57
CLASS 3 – BD PRELIM 13(2006)
1st Chloe Rodriguez Oakapple Bugle Cotswold Vale 68.8
2nd Millie Cooper Moelwyn Kai Worcs 67.9
3rd Sarah Owens Ze Devil’s Dancer Cotswold 66.3
4th Genevieve Manning Pintura’s Pride Malvern 64.4
5th Katie Preece Carlingford Star Cotswold 63.8
6th Lotte Carpenter Charlton Noted Cotswold 63.5
Millie Cooper Dusky Rose Worcs 62.5
Madelaine Hinchliff Barramore Basil Brush Croome 60.2
Megan Hill Bella Ledbury 59.8
Phoenix Lewis Bally Hyland Blue Jeans Minchinhampton 57.9
1st Holly Coles Mission Accomplished Ledbury 75.2 Q
2nd Natasha Bailey Darton’s Darius Beaufort 74.4 Q
3rd Alice George Dunley Distinction Cotswold 73.2 Q
4th Zoe Martin Raffles Old Berks 70
5th Seb Johnson-Myers Guiness Ledbury 68.4
6th Pandora Briselden Landswell Peppercorn Beaufort 67.6
Jenny Lawton Oaklands Sagittarius Cotswold 66.4
Gwen Thomas Quiz Clifton on Teme 64.8
Emily Brazington Lordships Lady Day Cotswold 64.8
Emilia Harley Festy Beaufort 64.4
Olivia Stocks Lady Marmalade Berkely Hunt S. 64.4
Claudia Wallis Greybrook Larry Beaufort 63.6
Megan Hill Bella Ledbury 62.4
Harriet Brick Gem Clifton on Teme 60.8
Pippa Wollen Phoenix N Hereford 60.4
Millie Cooper Moelwyn Kai Worcs 60
Isabel Harmer Notero Oliver Worcs 59.2
Genevieve Manning Pintura’s Pride Malvern 58.8
Chloe Rodriquez Oakapple Bugle Cotswold Vale 58.4
Emily Archer Cloud Clifton on Teme 55.6
Sophie Woodward Glenmore Ashwood Star Wyre Forest 54.8
Teagan Manning Copenhagen Malvern 54.8
Millie Cooper Dusky Rose Worcs 54
Madeleine Hinchliff Barramore Basil Brush Croome 50.4
CLASS 5 – BD NOVICE 34 (2009)
1st Ellie Bliss Devil’s Revenge Cotswold 71.7
2nd Harriet George Treasla Banana Cotswold 70.4
3rd Zoe Davison Accolino Beaufort 68.8
4th Danielle Strachan Painswick Morning Glory Cotswold 59.6
1st Rachel Lade Surprise Addition Cotswold 73.4 Q
2nd Charlotte McDowall Felinmore Buddy Ledbury 73 Q
3rd Ellie Bliss Devil’s Revenge Cotswold 67.7 Q
4th Caroline Lewis Rubesco Clifton on Teme 66.5 Q
5th Pippa Wollen Phoenix North Hereford 66.3
6th Natasha Bailey Dartons Darius Beaufort 66.3
Emma Neil Sheepcote Romeo Worcs 65.5
Jenny Lawton Oaklands Sagittarius Cotswold 64.7
Zoe Davison Accolino Beaufort 64.5
Holly Coles Mission Accomplished Ledbury 64.4
Maddie Prendergast Caran Drumri Beaufort 63.2
Octavia Manning-Cox Skew Wiff VI Clifton on Teme 63.2
Pandora Briselden Landswell Peppercorn Beaufort 63.1
Harriet George Treasla Banana Cotswold 61.9
Danielle Strachan Painswick Morning Glory Cotswold 61.6
Charlotte Bailey Zilodie Beaufort 60.2
>Area 9 – Dengie Show Jumping Results 8Mar

Croome Pony Club Hosted the 2014 Area 9 Dengie Showing Jumping competition. Special congratulations to the 6 Area 9 members who have qualified to represent Area 9 at Dengie PC Show Jumping Competition in April 2014.

90cm Qualifiers

1st Ellie Shea / Rodders (Q)
2nd Natalie Cull / Vienne XIII (Q)
3rd Emily Notman / Take a Chance (Q)

1.10m Qualifiers

1st Rhona King / Bartle (Q)
2nd Martha Mitton / Black Jackie (Q)
3rd Anna Robson / Mr. Seamus (Q)

Open Team & Individual Show-jumping Show Results at Hartpury on Saturday 8th March 2014

CLASS ONE (75cm)


1st Tom Beattie / Millie 2nd Tom Beattie / Miracos Thunderstorm 3rd Tom Beattie / Dreamie 4th Millie Guy / It’s Chico Time 5th Lawson Day / Diante 6th Alice Garfield / Bearer Sheridan


1st Mix ‘n’ Match (45,46,47) 2nd Cotswold Vale Wotsits 3rd The Pinks 4th Mixed Together (57,58,59) 5th Croome

CLASS TWO (85cm)


1st Jordan Caville / Cassie 2nd Gemma Long / Thomas 3rd Amity Thwaites / Ben Acton Dino 4th Imogen Brook / Jasper 5th Matilda McDermott-Krasker / general Foggles 6th Emily Turner / Rangerover


1st Mixed daffodils (88,89,145) 2nd Mixed Crocus (67,68,69,70) 3rd C.V. Hula Hoops 4th AWH Flyers 5th Frampton Bullets 6th Ledbury Jammy Dodgers



1st Natalie Cull / Vienne VIII 2nd Georgia Glass / twyford Calvados 3rd Clara Wood / Fin 4th Ellie Shea / Rodders 5th Emily Notman / Take a Chance 6th Imogen Brook / Jasper


1st Mixed Blue (107,108,109,110) 2nd Wyre Forest 3rd Ledbury Custard Creams 4th Mixed Yellow (98,99,100) 5th Mixed (118,119,120) 6th Clifton


A) Dengie WL Area

1st Ellie Shea / Rodders (Q) 2nd Natalie Cull / Vienne XIII (Q) 3rd Emily Notman / Take a Chance (Q) 4th Isobel benbow / Bryrnthion Scoridn 5th Georgie Reece / Merrie Masterclass 6th Annabel Twinberrow / Baby 7th Holly Coles / Railstown Crystal Clear 8th Georgie Glass / Twyford Calvados 9th Immie Jones / Rexton Lady Della 10th Lucy parkinson / Rum Punch

B) Open

1st Jack Smith / Munchkin 2nd Izzy Davies / Casper 3rd Harriet Green / Gaelic Gamble 4th Iesaha Wilding / Pringle 5th Hugo lennard / Vreymoedt 6th Izzy rucker / Lilly

CLASS FIVE (1m – 1.05m)


1st Hugo Leannard / Vreymoedt 2nd Anna Robson / Mr. Seamus 3rd Sarah Hicks / Inka 4th Annie Hall / Little Boots 5th Emily Archer / Cloud 9 6th Will Sprackman / Alvescot Touch Paper


1st ledbury Cookies 2nd Cotswold Vale Farmers 3rd Mixed Snowdrops (151,152,155) 4th Mixed Crocus 9148,149,150,111) 5th Curre 6th Mixed Tulips (157,158,159,160)

CLASS SIX (1.10m)

A) Dengie Open Qualifier

1st Rhona King / Bartle (Q) 2nd Martha Mitton / Black Jackie (Q) 3rd Anna Robson / Mr. Seamus (Q) 4th Sarah Hicks / Inka 5th Annie Hall / Little Boots 6th Jessamy reece / Graftons Jackpot

B) Open to all

1st Hannah Anderson / Bruce Almighty III 2nd CHarles Matthews / Magic of Aragon 3rd Zoe Davison / Accoline !! 4th Caroline Richards / Crannagh Lad 5th Amber paddock / Black Magic 6th Hayley Chambers / Gem Furisto

>2014 British Racing School Scholarship Report

racing report racing report 2

I am writing to you to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me and to tell you what fun I had at the British racing school.

To get their was quite a long journey it was just under 4 hours with a couple of stops so that pebbles 7could stretch her legs. Once we arrived everyone was so friendly and soon it felt like you’d known everyone for ages.

First we got the ponies settled in then we went to our rooms to unpack our things then it was off to the briefing where we learned the do’s and don’ts of BRS.

Then our parents vacated and we did team building exercises like tug of war and running races then soon it was dinner and time for bed.

During the week we rode every day, did mounted games and went to lots of different racing yards and did trips to various race courses including the Newmarket July course.

Then when it came to the last day everyone was fighting for one of the famous camp prises  of which their are three I knew that I would never get one like the best racing knowledge but I knew their was one, that if I really, really tried I could win….. BEST TURNED OUT!!!!!

The last day was purely one big competition to judge the best turned out. I knew that best turned out would depend on attention to detail so when we were preparing for the judging I made sure that there was not one single bit of shavings in pebbles’s tail, that the inside and the outside of her feet were greased so that nothing would stick and they would look perfect If the judge were to pick them up and I also made sure that her tack was spotless.

Pebbles was very well behaved and stood still whilst I plaited her forelock, main and attempted to plait  her tail (I cant plait tails to save my life, but I tried).  I then tacked up and got myself looking presentable.

Then it was off to the grass for the judging, we walked round in a circle then got called in one by one, I was last of them all. The judge began pointing at each horse and rider and when they pointed at me I presumed that was because he thought I was the worst but he called me in and told me I had won!!!!!!!!!, I was shocked but happy. All my hard work had paid off but I never thought I would win… all the other horses looked so smart.

The whole of camp was great and I am so thankful for what you have given me, I learned so much and I’m sure that what I have learned will help me in future. Thank you so much.

Thank you again,

Erin Carvill

>Arab Horse Society Discount Tickets

From the Show Administrator for the Arab Horse Society National Show – Three counties show ground, Malvern 24-26th July 2014.  This is the largest single breed show in Europe, with a wide variety of classes and lots to see and do.

We would like to offer free admission tickets to the show to any pony club members that would like to visit.

(usual admission charge Adults £10 and children £5).

Please contact Jayne Armstrong email: if this would be of interest to any of your members, and if so how many tickets would you require, and for which days.

>Area 9 2014 Quiz

Click Here to see:  2014 – Area 9 Quiz Final Results

Questions from 2014 Area 9 Quiz!


Round 2 – The Stable Yard and Tack Room quiz


Round 4

Round 6 – GROOMING

Round 7

Round 8 – horses in war

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>Ridgeway PC Donates to Wiltshire Air Ambulance

ridgeway PC

The Ridgeway Pony Club, held their Annual Parents meeting this week. It was hard to beat their former years, having had Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson as speakers, however Tom McEwen entertained all with his lighthearted talk. Pony Clubbers were keen to hear how he progressed from his pony club days to being placed in top 20 at his first Badminton three day event last year at the age of 22, also winning two young rider gold medals.

Dave Scattergood from the Wiltshire Air Ambulance told us all more about the Amazing Flying Machine, and showed us a poignant video. The Ridgeway Pony Club presented a cheque for £300.

Prizes for the year: Minstrel Award (achievements outside of Pony Club), Phoebe Keith, Gaye Morrison Trophy (achievements within Pony Club), Victoria Wallace, Spirit of the Pony Club, Iona Farrow-Wilton.
Most Improved, Junior – Jenna Patience-Ash, Senior – Katie Hughes. Best Combination – Mollie Freeston.

The Points Trophy was won once again by Kai Hobbs! 2nd Place Victoria Wallace, 3rd Iona Farrow-Wilton, 4th Sophie Strange, 5th Ella Kennedy, 6th Cassie Butler.

The Ridgeway Pony Club is a small friendly pony club, and always welcomes new members. For further information please contact Hazel Tee, District Commissioner

>Branch Forms for Online DBS – updated

In support of the Online Process, the Branch needs to complete 2 forms:

1.Complete a Disclosure Services Form which identifies the “Id Checker(s)” for each branch.  Print and Complete the Disclosure Services -Form of Agreement (click here for form) and send to Hannah at PCHQ.   It is only necessary to complete the following:

PAGE 4: Child Protection Officer should complete fields in middle of page:


PAGE 6: on this form with the names and signatures of all people responsible for validating candidates ID documents.

Once this form has been submitted, Disclosure Services will issue a USER login/password as well as a “REMOTE” login/password to each ID Checker.

  • Upon completion of “Model Self Declaration Form”, the REMOTE login/password is given to the DBS candidates to complete the initial part of the application prior to meeting with the ID CHECKER.
  • The ID Checker will use the USER login/password to confirm the ID of DBS candidates.

2. Pony Club wants maintain a list of “id checkers” for each branch.  Pony Club Master Spreadsheet – Online Checks (click here for form)

Need to be completed with the full BRANCH NAME plus the CPO and/or DC.  For each ID CHECKER, physical address and email address need to be put into form.  The form can be emailed or post the form back to Hannah Clack.

>17Feb – Mounted Games Training Report


On Monday 17th February 2014,  Area 9 members had a lovely day at Summerhouse learning all about Mounted Games.  In total 83 members participated with the juniors in the morning and seniors in the afternoon.  The morning and afternoon sessions were split into 3 groups and each took it in turn to train in three different areas.  One area was run by Marian Harding from the mounted games committee, where members learnt how to do the old sock race and the bottle race for juniors and the bin shooter race for seniors.  In a different section the members learnt the art of leaning in the bending race and the precision of the mug race.  In the third section members were on foot and learnt all about the art of balancing by skipping on space hoppers and throwing and catching on wobbly boards.  There were lots of lovely smiles to be seen and every member attending received a rosette for attending.  Thank you to all those that made the day possible.



>Rider Development Pathway

The Pony Club’s Rider Development Pathway is a new initiative for 2014 and consists of nine regional assessment and training days, held in the spring, open to all Pony Club Members aged 12 – 18 years who meet the specified minimum criteria in Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing.  Riders should not already be receiving support through the BEF World Class or Excel programmes, or be on any existing Pony, Junior or Young Rider squads.

Click Here to Learn More about Rider Development Pathway!

Scotland – Sunday 6th April @ West Kype Farm – Jo Hamilton

North West – Tuesday 8th April @ Myerscough College – Hannah/Becky Moody

East – Wednesday 9th April @ Brook Farm Training Centre – Jill Day

North East – Monday 14th April @ Bishop Burton College – Hannah/Becky Moody

South East – Monday 14th April @ Sands Farm Equitation Centre – Dan Sherriff

South West – Tuesday 15th April @ The Grange Equestrian Centre – Claire Moir

Central – Thursday 17th April @ Warwickshire College – Harry Payne

Wales – Monday 21st April @ Bridgend College – Nina Venables (TBC)

Northern Ireland – Thursday 24th April @ Laurel View Equestrian Centre – Janet Horswill

Final – Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th June @ Somerford Park – Maria Eilberg

>27Apr14 – Intro to Coaching Course

Click Here for Printable Form.

Would you like to start to coach inThe Pony Club?

Come & join other senior Members from Area 9 on the:


Coach Tutors: Paul Ingram & Peter Hales

Sunday 27th April 2014

10am – 4.30pm

Cost £30.00

Please bring a packed lunch

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided

Venue: Mrs S Frank’s Oakleigh Frm, Pulley Lane, Droitwich,

Please send cheques, with the slip below, payable to “Worcestershire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club” to to Paul Ingram, 5 Lower Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 4QN before 19th April 2014 if you wish to attend:

The 12 places will be allocated on a first come first served basis but there will be another course provided if necessary – course details below.


I wish to attend the Introduction To Coaching Course on April 27th 2014.

Name …………………………………………………………….

Area ………….      Branch/Centre …………………………………………

Please give details of any relevant qualifications and experience, for example PC tests, 1st aid, Safegaurding & protecting Children, DBS  etc



I enclose a cheque for £30 payable to “Worcestershire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club”           ¨

‘Introduction To Pony Club Coaching’ Year 1 Course

Who is this course is for?

   Pony Club Members who are 16 yrs or older and hold C/C+/B tests and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level (This group will have priority for places)

   Past members/supporters/parents over 25 yrs who have sound horse knowledge and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level

   Pony Club Instructors at any level who want to refresh their ideas or check they are in line with best practice

What is the course aim?

   To help and encourage aspiring Pony Club senior Members to utilise the knowledge they have gained from past Pony Club experience and enable them to start to coach others in a safe, effective and confident way.

   To support and encourage past Members / supporters  / instructors and Members to use their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to start to coach others in a confident, fun safe and effective way.

What do participants need to wear on the course?

Participants need to be appropriately dressed to teach at a rally and to model a good standard of turn out for Members.

How is the course delivered?

This course develops participants through discussion, group work and most importantly, activity. All participants will have the opportunity to teach.

The emphasis is on drawing together the wide range of experiences that tutors and participants bring and making those experiences available to everyone. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, welcoming and supportive.

What does the course cost?

Course fee Approx. £30 (depending on hire of facility costs) to includeThe Instructor’s Folder and Log Book, tea and coffee.  Participants need to bring a packed lunch, Pony Club Manual, notebook and pen.

How to find out more?

The Pony Club website under ‘Training’

Where will participants go from here?

They can then assist with Pony Club coaching in Branches and Centres under supervision and with a mentor.

Do participants gain a qualification?

No.  They will however receive a combined Attendance Certificate and Feedback Slip from the Course Tutors and can continue their coaching pathway if they wish to.  Their attendance will also be recorded on a database to ensure that they are included in future training, if requested.



FORMAT 10.00am – 4.30pm

Objectives: The morning session should be carried out as an interactive group discussion so that by sharing ideas, thoughts and concerns the main objectives of safety awareness and confidence building are achieved. The same objectives should extend into the afternoon and also include practical sessions to start developing their effectiveness.

9.30 – 10.00am – Tutor Preparation

10am – 11.30am

Topics to be covered in discussion during the day

  • Introduction to Manual & Instructor’s Handbook!
  • Skills and attributes of a good coach
  • What makes a really good Pony Club rally
  • Health and Safety Procedures (sample risk assessment & accident forms available to complete)
  • Child Protection
  • How to deal with problems and difficulties
  • Positive interaction with Parent/Guardian/Trainer spectators
  • Planning for Pony Club activities/use of resources
  • Making learning fun with lots of suggestions for games/ideas

11.30am – 12.45pm

Working coffee break! – Group to pair up and are given a topic on Pony Care at D to D+ level.

The entire group are allowed 15 mins. to prepare topics in pairs, which they will then present to the rest of the group for 5 mins. max.

Positive and constructive feedback is given to each pair once they have taught their topic.

Before breaking for lunch each participant is given a short topic to teach either on the flat or over poles.

Each participant must prepare a lesson plan.

Each participant must teach for at least 15 mins after lunch (using assistants, if required).

12.45pm – 1.30pm – Working Lunch (optional dvd of demonstration lesson)

1.15pm – Demo riders arrive

1.30pm – 1.45pm (Demo riders – Group 1)

Intro & demonstration of teaching format and balanced position – if not done by dvd over lunch.

1.45pm – 3.30pm (Demo riders – Groups 1 & 2)

Topics to be covered in discussion during afternoon session
  • The values underpinning Pony Club coaching

i)              The correct position to be taught

ii)             How to correct basic faults

iii)            Safe exercises to be used and the sensible logical progression of these exercises

iv)           Jumping position

v)            Distances especially those for smaller ponies and what NOT to build

Teaching Practice Format

Divide the group into half so that each Coach Tutor has equal numbers.

Each participant will teach their topic for a minimum of 10 -15 minutes to 4/5 riders at D to D+ level.

Group discussion on good points of session and solutions to problems encountered.

Positive and constructive feedback is given to each participant following their session.

Tutors to take notes so that Feedback Forms can be completed later.

Presentation of token gifts and ‘thank yous’ to demo riders.

3.30pm – 4.30pm


  • Group discussion on how they could improve on their teaching and how to achieve their future goals.
  • Each participant will be presented with a triplicated Certificate of Attendance/Feedback Report completed by the Course Tutor and will complete their name, address (optional) and contact telephone number details on this.
  • They can keep one copy, return the second one to their D.C./Centre Proprietor and leave the third copy with the Course Tutor who will use this for The Pony Club database records.


What resources are needed to run the course?

  • Min 8 – Max 12 participants from one or more Areas
  • Participants to bring a current copy of The Manual of Horsemanship, Instructors Handbook and writing materials.  It is also advisable to obtain a copy of The Instructor’s Folder from HQ.
  • 9.30am – 4.30pm  – Warm room, chairs, flipchart, OHP (where possible) – Coach Tutors usually bring their own equipment.
  • Drinks facility
  • 1.30pm – 3.30pm  – Outdoor/Indoor School; blocks or cones, poles.
  • Lunch to be brought by participants
  • Demo riders – 8-10 D / D+ Riders (2 groups of 4-5) from

1.30 – 3.30pm suitably mounted.

  • Two Tutors

Organisers / Tutors to provide:

  • Flipchart paper
  • Presents for demo riders
  • Risk Assessment sheets / Accident Report forms
  • Ø Triplicate Certificates of Attendance / Feedback Reports

Attendance / Feedback Forms:

ü  Please order well in advance of course from HQ

ü  Please ensure that all feedback comments are positive and constructive

ü Please ensure that the bottom copies are returned to HQ