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Results Junior Regional Tetrathlon at Moreton Morrell on 4/5 June 2016

Hard on the heels of the success at Bicton is the news of further excellent performances at the Junior Regional Tetrathlon at Moreton Morrell on 4/5 June 2016.

Central England entered 4 Girls’ teams of 5, plus 2 individual girls, and 2 Boys teams. Ten of the Central England girls and 2 of the boys were from Area 9. Their results were as follows:

Junior Girls Teams (21 teams)

Central Red (Poppy Clark – Beaufort and Cressie May – Cotswold from A9) – 1st

Central Blue (Emily Turner – Croome, Lexie New – OBH, Amy Peevers – Beaufort, Rachel Hatherell – Beaufort) – 9th

Central Purple (Lottie Roberts – Cotswold Vale) – 11th

Central Green (Rosie Harris – Ledbury, Ellen Saunders – Cotswold) – 13th

And Meg Stratton – Beaufort, who competed as a Central England individual came 36th out of the 111 girls.

Junior Boys Teams (13 teams)

Central Orange (Henry Stratton – Beaufort) – 6th

Central Yellow (Alastair Llewellen-Palmer – Cotswold) – 10th

Top 15 Individuals

Poppy Clark – Beaufort – 3rd
Rachel Hatherell – Beaufort – 13th
Cressie May – Cotswold – 14th

Henry Stratton – Beaufort – 13th

With only ¼ of the competitors going clear cross-country within the time, special congratulations to all those from Area 9 that achieved a 1400 ride:

Meg Stratton, Poppy Clark, Rosie Harris, Ellen Saunders, Rachel Hatherell.

Very well done to all the Area 9 competitors for their exceptional results in a very hard-fought competition.


Results Bicton Inter-Area Tetrathlon on 31 May/1 Jun


Ellie Bliss (Cotswold) – Open Girls – 1st
Poppy Clark (Beaufort) – Junior Girls – 1st
Will Connors (Beaufort) – Mini Boys – 1st
Penny Saunders (Cotswold) – Mini Girls – 2nd
Rachel Hatherell (Beaufort) – Junior Girls – 3rd
Zoe Davison (Beaufort) – Intermediate Girls – 4th
Emma Jane Austin (Ledbury) – Novice Junior Girls – 5th
Alice Harper (Ledbury) – Open Girls – 6th
John Church (OBH) – Open Boys – 6th
Henry Stratton (Beaufort) – Junior Boys – 6th
Josh Barker (Beaufort) – Mini Boys – 6th

Area Teams:

Intermediate Boys (Charlie Clark; Tom Edwards; Thomas Kendell (Beaufort)) – 1st
Intermediate Girls (Emma Hatherell; Sasha Green; Zoe Davison (Beaufort); Jess Morris (South Hereford and Ross)) – 2nd
Junior Boys (Henry Stratton; Tom Connors; Harry Barder; Jack Tucker (Beaufort)) – 2nd
Junior Girls (Isla Green; Poppy Clark; Rachel Hatherell (Beaufort); Lottie Roberts (Cotswold Vale)) – 1st
Mini Boys (Josh Barker; Will Connors; George Stratton (Beaufort)) – 1st
Mini Girls (Millie Smith; Anna Dando (Beaufort); Penny Saunders; Erin Kemple (Cotswold Vale)) – 2nd

Branch Teams:

Intermediate Boys – Beaufort (Charlie Clark; Tom Edwards; Thomas Kendell) – 1st
Intermediate Girls – Beaufort (Emma Hatherell; Sasha Green; Zoe Davison) – 1st
Junior Boys – Beaufort (Henry Stratton; Tom Connors; Harry Barder; Jack Tucker) – 1st
Junior Girls – Beaufort Blue (Amy Peevers; Isla Green; Poppy Clark; Rachel Hatherell) – 1st
Beaufort Buff (Maddy Adamson; Lucy Peevers; Grace Tucker; Meg Stratton) – 3rd
Beaufort Red (Finnola Stratton; Ella Harries-Jacob; Tegan Wood) – 5th
Mini Boys – Beaufort (Josh Barker; Will Connors; George Stratton) – 1st
Mini Girls – Beaufort (Millie Smith; Belle Edwards; Anna Dando) – 3rd

Very well done to the prize-winners and all our competitors.


2016 Area 9 Postal Shoot

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Area 9 Postal Shoot. We had a great entry, with over 150 competitors and 111 who carried on through the winter to finish the competition. Some excellent shooting, too, with six 1000 shoots recorded.

Click Here for Area 9 Postal Shoot 2015-16 – Final Results

Class 1 – Tadpole – Girls

1. Abi Agami (South Hereford and Ross Harriers)
2. Jemima Pearce (Beaufort)
3. Rosie Greenhill (South Hereford and Ross Harriers)

Class 1 – Tadpole – Boys

1. George Duff (Elms – North Hereford)
2. Orlo Clark (Beaufort)
3. Finlay Montgomery (North Shropshire)

Class 2 – Mini – Girls

1. Lara Davidson (Elms – North Hereford)
2. Erin Kemple (Cotswold Vale)
3. Jess Pitcher (Berkeley)

Class 2 – Mini – Boys

1. Will Connors (Beaufort)
2. George Hall (Beaufort)
3. Sam Allen (Berkeley)

Class 3 – Junior – Girls

1. Poppy Clark (Beaufort)
2. Rachel Hatherell (Beaufort)
3. Cressie May (Cotswold)

Class 3 – Junior – Boys

1. Tom Connors (Beaufort)
2. Alex Lawson (South Hereford and Ross Harriers)
3. Cameron Scott (OBH)

Class 4 – Seniors

1. Ella Eadon (Hurworth)
2= Ellie Bliss (Cotswold)
2= Jack Church (OBH)

Class 5 – Adults

1. David Bilbsy (Malvern)
2. Fred Church (OBH)
3. Rachel Montgomery (North Shropshire)

Tadpole Teams

1. Elms – North Hereford (Hugo Cornwell; Angus Grey-Cheape; Hamish Davidson; George Duff)
2. Cotswold Vale (Charlotte Adshead-Curnock; Lucy Davies; Daphne Garbutt; Jasper Hunter)
3. Beaufort – Blue (Orlo Clark; Jemima Pearce; Harry Smith)

Mini Teams

1. Beaufort – Buff (Josh Barker; Will Connors; George Hall; Joseph Pearce)
2. Beaufort – Red (Hermione Brewster; Jessame Llewellen-Palmer; Rosie Roche; Millie Smith)
3. Elms – North Hereford (Tom Birley; Amelia Broughton; Lara Davidson; Finlay Davison)

Junior Teams

1. Beaufort – Green (Poppy Clark; Tom Connors; Charles Hall; Rachel Hatherell)
2. Cotswold Vale (Archie Garbutt; Grace Pitman; Lottie Roberts; Emily Roberts)
3. Tumpy Green (Holly Chandler; Jamie Lessels; Abi Marsh; Charlotte Wilson)

Adults Teams

1. Ledbury (Jane Austin; Jenni Clements; Hilary Barfoot-Saunt)

I hope you all enjoyed it and will wish to compete again next winter.

Best Regards,

Fred Church

Test and Training Opportunity in Area 9

Friday 24th June 5 – 7.30 p.m

Riding and Road Safety Achievement badge – Dismounted

Dismounted preparation section for Riding and Road Safety Achievement badge for members 10 yrs +.

Saturday 2nd July 2 – 4.30 p.m.

Riding and Road Safety Achievement badge – Mounted

Mounted test for Riding and Road Safety Achievement badge for members 10 yrs +.

Charge for both sections £35


Saturday 16th  April 2 – 4.00 pm
Saturday 16th  July 2 – 4.00 pm
Tuesday 23rd August. 2 – 4.00 pm

All these take place at Brook Farm, Milton Rd, Drayton, Abingdon OX14 4EZ

Book in with Tussel Humphrey: info@brookfarmcottages.com

Joy Wilson
Old Berkshire Hunt Pony Club

2016 PC Grassroots Regional Championships – 27/28 Aug

Click here for more information

Pony Club Grassroots Regional Championships 27th & 28th August 2016

Wales & West Midland Region – Areas 7, 9, 10 & 18

We are pleased to confirm that the Pony Club Regional Grassroots Championships will be held at Rectory Farm on 27th & 28th August 2016.

  • Dressage will be held on Saturday 27th August (Dressage Test – PC Grassroots Test 2016)
  • Show Jumping will be held on Sunday 28th August (height of jumps 80cm)
  • This is a ‘Team Competition’ and teams will be able qualify in the relevant classes at the Area 9 Dressage and Show Jumping Competitions, the top 10 teams at each competition will qualify for the Regional Grassroots Championships.
  • This competition is open to any age of member with any size of horse or pony, riders must not have represented their Branch at Novice level or above
  • Look for the qualifying classes in the following schedules

Area 9 Show Jumping Competition 17th July (Cotswold Hunt Branch)
Area 9 Dressage Competition 27th July (Croome Branch)
If you have any queries please contact Pleasance or Julie

2016 Area 9 Horse & Pony Care Results


1st Old Berks Hunt Fillies 451.5 points
2nd Old Berks Hunt Foals 443 points
3rd Berkeley Hunt South Foxes 430.5
4th Wyre Forest 426.5
5th Malvern Minstrels 424
6th Cotswold Hunt Stowell 423.5
7th Berkeley Hunt South Hounds 414
8th South Hereford & Ross Harriers 412

12 teams took part. Special mention to our Pony Club Centre team Regal Equestrian who tried hard against stiff opposition.



1st Old Berks Hunt 450 points
2nd Cotswold Hunt 422
3rd Berkeley Hunt 391
4th Berkeley Hunt South 384.5


Altogether 48 members from across the area took part.


Click here to Register for 11th and 12th April 2016 First Aid Course

Area 9 Pony Club

Emergency First Aid at Work Course

12th & 13th April 2016

From 6.00pm – 9.00pm each evening

At Duntisbourne Village Hall

Cost £35


This course entails the equivalent amount of hours as the 1 Day Course which is the minimum requirement for Pony Club Activities

see PC Health & Safety Rule Book for details of minimum First Aid cover at PC Competitions

Area 9 – Accredited Coaches Course – 15 March

Click here for flyer/Registration for 15th March 2016 Area 9 Dressage CPD

Area 9 Pony Club
Accredited Coaches Course
‘Keys To Suppleness’
Anne Keen BHSI

Tuesday 15th March 2016     6.30pm – 8.30pm

The Unicorn Equestrian Trust
Netherswell, Stow-on-the-Wold
Gloucestershire GL54 1JZ

Anne is a UKCC Level 3 Dressage Coach and has a BSc (Hons) in Equine Sports Coaching, she is a BE Sports Psychologist, a list 2 BD judge and an FEI International Eventing judge.

This CPD will be concentrating on improving the horses suppleness on the flat so will be of interest to all coaches

We are very fortunate to have Anne Keen as the course presenter – Anne is a BHSI, Level 3 dressage coach, a list 2 BD dressage judge and a BE sports psychologist. She is a very experienced course presenter and passionate about training horses correctly. Although the emphasis of this course is ‘flat work’ it will be of interest to all coaches as ‘correct training’ is essential for all disciplines.
The course will be ‘interactive’ and delegates will be expected to participate, for this reason numbers will be limited so it is advisable to get the forms in as soon as possible.

Please bring your Pony Club Log book to be signed

Cost Adults – £10                Pony Club Members £5

Area 9 National Quiz Qualifier – 28 FEB 2016

Click Here for Area Quiz – Schedule/Entry — UPDATED 26 JANUARY 2016

Note: Important updates 26 January:

1 member 12 years and under on 1st January 2016
1 member 14 years and under on 1st January 2016
1 member 16 years and under on 1st January 2016
1 member 25 years and under on 1st January 2016




    Start: 2.00pm

    Mascot Prize – A prize will be given to the best Team mascot to be made by the team, judged on the day

Round 1 – The Pony Club
Round 2 – Rider Tack and Turnout for rallies, hunting and competitions
Round 3 – Well know Equestrian Venues in the UK
Round 4 – Numbers Game and Missing Words
Round 5 – Practical Round (individual)
Round 6 – Pairs Points of the horse (Juniors) & Know your horse’s ailments (Seniors)
Round 7 – Picture Round
Round 8 – All the Queen’s horses

Entries Secretary:

Mrs Eileen Hilleard, Tomorosa, Awkley Lane, Olveston

Glos, BS35 4EW Tel: 01454 614674 flyingpitpony@hotmail.com

2016 Area 9 – Horse Trials

Area 9 has had to make a change of dates for the Area Horse Trials . The Open are now going to have to run on the weekend of the 2nd /3rd July as a Pony Club section within the BE Chepstow Horse Trials and not now at Upton House.This change has been brought about due to BE moving their Festival of the Youth Under 18 to Frickley Park at the end of July, from Weston Park in Oct and hence too close for many to run at Dauntsey .

We realise that this is going to collide with the Area Tet at Gadbury but this is out of our hands . Any competitors wanting to compete at both disciplines will be given the opportunity to run in another Area Tet competition to ensure of a chance to qualify to the champs.We have yet to be informed which day they will run the Open PC Class, as Chepstow are still doing there own schedule.

The Intermediates and Novice will run as arranged on Sat 23rd July at Dauntsey run by the Beaufort. The 70cms and 80 cms will run at Rabson Sunday 7th Aug run by the VWH Hunt.

This year the 80cms is not a Regional Qualifier but the 80cms SJ at the Area’s will be as will the Grassroots Dressage test which will be held at the Area Dressage. Regional Championships will be held between Areas 7, 9,10 and 18. Venue to be announced.


Area 9 Rep