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>2015 – Area 9 PC Test Pass

Area 9 – Pony Club Test Results

btest pass oct 2015

‘B+’ Test         12th August
Kirsty Camm     Berkeley Hunt     Pass

‘B’ Test         28th August
Zoe Davison    Beaufort Hunt    Pass     B Test
Sasha Green    Beaufort Hunt    Pass    B Test
Jess Telford    Beaufort Hunt    Pass    B Test
Amber Dunne     Beaufort Hunt    Pass    Horse & Pony Care section
Lowri Allen    Berkeley Hunt    Pass     Riding section – gaining full B Test
Freya Belcher   Berkeley Hunt    Pass    Horse & Pony Care section
Kathryn Smith    Malvern         Pass     Horse & Pony Care section
Rio Russel Hughes  Minchinhampton    Pass    Horse & Pony Care section – gaining full B Test
Anna Wiggal    Minchinhampton    Pass    Horse & Pony Care section – gaining full B Test
Jack Church    Old Berks Hunt    Pass    B Test
Sasha Hargreaves Old Berks Hunt    Pass    B Test
Luisa Lisi    Old Berks Hunt    Pass     B Test
Jack Whiteford    Old Berks Hunt    Pass    B Test
Abigail Baker    VWH Hunt        Pass    B Test
Florence Finzi    VWH Hunt        Pass    B Test
Sapphire Graham    VWH Hunt        Pass    B Test
Miranda King    VWH Hunt        Pass    B Test
Mel Osbourne    VWH Hunt        Pass    B Test
Harry Stevens    VWH Hunt        Pass    B Test
Millie Cooper    Worcs Hunt        Pass    B Test
Isabelle Rucker    Worcs Hunt        Pass    Horse & Pony Care section
Katie Rucker    Worcs Hunt        Pass    Horse & Pony Care section

B Test         19th September
Olivia Stocks    Berkeley Hunt South    Pass     Horse & Pony Care section
Grace Jenkins    Ledbury        Pass     Riding section – gaining full B Test
Rosanna Mason    Old Berks Hunt    Pass     B Test
Zoe Martin    Old Berks Hunt    Pass     B Test

Lunge Test         28th August
Daisy Ward     Berkeley Hunt     Pass
Holly Mason    Old Berks Hunt    Pass

Lunge Test         19th September
Zoe Davison    Beaufort         Pass
Joe Hardwick    Cotswold Hunt    Pass
Mel Osbourne    VWH Hunt         Pass

Lunge Test         28th November
Thea Godding  Cotswold Hunt     Pass
Jenny Lawton  Cotswold Hunt     Pass

Lunge Test         22nd December
Rio Russel Hughes     Minchinhampton    Pass
Anna Wiggal               Minchinhampton    Pass
Jacob Jennings          Old Berks         Pass
Alicia Lee                Old Berks         Pass

AH Test         1st September
Chloe Dawes        Berkeley Hunt    Pass     AH Test
Rachel Lade         Cotswold Hunt     Pass     AH Test
Danielle Strachen    Cotswold Hunt    Pass     AH Test
Saskia Davies        Ledbury Hunt    Pass     AH Test
Megan Flloyd         Vine & Craven    Pass     AH Test
Emily Pope        Vine & Craven    Pass     AH Test
Alice Harper        Ledbury Hunt    Pass sections A, C, D
Issy McKeeman        VWH Hunt    Pass sections A, B, D
Kirsty Johnson        Avon Vale    Pass sections A, C, D


Full B test    24 October 2015

Charlotte Campion   Heythrop Hunt
Alice Griffin      Heythrop Hunt
Grace Mansell   Worcestershire Hunt
Nicholas Holden   Worcestershire Hunt
Isabel Benbow   Wyre Forest
Sophia Harpin    Llangeinor
Fae Slater      Malvern
Clare Butcher     VWH Hunt            Riding so now full Btest
Jess Hodson      Berkeley Hunt South      H and PC so now full B test
Isabelle Atkins     Berkeley Hunt South     Hand PC so now full B test

Iona Griffths        Berkeley Hunt South      Horse and Pony Care

>2015 Area 9 Show Jumping Championship Results

Congratulations to all who participated on the day!


Results from Area 9 Show Jump Championships 2015


Class 1                 50 – 55cm                            


Teams   1st             Old Berks Hunt White               

Mimi Johnson

Faith Jolleys

Katie Bradburne

Tara Lockhart


2nd            Beaufort

Georgie Balfrey

Freddie Hack

Hannah Luddington

Xavier Abbots


3rd            Mixed ‘n’ Matched                     

Alice Tomblin

Beatrice Barnes

Bathsheba Kayley


4th            South Hereford &  Ross Harriers

Abbie Agami

Zoe Whitehouse

Harriet Whitehouse


5th            Old Berks Hunt Blue

Tilly King

Anya Cornago

Rose Curtis

Katie Bradburne


6th            Cotswold Vale Farmers – Raspberries                                  

Jamie Spencer

Lucy Davies

Pip Griffiths

Rebecca McFarlane


Class 1                 Individual Placings            

1st             Katie Bradburne                           Old Berks Hunt

2nd            Freddie Hack                                  Beaufort Hunt

3rd            Hannah Luddington                     Beaufort Hunt

4th            Hattie Backhouse                         VWH Hunt

5th            Anya Cornago                                Old Berks Hunt

6th            Lottie Gilderson                            Malvern

7th            Mimi Johnston                              Old Berks Hunt

8th            Faith Jolleys                                   Old Berks Hunt

9th            Tilly King                                         Old Berks Hunt

10th          Alice Tomblin                                 Berkeley Hunt



Class 2                 60 – 65cm                            


Teams   1st            Beaufort Foxes                            

Will Connors

Florence Wiles

Georgie Balfrey

Megan Luddington


2nd          Beaufort Badgers                      

Freddie Hack

Hannah Luddington

Naomi Wahed

Will Connors


3rd           Mixed Up Team                          

Lottie Gilderson(Malvern)

Beatrice Barnes (Clifton)

Rebecca McFarlane (CVF)

Bethany Sallis (N.Cotswold)


4th           Mixed Together                          

Lucy Horsfall (OBH)

Elliie Smith (Wyre Forest)

Natalie Smith (Wyre Forest)

Jasmine Greenwood (Berkeley)


5th           CVF Blueberries                          

Laura Bingham

Abby Taylor

Rachael Perry

Grace Pitman


6th           OBH Orange                                 

Archie Thomas

Tallulah Mackenzie-Smith

William Wildern

Edward Wildern


Class 2                 Individual Placings            

1st             Megan Luddington                      Beaufort Hunt

2nd            Laura Bingham                            Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

3rd            Katie Bradburn                             Old Berks Hunt

4th            William Wildern                           Old Berks Hunt

5th            Jasmine Greenwood                    Berkeley Hunt

6th            Heidi Ford                                      VWH Hunt

7th            Lucy Horsefall                                Old Berks Hunt

8th            Bethany Sallis                                North Cotswold

9th            Samantha Wilkins                        Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

10th          Faith Jolleys                                   Old Berks Hunt



Class 3                 70 – 75cm                             


Teams   1st            The Mixers 

Holly Slatter (N.Cotswolds)

Alice Garfield (SH&RH)

Tom Beattie (Beaufort)

Jasmine Greenwood (Berkeley)


2nd          Put Together                                

Maddie Perry (Beaufort)

Lucy Hicks (BHS)

Faye Grubb (Croome)

Phoebe Hudd (Minchinhampton)


3rd           CVF Goji Berries                          

Rosie Williams

Laura Bingham

Abby Taylor

Georgia Day


4th           South Hereford & Ross Harriers    

Lydia Whitehouse

Ronie May Thomas

Alice Garfield

Lucy Powell


5th           Beaufort Hounds                         

Caitlin McAllister

Lucy Peevers

Willa Gibb

Megan Luddington


6th           Beaufort Beagles                        

Maddie Perry

Will Connors

Victoria Lee

Mireille Abbots



Class 3                 Individual Placings            

1st             Tom Beattie                                   Beaufort Hunt

2nd            Ronie May Thomas                     South Hereford & Ross Harriers

3rd            Rosie Willams                               Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

4th            Isabella Cornago                          Old Berks Hunt

5th            Lucy Hicks                                      Berkeley Hunt South

6th            Willa Gibb                                      Beaufort Hunt

7th            Georgia Day                                  Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

8th            Jasmine Greenwood                  Berkeley Hunt

9th            Maddie Perry                               Beaufort Hunt

10th          Alisha Underwood                      Stroud



Class 4                 80 – 85 cm                            


Teams   1st            Old Berks Hunt Pink                   

Lila Bremner

Scarlet Paton

Isabella Miners

Florence von simson


2nd          Beaufort Connemaras               

Amy Peevers

Grace Tucker

Amelia James

Bea Adamson


3rd           Beaufort Exmoors                       

Maddy Adamson

Willa Gibb

Maddie Perry

Tom Beattie


4th           CVF Cranberries                          

Rosie Williams

Lucy Parkinson

Barnie Brotherton

Emily Pitman


5th           South Hereford & Ross Harriers    

Lydia Whitehouse

Ronie May Thomas

Alice Garfield

Lucy Powell


6th           Croome                                          

Faye Gubb

Robert Saunders

Holly Wylde

Eddie Egginton


Class 4                 Individual Placings            

1st             Tom Beattie                                   Beaufort Hunt

2nd            Lily Bremner                                  Old Berks Hunt

3rd            Scarlet Paton                                 Old Berks Hunt

4th            Ronnie May Thomas                    South Hereford & Ross Harriers

5th            Rosie Williams                               Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

6th            Emily Garfield                                South Hereford & Ross Harriers

7th            Grace Tucker                                 Beaufort Hunt

8th            Amelia Ford                                   Minchinhampton

9th            Amelia James                                 Beaufort Hunt

9th            Lucy Hicks                                       Berkeley Hunt South



Class 5                 90 – 95cm                             

Teams   1st            Old Berks Hunt Grey                  

Lila Bremner

Scarlet Paton

Isabella Miners

Florence von Simson


2nd          VWH Melons

Felicity Elvidge

Alice Hall

Hermione West

Lauren McNally


3rd           Croome                                          

Robert Saunders

Kate Saunders

Holly Wylde


4th           Beaufort Fells                              

Jack Beattie

Jonny Sandeman

Poppy Briselden

Emma Hatherall


5th           Mixed Together                          

Thomas Bradburne (OBH)

Caroline Wood (BHS)

Barnie Brotherton (CVF)

Nicholas Holden (Worcs.)


6th           Beaufort Suffolk Punches         

Grace Tucker

Ethan Stock

Bea Adamson

Amelia James


Class 5                 Individual Placings            

1st             Scartet Payton                              Old Berks Hunt

2nd            Ella Rosenfeld                                Old Berks Hunt

3rd            Barnie Brotherton                       Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

4th            Poppy Briselden                            Beaufort Hunt

5th            Ellie Godwin                                  Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt

6th            Amelia James                               Beaufort Hunt

7th            Thomas Bradburne                     Old Berks Hunt

8th            Grace Tucker                                 Beaufort Hunt

9th            Caroline Wood                             Berkeley Hunt South

10th          Isabella Miners                             Old Berks Hunt



Class 6                 100 – 105cm                        

Teams   1st            Old Berks Hunt Gold                  

Lila Bremner

Scarlet Paton

Wanda Criswell

Ella Rosenfeld


2nd          VWH                                               

Hermione West

Lauren McNally

Felicity Elvidge

Sapphire Graham


3rd           Mixed Up                                      

Ellie Davison (N. Cots)

Poppy Clarke (N.Cots)

Hester Elvidge (Cotswold)

Emma Hatherall (Beaufort)


4th          Put Togethers                              

Victoria Holland (Wyre Forest)

Maddie White (Worcs)

Poppy Briselden (Beaufort)


Class 6                 Individual Placings            

1st             Lila Bremner                               Old Berks Hunt

2nd            Estelle Stables                            Old Berks Hunt

3rd            Sapphire Graham                       VWH Hunt

4th            Ella Rosenfeld                             Old Berks Hunt

5th            George Edgedale                        VWH Hunt

6th            Ellie Davison                              North Cotswold Hunt

7th            Lauren McNally                          VWH Hunt

8th            Hermione West                           VWH Hunt

9th            Wanda Criswell                            Old Berks Hunt

10th          Maddie White                              Worcestershire Hunt


>2015 Regional Tetrathlon Report

Area 9 Competitors help Central England to two 4th Places at the Senior Regional Tetrathlon – 8/9 August 2015


As last year, the 2015 Senior Regional Tetrathlon competition was held at Aylesford cross country centre, Melton Mowbray, and the Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham. There were an increased number of competitors this year (36 boys and 81 girls) from all corners of the UK and Eire. Changes to both the running and riding courses really made for a testing event, but the standard of competition remained extremely high with 9 boys and 20 girls scoring over 4,000 points. Luckily, this year, the weather was good throughout, which made the camping and social side of Tetrathlon all the more enjoyable.


Central England fielded 1 boys’ team, 3 girls’ teams and 2 individual girls. All our competitors put in the maximum effort and there were some great performances over the weekend. The boys’ team finished in fourth place and the girls’ teams finished 4th (Gold), 6th (Green) and 10th (Blue). Individual highlights were:


6th Individual Girl – Hannah Anderson

10th Individual Boy – Ollie Hall

Best Boys’ Shoot – Harry Stevens

Clear Rounds X-C:


Ollie Hall

Greg Hall

Freddie Ryde

Jack Church

Alice Harper

Alice Ward

Francesca Ryde

Hannah Anderson

Philly Hall

Sammy Bousfield

Miranda King


Although not part of the official competition, the swimming relay is an eagerly anticipated and fiercely contested highlight of the weekend. Run as a mixed medley relay, the Central England swimmers proved invincible, the winning team being:


Sammy Bousfield – Backstroke

Jack Church – Breastroke

Ollie Hall – Butterfly

Alice Ward – Front Crawl


Apart from these individual highlights, every Central England competitor put in a huge effort and contributed to the Central Region’s great spirit and excellent performance. The 22 Central competitors were:


Area 7


Hannah Anderson West Warwickshire Central England Gold
Robyn Turney Pytchley Central England Gold
Imogen Hall Warwickshire Central England Blue
Natalie Turney Pytchley Central England Blue
Harriet Green West Warwickshire Central England Blue
Zoe Young Warwickshire Central England Green
Katie Young Warwickshire Individual


Area 9


Ollie Hall Vale of the White Horse Central England Yellow
Greg Hall Vale of the White Horse Central England Yellow
Harry Stevens Vale of the White Horse Central England Yellow
Jack Church Old Berkshire Hunt Central England Yellow
Alice Harper Ledbury Central England Gold
Phillippa Hall VWH Central England Gold
Alice Ward Ledbury Central England Blue
Hannah Prestwich South Hereford & Ross Central England Green
Ellie Bliss Cotswold Central England Green
Miranda King Vale of the White Horse Central England Green


Area 12


Freddie Ryde Old Berkeley Hunt North Central England Yellow
Sammy Bousfield Old Berkeley Hunt Chilterns Central England Gold
Rebecca Leadbeater Oakley Hunt West Central England Blue
Francesca Ryde Old Berkeley Hunt North Central England Green
Kate Dugher Whaddon Chase Individual
>2015 National Tetrathlon Championships Results

The National Tetrathlon Championships 2015 were held from the 14th-16th August at Bishop Burton College, Beverley; with the swim held at Beverley Leisure Centre.  Area 9 fielded a total of 40 competitors across the Grassroots, Junior, Intermediate and Open Classes.  As ever, the intensity and professionalism of competition was well balanced by the spirit and friendliness of the event and the weather was kind for the days of outdoor competition.


Congratulations to all the tetrathletes from Area 9 who competed at the Tetrathlon Championships:


Alastair Llewellen Palmer Cotswold
Alex Norris VWH
Alice Harper Ledbury
Alice Ward Ledbury
Amy Johnson Tumpy Green EC
Amy Peevers Beaufort
Arthur Townend Ledbury
Charlie Clark Beaufort
Charlotte Wilson Tumpy Green EC
Cressie May Cotswold
Ellie Bliss Cotswold
Emma Wilson Tumpy Green EC
Emily Turner Croome
Felicity Townend Ledbury
Grace Tucker Beaufort
Greg Hall VWH
Harry Stevens VWH
Harry Trotman Ledbury
Hestia Jewell South Hereford and Ross
Isla Green Beaufort
Isobel Lewis Tumpy Green EC
Jack Church OBH
Jack Tucker Beaufort
Jamie Lessels Tumpy Green EC
Jess Telford Beaufort
Maddy Adamson Beaufort
Matt Baker Ledbury
Miranda King VWH
Molly Secker Tumpy Green EC
Ned Secker Tumpy Green EC
Olivia Sealy Beaufort
Phillippa Hall VWH
Poppy Clark Beaufort
Rachel Hatherell Beaufort
Rebecca Cross Tumpy Green EC
Rosie Harris Ledbury
Saffron Cresswell Ledbury
Sasha Green Beaufort
Tom Connors Beaufort
Zoe Davison Beaufort
Hannah Prestwich South Hereford and Ross


Special mention to all our top 10 finishers:





 Tumpy Green EC – 1st – Ned Secker, Isobel Lewis, Rebecca Cross, Jamie Lessels

Tumpy Green EC – 2nd – Emma Wilson, Molly Secker, Charlotte Wilson, Amy Johnson


Junior Boys

 Ledbury – 1st – Arthur Townend, Harry Trotman, Matt Baker


Junior Girls

 Beaufort – 6th – Amy Peevers, Isla Green, Maddy Adamson, Rachel Hatherell

Ledbury – 10th – Felicity Townend, Rosie Harris, Saffron Cresswell


Junior Mixed

 Beaufort – 5th – Grace Tucker, Poppy Clarke, Jack Tucker, Tom Connors


Intermediate Girls

 Beaufort – 3rd – Jess Telford, Olivia Sealy, Sasha Green


Intermediate Mixed

 VWH – 1st – Miranda King, Harry Stevens, Alex Norris


Individuals (UK Position):

Junior Boys:

 7th – Arthur Townend – Ledbury

 Junior Girls:

 3rd – Cressie May – Cotswold

7th – Poppy Clarke – Beaufort

 Intermediate Boys:

 3rd – Harry Stevens – VWH

 Intermediate Girls:

5th – Hannah Prestwich – South Hereford and Ross

8th – Jess Telford – Beaufort

 Open Boys:

 9th – Greg Hall – VWH

 Open Girls:

 6th – Zoe Davison – Beaufort

8th – Phillippa Hall – VWH

9th – Alice Harper – Ledbury

>XC school days – August 2015

Ledbury Hunt Branch Cross Country Schooling Days

Gadbury, Eldersfield GL19 4PP

Weather Permitting
Gates Open 10.30am until 2pm
Cost under 11 £10,under 16 £15 ,others £20

Saturday 29th August and Monday 31st August

>Ledbury PC Show Jumping Success at Hickstead and Gatcombe

SCAN0005 (640x420)

From left to right the team is Hugo Lennard, Alice Ward, Jack Smith and Holly Coles.

Ledbury team who came 2nd at Hickstead in the main ring and also 3rd at Gatcombe the next day.   Jack and Hugo jumped clear in the main ring and went forward to the individual jump of, Jack finished in 2nd place and Hugo finished in 7th

>AH Training – learn about Horses skeleton

Wednesday 29th July 6pm, £10 at Tomorosa – Lotty is bringing her life size horse skeleton for you to have a look at, another very hands on and interesting evening

Could you please let me know if you would like to attend either of these sessions, especially the one next week.
Eileen – 01454 614674

2015 Branch Camp Dates
Beaufort Hunt 23-27 July
29 July – 1 Aug
3-7 Aug
Berkeley Hunt Camp 22-23-24
Camp 25-26 July
Berkeley Hunt South 29 July – 1 aug
Clifton on Teme 15-19 Aug
Cotswold Hunt 19-24 July
Croome Hunt 3-7 Aug
CVFH mini 27-30
junior 27-31
Senior 26-1 Aug
Ledbury Hut junior 22-25 July
Senior camp 27-31 July
Camping Camp 11-13 Aug
Malvern 28 July
21 Aug
North Cotswold 11-16 Aug
Old Berks Hunt mini 3-5 Aug
Junior 27-30 July
Senior 16-21 Aug
Ridgeway mini 5-8 Aug
Senior 26-31 July
SH&RH 19-24 July
Stroud 27 July – 1 Aug
VWH mini 3-5 Aug
Junior 27-31 Aug
Senior 22-26 July
Worcester 25-29 Aug
Wyre Forest 15-19 Aug


>2015 Area 9 Show Jumping Results
Click Here for Complete list of placings from the Area 9 Show Jumping




Sunday 5th JULY 2015

At The Showground

Stowell Park, Near Yanworth GL54 3LF

by kind permission of Lord & Lady Vestey

Class 1:      Area 9 Qualifier Open Team Show Jumping

1ST Beaufort Clementine Montgomerie
Rachel Stanley
Zoe Davison
Zara Neill
1ST Georgie Reece Worcs
2ND Roberte Valente-Smith Cotswold Vale
3RD Alex Norris VWH
4TH Zara Neill Beaufort
1ST Beaufort Clementine Montgomerie
Rachel Stanley
Zoe Davison
Zara Neill
2ND VWH Alice Edgedale
Alex Norris
Sapphire Graham
Florence Finzi
3RD Worcestershire Emily Rucker
Georgie Reece
Annie Newland
Jessamy Reece
4TH Croome Izzy Lole
Georgie Ormandy
Sophie Rushton


Class 2:      Area 9 Qualifier Intermediate Team Show Jumping

1ST Worcestershire Katie Rucker
Felicity Smith Maxwell
Izzy Rucker
Maddie White
2ND Berkeley Yellow Emily Pain
Tabby Baker
Lucy Taylor
Kirsty Camm
1ST Holly Osbourne North Cotswold
2ND Tabby Baker Berkeley
3RD Izzy Rucker Worcestershire
4TH Sasha Hargreaves Old Berks
1ST Berkeley Yellow Emily Pain
Tabby Baker
Lucy Taylor
Kirsty Camm
2ND Berkeley Green Tilly Dowsing
Freya Belcher
Lucas Lingham
3RD Old Berks Blue Phillipa Clifford-Jones
Honor McFarlane
Luisa Mae Lisi
Sasha Hargreaves
4TH Beaufort Marina Jodrell
Natasha Bailey
Jess Telford
Ethan Stock
5TH Old Berks White Erin Angel
Miranda Hobby
Niamh Warburton
Sophie Gordon
6TH Cotswold Stowell Ellie Bliss
Danielle Strachan
Amber Wild
Annie Hooper

Class 3:      Area 9 Qualifier Novice Team Show Jumping

1ST Beaufort Blue Emma Hatherell
Amy Reevers
Rachel Hatherell
Jack Beattie
2ND Beaufort Bluff Lexi Hart
Maddie Adamson
Charlotte Bailey
Amelia James
3RD North Cotswold Scarlet Emily Notman
Abigail Byrd
James Hopkins
Elizabeth Rutherford
1ST Izzy Lovat Heythrop
2ND Ellie Pembridge Ledbury
3RD Rosie Ormandy Croome
4TH Tim Llewellen Palmer Cotswold
1ST Beaufort Buff Lexi Hart
Maddie Adamson
Charlotte Bailey
Amelia James
2ND Old Berks Blue Henry Insley
Florence Von Simpson
Florence Dighton
Sasha Cammack
3RD Berkeley Hunt Green Aislinn Weir
Charlotte James
Georgie Bird
4TH Old Berks Navy Lucy Hobbs
Juliet Farrant
Evie Cope
Ophelia Spracklen
5TH North Hereford Red Pippa Wollen
Lexie Clark
Saskia Hinton
Olivia Davies
6TH Old Berks White Amelia Dighton
Chloe Barlow
Estelle Stables
Lila Bremner

Class 4:      Pony Club Junior Team Show Jumping

1ST Beaufort Buff Lucy Peevers
Willa Gibb
Lily Laughton
Jack Tucker
2ND Croome Eddie Egginton
Elsa Bishop
Faye Grubb
Holly Wylde
3RD Cotswold Stowell Jessica Baker
Saskia Thomson
Mia Whitwell
Nancy Workman
4TH Malvern Teagan Manning
Lottie Trevethan
Sarah Bilsby
Natalia Morrison
5TH Heythrop Sparrows Eugena Barker
Sophie Griffin
Ellie Williams
Mimi Roberts


1ST Lottie Roberts Cotswold Vale
2ND Ottilie Thomas North Hereford
3RD Ellie Godfrey Cotswold Vale
4TH Willa Gibb Beaufort Buff
5TH Ronnie Thomas SH&RH
6TH Ellie Blossett Minchinhampton


>2015 Area 9 Dressage Results – 28 July 2015

Results 2015 Area 9 Dressage – FINAL

Clifton-on-Teme & North Hereford Hunt Branches of the Pony Club
Area 9 Dressage Competition 2015

Tuesday 28th July 2015
Three Counties Showground

Qualifier Classes
Class 1: Novice Warm up British Dressage Preliminary 12 2005

Class 2: Novice Area Dressage The Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2009

Class 3: Intermediate Warm Up  British Dressage Novice 24 2010

Class 4: Intermediate Area The Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Test 2013

Class 5: Open Warm Up  British Dressage Elementary 42 2008

Class 6: Open Area Dressage The Pony Club Open Dressage Test 2015

Non Qualifier Classes
Class 7 Walk and Trot,  BD Intro B test 2009
Class 8 BD Prelim 4 test 2002
Class 9  BD Prelim 7 test 2002