Saturday September 22, 2018
Pony club info and rules



Like with all sports there are some rules and regulations you need to abide to. The following information is the most up to date available, please have a read. The Axe Vale takes the safety of your children very seriously.  A first aid kit is carried at all times to all events.


Once you are enrolled with the pony club, the member/s is covered by the Pony Club insurance policy, the below link takes you to the fact sheets that detail what is covered and to what extent (if the link doesn’t work, copy and paste the text it into your web browser):


The following link takes you to the Pony Club rules document:

Pony Club rules




This one takes you to the most up to date rules on hat safety and regulations, it is madatory that all mounted members wear an approved safety helmet with a chin strap fastened to restrict movement, especially in the event of a fall. Different disciplines have different requirements with regards to your hat, more information is detailed here. It is not reccommended that you purchase second hand hats:


You should also have your hat PC tagged, Sarah has some tags so the next time you are coming to an event let Sarah know to bring the tags. Then your hat can be checked and tagged.


The following link takes you to the most recent rules and regulations on back protectors:bp


The pony club endorses the use of a back protector to all PC events and activities but it is not compulsory with the exception of cross country (training or competing) or pony racing. Back protectors used for such events MUST meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label).

The decision of whether or not to wear a back protector for other events rests with the members and their parents. If back protectors are worn they should not weigh more than 2% of the wearers bodyweight, they must fit correctly and not restrict movement. The purple BETA label is shown below. The link above provides further info.