Thursday April 19, 2018


Welcome to the Braes of Derwent Pony Club

The Pony Club is an international and voluntary body with a membership of over 110,000, give or take a few. It was founded in Britain in 1929 and now stretches over 18 countries, crossing both cultural and social barriers.

The Braes of Derwent (South) Pony Club was founded in 1982, from this starting point we now have a branch containing approximately 100 members.

We are one of the youngest branches of the pony club and are part of the group of pony clubs that form AREA 2.

Our District Commissioner is Heather Hughes. Diane Trewick is Membership Secretary and Treasurer, their phone numbers and those of our other commitee members are listed in the contacts section.

This website is aimed at showing static information about our branch, we use Facebook to communicate news and events with our membership, it is a closed group open to members and their parents/guardians, committee menbers and instructors.