Friday May 25, 2018


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Well done to Evie Hardwick and Jasper for winning the Dengie Winter League Intermediate Dressage at Addington Manor last week at the Dengie Championships, fantastic result


We are a voluntary organisation, and all our committee members give their time freely. As part of your membership of Bramham Moor it is expected that ALL members and parents to help out with rallies, shows and camps. We are reliant on this help, and without it, it would be impossible to run any events and rallies and raise valuable funds for new equipment and pay for instruction.  Thank you.

We are an active pony club holding a variety of activities to suit all disciplines such as show jumping, cross country and dressage, as well as rallies designed to entertain our smallest riders whilst educating the oldest and most ambitious.

We have an excellent selection of trainers who work hard to help our riders gain success in their different and varied disciplines. We do hope you enjoy your time spent with our branch.

Parents and family members are welcome to watch their children at all the rallies and training sessions, however we ask you all politely to  stand at a distance from the lesson so as not to interrupt the instructor during the lessons. If you have any concerns or issues please speak directly to Helen or Lilla.

Thank you