Friday November 27, 2015
Show Jumping

Show Jumping is a fun and exciting activity, which requires skill technique and a good level of riding ability. It takes place indoors and outdoors and can be enjoyed all year round and is an excellent way of keeping your pony/horse fit.

Clifton on Teme Pony Club offers its members high quality affordable training with a selection of skilled instructors, so there is something for everyone whatever the level. There are several sessions a month at varying venues to offer members variety. We also encourage visiting instructors.

Members may decide they would like to compete, the instructors will happily advise the members of which competitions/levels they would be most suited too. There is nothing more exciting and fun than competing with your friends in a team!

Competitors jump a course of coloured jumps and fences obtaining four faults for knocking down a pole or if the pony/horse stops or refuses. Once a clear round is achieved the competitor jumps a timed jump off, the winner is the competitor with the least faults and quickest time!

The pony club holds two national competitions per annum:

-          The Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping Championships

-          The Pony Club Equest & Equest Pramox Show Jumping Championships