Saturday February 24, 2018
Mounted Games Competition Results

United Pack 2-day Friendly  – Mounted Games 30 Apr/1 May 2017 
An enjoyable two days at Shrewsbury Showground for our annual, and favourite, competition hosted by United Pack. Senior As pulled it out of the bag after scraping into the A final, to perform exceptionally well and achieve 2nd place, despite being eliminated in one race for crossing lanes, and only 12 points behind the Banwen. Well done Ellie Godfrey, Harry Greasby, Samantha Wilkins, Jemima & Amity Turner.

Senior ‘Spots’ and ‘Lightning’ performed strongly, learning loads along the way, having a few hairy moments as well as great successes. Spots finished 5th in the D final, and Lightning 2nd in the D final. We’re looking forward to Lottie getting that vault so mum DC Sarah Glynn can overcome her nerves to stand up and speak in front of a crowd (that’s the deal Sarah!). ‘Spots’ were Minnie Turkington, Lucy Tilley, Lottie Glynn, Emma (United Pack) and ‘Lightning’ were Sophie Godfrey, Amber Wilkins, Ellie Savage, Polly Turner, Charlotte (Worcs).

Our Junior Novice team of Lottie Beachus, Sonny Turkington, Finn and Lucas Murphy came away with a fabulous large trophy, winning their competition outright.
Lastly, our all-boy team of Jack Savage, Codie Beachus, Jasper Hunter, Oscar and Seth Turkington had a thrilling run off in their B final to clinch 2nd place.
Really good teamwork from all our Vale children, each person had their own adrenaline ‘perfect moment’ and a few had some moments they will be putting down as character building only!!

Boys Juniors - United Pack 2017Spots and A team - United PackJunior Novice - United PackLightning - United Pack

setting off seniors united

Thanks from junior novices - United Pack












Area 9 Mounted Games – 23 April 2017, hosted by the Worcestershire Hunt

A really lovely, friendly event with 5 teams representing the Vale and, for the first time in years, Vale teams winning both the Senior and the Junior competitions. Equally important was the club’s strength in depth, with very young members (some just 5 yrs old) enjoying lead rein competition through to older ‘returners’ to determined juniors who want to go all the way into their teens with games. Senior A and Junior A qualify for Zones on 9 July, where the competition will be seriously hot. And all our riders will be doing friendly competitions during the season.

Senior A 1st (one point ahead of North Herefordshire, first time we’ve beaten them) – Harry Greasby, Amity Turner, Jemima Turner, Sam Wilkins, Ellie Godfrey
Senior B 3rd – Polly Turner, Minnie Turkington, Sophie Godfrey, Ellie Savage, Lottie Glynn
Senior C 6th – Amber Wilkins, Seth Turkington, Tilly King (OBH), Erin Kemple, Lucy Tilley

Senior Tack and Turnout, an almost-embarrassing clean sweep for the Vale – 1st A team, 2nd C team, 3rd B team

Our youngest riders had a great time speeding up and down, with some very game parents leading the way – run as two separate competition groups:
LR/Asssisted A: 2nd  – Sonny Turkington, Ellie Dean, Chloe Seabright, Florence Davies
LR/Assisted B: 1st  – Finn & Lucas Murphy, Lottie Beachus, Flo Newhook, Heidi Powell

Junior A 1st, stonking result, winning the trophy for the second year in a row with different team combo, Seth and Oscar Turkington, Eliza Turner, Codie Beachus and Jasper Hunter
Junior B True pony club sportsmanship shown by all riders, which you might not know by a 5th place result – Lucy Davies chaperoning tiny sister 6 yr old Florrie who went from lead rein competition to coping on her own in the competition field, Jack Savage riding consistently well, plus two riders from the Ledbury (Evan), and Worcester (Chloe). Our Vale riders in the Bs deserve particular recognition for great sportsmanship and teamwork.

Junior Tack and Turnout – A team 2nd

Thank you to Sarah Hance and Stef Lynott-May for guiding all our riders to their own moments of victory – anything from surviving a nerve-wracking race to being resilient and correcting mistakes well even though it’s made the team drop points, to being good sports and working well as a new team, to lifting a trophy (a very sweet moment). A big thank you to parents too for all their support and attending rallies and training.