Sunday December 17, 2017
Senior squad training sessions

As an extra to games rallies, and before we get seriously into team training, we are putting on extra ‘stretch’ training for senior riders

A few pointers:
– these sessions are for experienced/able seniors who want to represent CVFH for the 2017/18 at friendlies or in Areas/Zones/Champs
– all welcome, but these squad sessions are priority for strong Senior A team squad riders, as we aim this team for Championships August 2018. Provisional selection for A team riders will be made before the end October ’17
– Competitions remain a priority for 2017/18 for senior riders coming to these sessions – there’s only so much that training can achieve, it is the psychology of competition and the pressures that go with it that are the best training for ALL riders!
– these sessions are to work alongside our normal Saturday/Sunday rally dates, as we want to incorporate a squad training sesison into every ‘working rally’ date wherever possible. New riders and other members giving games a go are extremely important to us, to keep building as a club, and we will always ensure we have space on working games rallies for these members.
– if you’re not sure if these sessions will be right for you, please ask Sarah Hance but, generally speaking, all welcome

Tuesday dates as follows:
Venue: Abbey Dressage, Fiddington.

Time: Outdoor arena booked 6.00 – 8.00pm.

Sessions/Cost:  We hope to run 2 x 1-hourly sessions, depending on numbers.  £10 per rider.

Dress: CVFH sweatshirt, shirt/tie as usual please.

10 October
31 October
14 November
21 November
12 December
19 December
2 January
23 January
30 January
ALL MUCK and LITTER must be totally cleared from the parking area please. Worth bringing a torch as the lorry/trailer area can be pretty dark on an autumn/winter evening.