Monday December 11, 2017
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S J Rally – December 10th – Grove Farm, Bishampton

Out of courtesy to our hosts please keep the yard and the arena clean. The weather is a bit changeable but please assume the rally is going ahead unless I contact you to the contrary! Correct rally dress please but warm coats as necessary!


Erin Hobbs

Grace Plowman

Robert Saunders

Lottie Suckling


Emily Cooper

Faye Grubb

Georgina Kilmister

Gemma Williams


Laurie Checkley

Lydia Cooper

Connie Farrell

Holly Wylde


Perdy Cottrill

Hannah Darby

Olivia Neale

Bue Belle Wilson

Christmas Party – Sunday 17th December

Names so far – final numbers by Sunday 10th December

Natacha Blankenship

Perdy Cottrill

Hannah Darby

Olivia and Amelia Satterley

Scarlet and Beatrice Smith    (N/M)

Elsie Wilson

BluBelle Wilson