Monday August 20, 2018
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Its going to be hot I think so jackets not needed!! Its also July 4th – Independence Day – so wear something red/white/blue with your jodhs!!

5.30 – 6.30 p.m.

Lilly Harris    N/M

Millie Povey

Elsie and Bessie Wilson

6.30 – 8.00

Lucy Boorman

James Coldbreath

Emily and Lydia Cooper

Perdy Cottrill

Georgie Driver

Adam Egginton

Connie Farrell

Sky Harris     N/H

Felicity Key

Grace Plowman

Emma Righton

Livvi Satterley

Kate Saunders

Emily Turner

Daisy Wheeler

BluBelle Wilson

Appointed person – Mrs Sarah Roberts


Mixed Discipline Rally at Lyneham Heath – Saturday 7th July

Propsed 10.00 start and estimated 3.30 finish

Natacha Blankenship  Pd

Perdy Cottrill     N/Pd

Hannah Darby     N/Pd

Georgie Driver      Pd

Connie Farrell     Pd (cancelled)

Charlotte Harrison   N/H    N/Pd

Erin Hobbs

Georgie & Rosie Ormandy     N/Pd

Grace Plowman     Pd

Sophie Rushton     Pd

Holly Scrafton     Pd

Daisy Wheeler     N/Pd

Lottie Wilkinson     Pd

Due to the failings of the online booking system I have identified those who are paid already. Please be sure I have it right and if unpaid, please advise if bringing money to the rally or paying direct to the PC bank account.  Groups/timetable to be published later in the week