Tuesday December 12, 2017

The Pony Club offers a number of tests which you can take via our branch.

Further details are available on the main Pony Club website.

For more information on any level of test training please contact Penny Johnstone 07771878821 / 01228 548073 email  pennyjohnstone6@gmail.com

E Test

Progressive Bronze Test

The Pony Club Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge

D Test

Progressive Silver Test

D+ Test

Progressive Gold Test

C Test

The Pony Club Road Rider Achievement Badge

Progressive Platinum Test

C+ Test

(Riding and/or Horse&Pony Care)

The Pony Club Road Rider Test


The BHS Rider and Road Safety Test

B Test

(Riding and/or Horse&Pony Care)

Lungeing Test

AH Test

A Test

NB: for D, C and B EfficiencyTests to be awarded the rider must have

attained the necessary Road Rider Achievement Badge/Test

(Refer to Test Card)