Thursday July 20, 2017


Well a New Year has begun.  There have been some excellent results from all our teams.

Rebecca Pulford and William Barlow qualified for the Triathlon Nationals at Milton Keynes so a very well done to them both.  For those who do not know much about Tetrathlons and Triathlons they are held all year round in the winter months it is mainly Triathlons. Triathlons you Shoot (if 8 years old or a bean bag throw if under 8 years.), Run 1000 metres and Swim for 2-3 minutes depending on your age. Tetrathlons are held over two days. Day 1 is the shoot, run and swim and on the second day you do a cross country course, you all build a great friendship at these events cheering on your friends and encouraging each other.  for more details speak to Marie Flanagan.

Here is a short report from Viv Pulford after a tetrathlon and she said I could let you all know that things don’t always go to plan and to just keep going.

Not long back form Gloucestershire. Pony was diabolical! However, Rebecca shot 880 on turning targets which was joint top score.  4th best run not sure of time but score1126 and swam 4 and third lengths to be jn 3rd in Triathlon out of 21. She was 6th out of 9 in Tet as she wasn’t the only zero score! and the team she was placed with won the team part.

We have had a great time with my cousin and Mickey has redeemed himself by hacking nicely round the Gloucester countryside! So, good start to season and surely the pony can’t do any worse!

Team Show Jumping as well.  These competitions cover lead reins jumping 50cms up to the Open Jumping. The lead reins have great fun doing their first or more competitions and once off the lead rein they go on to the assisted rounds where they can be helped but not lead it gives the children a great sense of pride when they get there first rosette in a jumping competition. So, Mums and Dads get fit and take the children to have a go it great fun. So, look at the booking page and Children have a go you may enjoy it after all.

There is a lot of training happening in the next few months for team and Area competitions this will help you to improve your skills so sign up and enjoy it.

This Easter Holidays we are holding Mock D and D+ this is for anyone who wants to take these tests and can ask your instructor if you are ready to do the test.  After taking the mock test the actual Test days are the on the 12th April see the dates list for all other information. For those who want to take C, C+ test the training sessions are at Irene’s the Mock test in on the 10th August and the test day for the C test if you passed the mock is on the 14th August, information on what the test involve can be found on the Pony Club Website or If you let me know I can post them to you.  To all those who have a go Good luck.

Parents Meeting held on the 7th February at the Coaching Inn South Molton with a free supper.

There were several reports the first one was from Angie who is the Treasurer and she gave us a break down of all the figures.

There were reports from Marie about the Tetrathlon and Triathlon competitions and say new members are always welcome.

Rachel Northcott gave a report on the PPC.  The Senior Team went to the Championships but they didn’t ride quite as well as they normally do but they won the Tack and Turnout a much want accolade. Rachel said that if the qualify again for the Championships there will have to be a lot more training.  The Juniors also went to the Championships and did really well, they also won the Tack and Turnout.  The seniors attended the North Devon Show, Okehampton and Mid Devon Show.

Sara gave a report on the Show Jumping and Dressage and is arranging some more training with Tim Cheffings and some training with Erica Oldham.  Erica’s lessons must be booked directly with Sara.

The Parents asked if there is any way that details could be retained for future bookings I Have spoken to Nick at PC HQ and he says it may be something they will look into doing in the future, he also said that google will retain information and you have to do it through the settings tab as Angie and myself have the same problem when we set up a booking for the rallies etc.

The date for the summer show was set as the 25th June 2017 also could the height of the 1st ridden be up to 13hh instead of 12.2hh.

Sara then gave us some information on up and coming events which are now on the booking page. The Open Show Jumping on the 5th March at Coxleigh Barton is a pay on the day of £5 per class. Also, Combine training at Coxleigh Barton 1hour SJ and 1.5 hours XC these are on the booking page,

The last two items were can Camp dates and the deposit be published early this has now been set up on the booking page.

Our Annual Cross Country and SJ is at Southcott in September.

Lots of Rallies and events have been put on the booking in page and an email with all the dates will be circulated.

We all hope you have wonderful time this year learning, competing and most of all have fun.