Friday November 24, 2017
Prince Philip Cup/Games


How can you Get Involved?

Practices run through the winter months at various venues (weather dependent!!).  If you are interested then please contact Rachel Northcott (01598) 710810 or

Dates for Rallies from October 2017  to January 2018 to be held at Codden Equestrian Centre

Saturday 14 October 11 am to 1 pm

Sunday 29 October 2 – 4 pm

Sunday 5 November 11 am 1 pm

Sunday 26 November 2 – 4 pm

Sunday 10 December 11 am to 1 pm

Sunday 13 January 11 am to 1 pm

What is PPC/Games?

Prince Philip Cup (PPC), is designed for teams of 5 children and their ponies to compete in a series of different gymkhana styles races and skills.  The competition is split into two age groups:

Seniors – 14 years and under (age as at 1st January)

Juniors – 10 years and under (age as at 1st January)

Many clubs also run friendly competitions for novices, ie junior age and under who may need assistance to re-mount or with their pony.


There are strict rules which the children need to adhere to, ponies need to be under 14.2 hh and 4 years and over to compete, being ridden only in snaffle bridles.

What to Aim for?

The ultimate goal is to qualify for ‘Horse of the Year Show’ but reaching the Pony Club Championships is an excellent achievement – especially for the juniors as this is where their Championship is held.  Both our Senior and Junior teams have qualified for PC championships in the past, but also have enormous fun competing at local shows for friendly competitions such as North Devon, Mid Devon and Dunster.

What can your Learn?

Games can teach both children and their ponies balance, control and ‘stickability’ useful in all disciplines when they think they have reached the point of no return.  Ponies enjoy the variety of games which can also help show jumping turns, general stopping and starting.