Thursday September 21, 2017

What is a Triathlon/Tetrathlon?

These competitions test general horsemanship and athletic ability for all levels of competitor.  It was originally set up for the boys, but there are now separate competitions for girls held under same rules.

Briefly a Tetrathlon consists of four phases

Shooting – using a 4.5mm calibre air pistol and pony club targets

Running – over a carefully measured course and each competitor’s time is measured

Swimming – competitors score points on how far they swim in a certain time

Cross Country – generally over a fixed cross country course which includes a gate to open and close, and a slip rail

Triathlons consist of the Shooting, Running and Swimming phases with more competitions being held during the winter months – a fun way for members to socialise off their ponies.



Tiverton PC Mini Fun Tetrathlon 10 September 2017

William Barlow won the minimus boys class and Freddie Barlow came 5th out of 14 boys.

William had a couple of stops on the cross country but was strong enough in the other phases to make up the points. He got best swim and best shoot.  Freddie also had a couple of stops ( But didn’t fall off ! ) and had a PB in his shoot and second best in the swim. The run was hard work for all in the wind and rain.

Bethany and Lucy Floyd did well for their first Tetrathlon.  Bethany had one run out on the x country and finished 6th overall in the minimus girls category.  Lucy excelled at the shoot with a 740 score.

(Report from Mary Barlow)

Well done everyone especially Bethany and Lucy Floyd.  Their mum, Sarah, has been sent out today to purchase running spikes.  Go girls!


Spooners & West Dartmoor 22 to 23 July 2017

Mini Boys Triathlon      1st William Barlow (Score: 3006) and 6th Freddie Barlow (Score: 2660)

Mini Girls Tetrathlon    6th Rebecca Pulford (Score: 2630)  8th Emily White (Score: 2562)


Forthcoming Dates

Area 15 & 16 Mini Tetrathlon Championships on 7th & 8th October 2017 at Okehampton College & Southcott Farm XC