Thursday July 20, 2017

What is a Triathlon/Tetrathlon?

These competitions test general horsemanship and athletic ability for all levels of competitor.  It was originally set up for the boys, but there are now separate competitions for girls held under same rules.

Briefly a Tetrathlon consists of four phases

Shooting – using a 4.5mm calibre air pistol and pony club targets

Running – over a carefully¬†measured course and each competitor’s time is measured

Swimming – competitors score points on how far they swim in a certain time

Cross Country – generally over a fixed cross country course which includes a gate to open and close, and a slip rail

Triathlons consist of the Shooting, Running and Swimming phases with more competitions being held during the winter months – a fun way for members to socialise off their ponies.



We travelled to Frome for the Wylye Valley tetrathlon on the bank holiday weekend. Josh, Zak and Rebecca camped for the weekend and completed the full tetrathlon. William and Freddie joined us on Sunday straight from there holiday to complete the triathlon.

The camping was fun with a shared BBQ on Saturday night. The weather was a bit wet with poor Rebecca getting a down pour for both her ride and her run! The cross country was more than up to height. Rebecca had a brave attempt at the 2’6″ , Josh jumped the 2’3″course and Zak and Skippy went clear over some of the biggest fences he’s ever jumped. The courses were opened up to clear round in the afternoon, which gave us a lovely opportunity to go out and put right any earlier mistakes!

There were over 200 entries with over 30 in each class from pony clubs far and wide. Our little bunch did us proud with Zak winning his class and achieving best shoot ( beanbag throw) with a 940, best swim ( 97 metres) and a 1400 ride. He was also 2nd in his mixed team with the Tiverton.

William had a fantastic personal best in both his swim and run, completing his 1000m run in under 4 minutes and swimming 125 metre in 2 minutes. He was third individually, with 2nd best swim. He and Freddie were 1st as a mixed team

Josh, Rebecca and Freddie were not placed individually, which is not surprising given the amount of entries, but all three shot, swam and ran well. Rebecca and Josh were 7th in their mixed team.

Well done all five, good effort, good fun and good results!

Marie Flanagan


William, Freddie, Josh, Zak and Emily White went to Launceston on the 20th November for the Lamerton pony club triathlon. The weather was surprising good after a few days of very heavy rain which was just as well as our first member shot at 10.15 and the last one didn’t swim until 3.45 so it was a long day.

Everyone shot, swam and ran well. The 9 and under class was exceptionally competitive with almost 30 in the class and the highest placed members scoring more points than all of the 11 and under girls and most of the 11 and under boys. Freddie finished a really respectable 5th individually and managed best swim in his class for the third week running with a consistent 5 lengths plus. Zak and Emily finished mid field with Emily shooting 780, running in under four and a half minutes and improving her swim by 9 metres on only her second time in competition.

William and Josh were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 11 and under boys and were beaten only by a Tiverton member who has been unbeaten for the last two seasons and was 9th at the nationals last year so a very pleasing result for them.

Marie Flanagan


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