Tuesday March 31, 2015
`New` was the theme , for our fancy dress at prize giving , check out the gallery for more pics of a lovely day .

`New` was the theme , for our fancy dress at prize giving , check out the gallery for more pics of a lovely day .

Our DC , Mrs Lynn Page would like to thank everyone for attending our prize giving , the younger ones for dressing up and all the seniors for thinking up games and helping throughout the games , also a `BIG` thanks to everyone who brought cakes to eat to ( lots of `running off` to be done ), finally a message from Lynn herself.
`I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for the lovely flowers and box of cakes `
It makes me so proud to by the DC of such a warm and freindly Pony Club `

HUGE congratulations to both Efa and Ceri who both passed thier D test on 11th of March , If anyone has a photo or two please send them in , it would be nice to post a few pics .
Aberconwy are having an Easter dressage comp 3rd April  , go to events page for more info.
Sir W.W.W. are still taking entries for 7th April  at Tushingham Showjumping , lots of classes .
Please head over to the Pony Club main site for exciting news on a `Cake making ` competition and also a trip down memory lane !!
I cannot upload the files for these due to little `Gremlins` within the system .
*******Couple of important date changes to calendar , Area 5 dressage from 27th-28th, and CHNPC ode 2nd -3rd of May.*******

Welcome to Dwyfor branch of the Pony Club.

Will all members please download and read the new `Code of conduct`, this relates to all persons involved in or watching Pony Club activities , download here . Area 5 – Respect Code of Conduct – Notice format – May 2

The Dwyfor Branch of the Pony Club was formed in 2001, having previously been part of the Gwynedd Branch, but always very independent, due the vast geographical area involved.The members have a strong feeling of identity, although still spread out over North Meirioneth and all of the Lleyn Peninsular. They compete in inter-branch events in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping, with some success, and also enjoy Triathlon. Small in numbers, the members go from strength to strength.
Whilst our members take competitions seriously , all our rallies and events are based on fun and having a fun time !!!
:lol: :lol:  :lol:


+++++ Everyone on the Dwyfor comittee would like to thank all volunteers and helpers  from both Dwyfor and Dolgellau branches that made todays round of the winter league a huge success ++++
Members -Glain, Gwenno, Frankie, Lydia, Ceri and Megan
Mums , Dads, Granparents , Your multi talented D,C for organising the event , Megan,Sian  and Sarah for catering and home made cakes , Gareth x2 , Edward -Carpark ,John for delivery of Planks , Lesley and Emma for two types of  soup ,Colin cakes , Lowri, Amy lane -First aid , Gillian -raffle and CHILLI !!! , Mandy( dolgellau ) Scoring and everyone else ( sorry if I have missed you out ) , below is part of a message I recieved from Mrs Meg Green ( Area 5 Representative ) please take time to read !!
`VERY WELL DONE to a joint effort by Dwyfor and Dolgellau for putting on their WL SJ which ran without a hitch, and they should get the prize for the best cake stall ever!
Unfortunately however, the proprietor of the venue reported that he had seen a brown pony getting 3 sharp uses of the whip as it went into the arena. He said he was surprised to see this from a pony club parent.
This is not acceptable. If any similar behaviour is witnessed, the member will be asked to leave the venue and not participate again in Winter League and maybe other activities too. Please DC’s – will you pass this on to your WL SJ managers.`
Great news , our very own `Dwyfor Branch of the Pony Club `saddlecloths are now in stock :mrgreen:
Priced at £25.00 they are sure to make you look and feel like a winner !!!
Contact Lynn to order and she will bring them to your rally
2015 heralds a new year , so all previous reports have been deleted so the new season has space , good luck everyone .