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Junior Dressage, Grassroots, Novice, Int & Open Teams…….

This is just a gentle reminder that we would like to hear from any members who are wishing to be considered for teams (Junior Dressage, Grassroots, Novice, Int & Open) by the 1st June.

I have recieved a number of emails already but I really don’t want to miss anyone.

Please email which teams you would like to be considered for and which level. Email is better than FB messager as I can keep everything in one place.

If you have any questions, do please ask – we are here to help.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Tanya Davies – tloosemore@rgbrec.co.uk


***ODE practice rally date change ***

For those of you not on Facebook or didn’t see the post. We have had to change the ODE Practice Rally from the 10th June to the 11th June. This is so we can allow for the Horse & Pony Care Competition that the club is hosting this year.

We have managed to book a great venue – Longdown, in Newton Abbot. There is lots of parking and nice flat paddocks with plenty of XC fences for Mini and Junior riders. They range from teeny tiny up to 80cm+ .

Its a perfect opportunity to practice each phase – Dressage, Show Jumping & XC whether you are intending to compete at the event or not.

We have a number of members already booked in so if you would like a space please book asap so we can arrange groups and instructors.


Team Training for Grassroots & Area Teams are now well under way and no doubt time will fly so we now need to start making plans about potential teams. The actual teams won’t be selected until nearer the competition time as lots can change but we would like to know who would like to be considered for teams and in which discipline.

Please be reminded that before you commit, you must be available to compete on the dates of the relevant competitions AND for Area Teams, National Championships or Grassroots Teams, Regional Championships. You must also be eligible to compete for the club, have attended 3 rallies on the combination you intend to ride and are eligible for the level entered. If you have any queries on this, please ask either myself, Helen or your Team Trainer. Alternatively, the rules for each discipline are on the main PC website.

Team Competitions are:

Show Jumping Sat 15th July @ Kings Sedgmoor

Grassroots (80cm)

Novice (90cm)

Intermediate (1m)

Open (1:10m)

Eventing Sun 23rd July @ Pontispool

Grassroots (80cm)

Novice (90cm)

Intermediate (1m)

Open (1:10m)

Dressage Thurs 27th July @ Billbrook

Junior (non qualifying class)





National Championships 18th-21st Aug

Grassroots Championships 1st-3rd Sept

Please email me before 1st June which discipline you are interested in being considered for.

Tanya Davies – tloosemore@rgbrec.co.uk

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Speak soon,

Tanya x



For those members wishing to take part in the Intermediate & Open Area Team Training, please could you click onto the Doodle Poll link and select which evening would be most preferable for you?

Our intention is to alternate each week with Dressage and SJ and have various XC training inbetween. We will also vary the venues to make it fair for everyone with regards to travel. The instructors are yet to be confirmed.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Moe, Helen or Tanya.


D & SPC are running a Mini & Junior Team SJ Competition at The Conquest EC near Taunton on Thursday 6th April.

Classes include:

Lead Rein


50cm (may be assisted)




If you are interested in taking part and being part of an Eastie team, please contact Susie Coles – susie.coles@btinternet.com. This looks like a lovely, low key competition that will be great for our younger or more novice riders/ponies so do come and join in!


Area 15 are holding a Prince Phillip Cup (Mounted Games) Competition on Saturday 6th May. If there are any members who would like to take part and make up a team for East Devon (Senior, Junior or Mini), please let Tanya know and we can organise some fun training sessions.


We are starting to put together the dates for our Area Team Training which will start after the Easter holidays.

For those members wishing to take part in the Grassroots or Novice Challenge team training, I would be grateful if you could follow the link below and select which evening suits you best – Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Venues will vary.

The plan is to alternate each week between Dressage and SJ and then provide XC training in addtion for those wishing to take part in Eventing or Tet. Obviously, I doubt we will be able to get a day that suits all but at least we will know what suits the majority. We will also run a few sessions on Sat/Sun to help those who are away at school during the week.

Please remember, those wishing to take part in teams must attend at least 3 rallies before the competitions (camp counts as 1 rally).

Any questions, please ask!









2016 Area ODE times


GOOD LUCK :lol: 


Area Eventing Team Selection

Well done to all of you for your efforts and achievements in the run up to Areas. These competitions are so important and represent some of the the very best PC riders in the region so being part of it is a big deal!
Below is the team and individual selections for Area Eventing on Sat 23rd July at Bicton Arena. Times should be available on the Cotley PC website on Thursday.

80cm (non qualifying)
Caitlin Wilmington – Wiscombe Redeemer
Georgie Conneeley – Perry 
Bethany Reed– Starburst

Emily Taylor – Barney


Flora Ellicott – Pigbrush Jasper


90cm Novice Challenge

Issie Mclachlan-Clark – Mystic Lad

Imogen Griffin – Mysterious Tim

Emma Woofenden – Harri

Sabrina Mitchell – Norton Glen

Georgie Conneeley – Essenar Chippendale

Rachel Hanna – Wolfstar

Ellie Ridout – Lady Madonna

1m – Intermediate
Alice Derryman – Conrod

Natalia Berry – Tommy

Georgia Wood – Minky’s Midnight Madness
Lauren Sanders – A Bit Special

1:10m Open
Harrison Oakley – Shanroe Sentiment
Lucy Lee – Lady Grizz

There is a final Dressage Test riding session at Moorhayes on Wednesday evening with Gemma and Dressage Judge, Rocky Massey for those that wish to run through their tests for Saturday – all welcome, please book with Moe.
For those wishing to have a last minute XC school, Emma Cudd has a session on Thursday evening at Pontispool. Again, all welcome (£20) but please book with Moe.
Club XC colours will be provided on Saturday by Janet Sanders. We have a limited number so you might be required to share. In Dressage and SJ, plain white square numnahs. You MUST be plaited for dressage.
If you have any queries at all, please ask – Tanya or Emma for 80cm and Karen for 90cm and above.

Good luck and look after each other!


Please see times for Sunday’s competition. I have asked for the obvious mistakes to be amended. The Polden Hills PC who are running the event have asked if supporters can help pole pick when their team is jumping is lighten to workload.

Have a wonderful day and good luck!

Area SJ Programme 16


SJ pic



The training has been completed and the teams selected! Congratulations and good luck to all who have been chosen to represent the club.

I hope you all have a super time and enjoy the day. We are all so proud of you whatever happens at the competition.

For those competing, please come prepared and turned out well – ponies plaited, boots polished, white numnahs, plain hat silks, gloves, plain coloured brushing/tendon boots, pony club badge on your jacket etc. Tack MUST be clean and safe (check the stitching) If you are not sure about anything – please ask!

Show jumping Teams


  • Lauren Sanders
  • Lucy Lee
  • Georgia Wood
  • Alice Derryman

Novice Challenge Teams


  • Sabrina Mitchell
  • Rachel Hanna
  • Ellie Ridout
  • Bethany Clark


  • Tiegan Sime
  • Imogen Griffin
  • Molly McHenry
  • Emma Woofenden



  • Cerys Foster
  • Emily Taylor
  • Hebe McCance
  • Flora Ellicott


  • Alysia Phillips
  • Gabrielle Dunsford
  • Peri Watts-Esmek



A note from the organiser:

“In view of a favourable weather forecast, we have inspected the field at KSEC and should be able to have one of the Main Rings, for the Area Show Jumping, on the grass.

This means that everyone will jump Round 1 in the Grass Arena, Round 2 and the Jump off will be on the KSEC Arena.

Each Arena will have its own warm area and there will be a Clear Round ring, entry payable on the day.

This will also mean that each rider will not have so long to wait between their two rounds.”

Basically, if you need studs – bring them!




Hi Guys,

Please follow the link to the Area Dressage Times tomorrow – http://branches.pcuk.org/tauntonvale/areadressage/

Please make sure you arrive in plenty in time, are plaited and well turned out.

Numnah’s should be white squares.

Enjoy the experience and GOOD LUCK!





Congratulations to all those who have been selected to represent the club at Area Dressage. Hope you enjoy the experience and you have a good day!

Junior Under 14 Team

  • Hebe McCance – Ethan
  • Flora Ellicott – Jasper
  • Alysia Phillips – CF Saffron
  • Gabrielle Dunsford – Poppy

Novice Team

  • Mollie McHenry and Wiscombe Flora
  • Issie McLachlan Clark and Rexon Mystic Lad
  • Fern Acheson and Lady Ffion
  • Sabrina Mitchell and Norton Glen


  • Tiegan Sime and Jack

Intermediate Team

  • Lauren Sanders and A Bit Special
  • Natalia Berry and Saighead Beaga
  • Georgie Conneeley and Essenar Chippendale
  • Harrison Oakley and Shanroe Sentiment


We will be running through the Novice & Intermediate tests on Wednesday with Gemma teaching and a list 5 BD judge between 6PM and 9PM. Great opportunity.

The Junior Team will run through tests on Thursday.




As we approach Dressage Teams selection and the actual competition on the 3rd July, I thought I would drop you a reminder that we have Team Training for all levels this week & a Test Riding session next week with your instructors and local dressage judge, Rockey Massey.

Wednesday 22nd – Gemma Barry – Novice Challenge & Intermediate

Thursday 23rd – Emma Cudd – Mini & Grassroots

Wednesday 29th – Test Riding with Rockey Massey

If you competed on Sunday, it might be worth taking your test sheet with you this week to go through with your instructor.

Teams will be picked after the sessions later this week.

If you haven’t already, please book in with Moe.

Good luck!




Area Dressage:

July 3rd 2016 at Taunton Vale Pony Club.


Area Show Jumping:

July 17th 2016 at KSEC.


Area Eventing:

July 23rd 2016 at Bicton Arena.


Championship Results 

As always Champs is an amazing experience involving lots of fun, tears and laughter. We would like to say a BIG thank you to Abbie Hughes for driving all the way there to warm up the teams, and to all instructors who were involved during the run up. All the parents also deserve a big thank you for their on-going support.

Results were

Novice Dressage – all team members rode beautifully and congratulations to Lauren Sanders for her 9th placing.

Novice Eventing – we had two entries who were Laura Coles and Harrison Oakley who are to be congratulated for coming 6th and 7th individually.

Intermediate Dressage – the team all produced lovely tests with Harrison Oakley being placed 6th as an individual.



Area Show Jumping Times!

Hi guys, please find attached times for Monday! For some reason they haven’t included the Novice Challenge Team names (Mauve & Purple) but I’m sure we will cope!

Good Luck to all of you, bring it on home East Devon!

Area SJ Times (2)2015


A bit of inspiration for you! Go East Devon!

Area Show Jumping Teams 2015

held at Tiverton Showground on 3rd August 2015

Novice  Challenge Purple

Megan Trott – Alfie, Ben Davies – Flyer, Abi Harwood – Lucy, Rachel Hanna – Sam

Novice Challenge Mauve

Chloe Howard – Jonty, Georgie Conneeley – Chips, Lauren Sanders – Della, Harrison Oakley – Vito


Libby Norman – Storm, Hattie Pike – Tilly, Sophie Griffin – Hamish, Emily Woodruff – Rudi

Individual -Alice Derryman – Conrod

Good luck to you all! C’mon Easties!

Area 15 HorseTrials 2015

The high & lows of eventing were definately in full flow at the weekend along with the weirdest weather – rain, mist, drizzle then carribean sunshine!

Being the super positive bunch we are, let’s concentrate on the good!

Our Novice Challenge team of Harrison, Lauren, Georgie & Ben won the Tack & Turnout prize! Well done mums/grooms! Although our teams missed out on qualification, they all rode their hearts out with individual wins for Harrison Oakley & Laura Coles (both are on new rides for this year), a 3rd for Lauren Sanders and a 4th for Rachel  Hanna.

Our Intermediate team put in solid performances with Sophie Griffin leading the way on an individual 4th placing and the team again placed in the Tack & Turnout with a 2nd.

Our 80 cm competitors of Ellie and Issie also put in a great effort with with Issie scoring a fantastic dressage mark of 23.1 and Ellie coming 9th at her first attempt at areas.

Well done to you all and good luck to Laura & Harrison at Championships!


Eastie Eventers! Your Times are here!

Area ODE Times 2015





Here we go!! Easties Eventing Teams listed below. Choosing teams is never an easy process especially when we have so many entusiastic and capable members who wish to take part. The teams that have been chosen are picked as fairly as possible with a mix of experience, recent results, those on new partnerships and those competing at areas for the first time. Congratulations and best of luck to you all!

Novice Teams

Team Mercury

Rachel Hanna – Sam

Sabrina Mitchell – George

Laura Coles – Lily

Tiegan Sime – Jack

Team Mars

Lauren Sanders – Della ( Novice Team Captain)

Ben Davies – Flyer

Georgie Conneeley – Chips

Harrison Oakley – Vito

Intermediate Team 

Hattie Pike – Shannon (Intermediate Team Captain)

Alice Derryman – Conrod

Georgia Wood – Minky

Sophie Griffin – Hamish

Trainers – Sarah Mawdsley & Abbie Hughes

Chef d’equippe – Bev Norman


Jill and the instructors met recently and have chosen our teams for Area Dressage. Being selected for a team and riding for the club is the highest compliment and a real acheievement so well done to those members! Enjoy the experience and let’s get to champs!!

Novice Challenge

Team Red

Sabrina Mitchell – George

Laura Coles – Lily

Lauren Sanders – Della

Georgie Conneeley – Chips

Team Blue

Alice Derryman (Novice Dressage Team Captain) – Conrod

Issie McLachlan-Clark – Mystic

Fern Acheson – Dellboy


Libby Norman – Storm (Intermediate Dressage Team Captain)

Hattie Pike – Shannon

Harrison Oakley – Impey

Emily Woodruff – Rudi

Chef d’equippe – Bev Norman

Trainer – Gemma Barry

Congratulations guys!! Your Team Captains will be in touch shortly, if you have any queries, please contact Gemma or Bev.

Better get training, not long to go!



The names are in and the training dates have been booked! Exciting stuff! Teams will be announced in the coming weeks so if you are hoping to be selected, please attend the training if you can! Eventing Team hopefuls should aim to attend sessions in all 3 disciplines.

Teams are picked not only on ability but also on committment and attitude. They will be chosen by Jill and the Team Managers/Instructors. Good Luck!

Team Short Lists

Novice Dressage – Sabrina, Issie MC, Emma B, Fern, Martha, Laura, Lauren, Georgie

Novice SJ – Rachel, Issie MC, Emma B, Ellie, Ben, Fern, Laura, Lauren, Chloe, Megan

Novice ODE – Rachel, Sabrina, Emma B, Ellie, Ben, Martha, Laura, Lauren, Georgie, Tiegan

Intermediate Dressage – Sophie G, Alice, Harrison, Hattie, Emily W

Intermediate SJ – Charlie, Sophie G, Alice, harrison, Libby, Hattie, Emily W, Sophie R

Intermediate ODE – Annabel, Sophie G, Alice, Harrison, Libby, Hattie, Emily W, Georgia W, Charlie, Sophie R

Open Dressage – Annabel, Harrison, Libby, Sophie R

Any queries, please contact Jill Hill.