Tuesday September 25, 2018
Rallies & Rally Times

Latest Summer 2018 Rally Dates: PC Summer Dates 18 (1)


Intermediate/open dates please not a change of nights and locations,
May 2nd 16th Kent house with Althea Bleekman
May 11th 25 With Abbie Hughes Landrover experience
June 8th and 22nd with Abbie Hughes Landrover experience
June 13th and 27th at Kentisbeare house with Althea Bleekman


March Friday nights with Gail Eden at Bicton College

March 2nd
5.30 Oliver,Joel, Olivia, Chloe, Leon,Abby
6pm Alfie, Immy, Mia, Isla, Fliss
7pm Georgina, Nicole, Summer, Lily, Naomi, Esme
8pm Sid, Jack, Millie, Louise

March 9TH
5.30 Oliver, Josh, Joel, Olivia
6pm Alfie, Georgie, Immy, Mia, Isla
7pm Teagan, William, Georgina, Nicole, Lily Niamh
8pm Sid, Jack, Henry, Millie, Alysia

March 16th
5.30 Josh, Joel, Olivia, Leon, Abby, Chloe
6pm Georgie, Immy, Mia, Isla, Gracie,Fliss
7pm Teagan, William, Summer, Naomi, Lily, Niamh
8pm Sid, Jack, Henry, Millie, Louise, Alysia

March 23rd
5.30 Oliver, Josh, Olivia, Joel
6pm Alfie, Georgie, Immy, Isla, Gracie, Mia
7pm William, Georgina, Nicole, Lily, Niamh Esme
8pm Sid, Jack, Alysia


February Half Term Rallys…….


Friday 16th February, Nutwell Saddlery badge rally 11am
Olivia, Isla, Alfie, Oliver, Louise, Naomi, Georgina, Fliss, Leon, Chloe, Immy, Abby, Josh, Georgie, Josh B, Mia, Joel, Nicole, Millie, Lily

Friday 16th February Tim Cheffings rally Downe Farm Tiverton
8.30 Summer, William, Jack, Sid
9.30 Gabrielle, Flora, Hebe,
10.30 Lauren, Georgie, Tiegan, Ellie, Immy

Wednesday 14th February, with Mandy Frost Kentisbeare house
1pm Teagan, Summer, William, Teagan
2pm Scarlett, Alice, Sid, Georgina
3pm Gabrielle, Alice, Hebe, Flora
4pm Georgie, Ellie ,Tiegan Immy

Monday 12th February Gallops rally with Althea Bleekman
11AM , Isla, Summer, Georgie, Mia, Scarlett,
12pm Flora, Sid, Gabrielle, Hannah, Wiliam, Bethany


Games Rally Otterdene 11th Feb with Abbie Hughes

9AM Bethany, Cerys, Hannah, Louise, Lily, Mia, Teagan, Naomi, Isla, Georgie, Imogen,

10am, Abby, Olivia, Josh, Joel, Nicole


February Friday night rallies with Abbie Hughes

Friday 2nd February
5.30 Mia, Joel, Oliver, Olivia, Chloe, Josh
6pm Alfie, Immy, Isla, Georgie, Fliss,Leon
7pm Lily, William, Scarlett, Nicole, Esme, Georgina
8pm Louise, Sid, Naomi, Gabrielle

Friday 9th February
5.30 Oliver, Leon, Joel, Josh, Olivia,Abby
6pm Alfie, Immy, Isla,Mia, Georgie, Summer
7pm Teagan, Lily, Jack, Nimah, Goergina , William
8pm Louise, Sid, Alysia, Bethany, Gabrielle

Friday 23rd February
5.30 Oliver, Joel, Olivia, Josh, Abby,Leon
6pm Alfie, Fliss, Isla, Mia, Georgie, Josh B
7pm Scarlett, Summer, Teagan, Naomi, Esme, Nicole
8pm Louise, Alysia, SId, Henry, Bethany Reed


Landrover experience Awliscombe show jumping rally with Abbie Hughes January 28th
10am Gracie Wingate Imogen Norman Lily Paterson Oliver Gladstone
11am Teagan, Sid Funnell Alfie Gladstone Mia Price
12pm Alysia Nimah, Sid Miller Georgina Pratt
1pm Summer, Esme, Nicole


Friday 5th January with Gail Eden Bicton College
5.30pm Oliver, Josh, Olivia, Leon,Joel
6pm Alfie, Teagan, Georgie, Mia, Isla, Fliss 
7pm Immy, Lily, William, Georgina, Jack, Scarlett
8pm Alysia, Nimah, Nicole, Sid, Esme, Flora

Friday 12th January Bicton College Gail Eden 
5.30pm Oliver, Josh, Olivia,Leon, Abby, Chloe
6pm Alfie, Georgie, Teagan, Mia, Isla,Fliss
7pm Immy, Lily William, Georgina, Jack Naomi
8pm Alysia, Nimah, Nicole, Sid, Louise, Flora

Friday 19th January Bicton College Gail Eden 
5.30 Oliver, Josh, Olivia, Leon, Abby Chloe
6pm Alfie, Georgie, Teagan, Mia, Isla, Scarlett
7pm William, Lily, Immy, Georgina, Jack, Nicole
8pm Millie, Summer, Sid, Louise, Gabrielle, Bethany

Friday 26th January Bicton College, Gail Eden 
5.30 Oliver, Josh, Olivia, Joel, Leon,Fliss
6pm Alfie, Georgie, Teagan, Mia, Isla Scarlett
7pm William, Lily, Naomi, Georgina, Esme, Nicole
8pm Millie, Summer, Sid, Gabrielle, Flora, Bethany


Gallops rally 28th December with Althea Bleekman
11am Georgie Conneeley Bethany Reed Hebe McCance Flora Ellicott Emma Windeatt Louise Brown
12pm Gabrielle, Louise, Sid, Niamh, Isla, Summer

Friday 15th December with Abbie Hughes Bicton College
5.30 Olivia, Chloe, Abby, Oliver
6pm Isla, Teagan, Josh B, Alfie
7pm Bethany, Georgina, Mia, Immy, Summer, Scarlett
8pm Sid, Gabrielle, Louise, Naomi

Sunday 10th December Hitts Barton with Kay Simpson Please  bring your dressage test if you would like to practice it

10am Louise, Naomi, Sid, Scarlett, Summer
11pm Teagen, Oliver, Georgie, Alfie

you may practice wearing Tinsel


Friday 8th December with Abbie Hughes Bicton college
5.30 Josh, Olivia, Oliver
6pm Georgie, Alfie, Teagan, Josh B, Isla, Teagan
7pm William Lily, Summer, Georgina, Mia, Niamh
8pm Louise, Sid, Naomi, Alysia, Esme, Nicole

Friday night 1st December with Abbie hughes 
5.30 Josh, Olivia, Abby
6.30pm Georgie, Teagan, Isla, Josh Zoe Bagwell
7.30pm William Summer, Mia, Niamh, Immy Lily


H & H training Hitts Barton Wednesday 29th November 6pm with Kay Simpson
6pm Louise, Jack, william, bethany, scarlett, summer
Gabrielle, John, Georgina,

Saturday 25th November Kentisbeare house H & H training 2pm with Kay Simpson
louise, Jack, William, Bethany, Scarlett, Summer
Gabrielle, John, Georgina,

Friday 24th November Bicton College with Gail Eden
5.30pm Josh, Chloe, Olivia, Abby, Oliver, Leon
6pm Georgie, Georgina, Mia, Alfie,Fliss
7pm Scarlett, Immy, Lily, Nicole, Niamh, Esme
8pm Emily , Millie, Flora, Louise, Henry, Sid

Silver award training 10am Hitts Barton with Sarah Hitchings
10am Naomi, Lily, Niamh, Mia, Nicole Esme
11am Georgie, Scarlett, Summer, Imogen, Georgina,

Friday 17th November with Gail Eden at Bicton College indoor
5.30 Abby, Chloe, Oliver, Leon
6pm Georgina, Teagan, Immy, Lily, Alfie,Fliss
7pm Jack, Sid, Niamh Esme, Nicole, Summer
8pm Emily T, Millie,Louise, Flora, Bethany, Alicia

Hitts Barton Horse and Hound training with Kay Simpson
Riders Jack, William,Bethany Reed Louise (reserve scarlett, summer)
Runners and dogs, Gabrielle, John, Georgina, Scarlett

please clear up after yourselves and any doggy doo doo have fun

Friday 10th November Gail Eden Bicton College
5.30pm Josh, Olivia, Chloe, Abby, Oliver Leon
6pm Georgie, Lily, mia, Alfie, Isla, Fliss
7pm Jack, Teagan, Nicole,Immy, Summer,Georgina, Sarah
8pm Emily, Millie, Bethany, Flora, Sid, Henry


Helen Griffiths rally saturday 4th November Bicton College
10am Georgie Conneeley Immy Oonagh Griffin Harrison Oakley Tiegan Lily
11am Gabrielle, Flora, Hebe,
12pm Sid,, Abi, Ellie vs

Friday 3rd November Bicton College with Gail Eden
5.30 Chloe, Olivia, Abby, Oliver, Leon
6pm Teagan, Immy, Lily, Isla, Alfie, Fliss
7pm Jack, Sid, Niamh, Summer, Scarlett,
8pm Millie Jarrett Laura Woodward Flora, Ellie vs, Alicia

Halloween rally with Sarah Mawdsley at centyfield stud
10.30 Oliver, Isla, Alfie, Abby, Mia, Niamh
12pm Naomi,Louise, sid, Nicole, Summer, Esme

Friday 27th October Bicton College with Abbie Hughes
5.30 Olivia, Fliss, Leon, Josh, Oliver,Alfie
6pm Isla, Georgie, Mia, Esme, Lily, Imogen
7pm Georgina, William, Sid, Summer, Scarlett, Naomi
8pm Gabrielle, Louise, Ellie, Flora, Bethany


Beach Ride: Wednesday 25th Oct @ Exmouth Beach.

Meet at the Maer Car Park at 2:30pm. There will be 3 rides – lead rein, Junior (some trotting & a canter if all happy and safe), Senior (cantering and a gallop if all happy and in control). Please wear hi-vis for the short walk from the car park to the beach. Beach Riding badges will be available for mini & juniors. Please book with Moe so we have numbers.

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR C+ MOCK – the mock test will now be held at Hoppins Farm, Venn Ottery. Still Tuesday 24th at 2pm. Although this is a littler further away for some of you, we’ve had a logistical hold-up with Kentisbeare; this now means however you now will be able to do the XC section and have the care section under stables rather than by your lorries in the rain! Beverly NormanAlice DerrymanOonagh GriffinImogen GriffinSally WoofendenEmma-rose WoofendenJudy RidoutEllie RidoutZoe Sheldon-smithSimon DunsfordSasha LawtonAlysia Phillips


Tim Cheffings rally Monday 23rd October
2pm Georgie Conneeley Tiegan Sime Ellie Ridout
3pm Niamh Teagan Nicole de Gruchy Georgina Pratt
4pm Flora Ellicott Hebe McCance Summer Hill Sid Miller


Hitts barton sunday 22nd October with Sarah Hitchings

Bronze Training

10am Isla, olivia,Abby chloe

Silver training
11am Scarlett,Georgina,Naomi,Summer, Georgie
12pm Imogen,Niamh, Nicole,Mia, Lily

Friday 20th October Bicton College with Abbie Hughes:
5.30 Abby, Fliss, Leon, Josh, Chloe, Olivia
6pm Lily, Isla, Georgie, Mia, Imogen, Teagan
7pm Georgina, Scarlett, William, Niamh, Bethany, Naomi
8pm Gabrielle, Georgia, Louise, Alysia,Flora, Summer

Bronze awards Sunday 15th October 10am with Sarah Hitchings
Isla, Olivia, Chloe, Abby
Silver awards
11am Scarlett,Georgina,Naomi,Summer, Georgie
12pm Imogen,Niamh, Nicole,Mia, Lily


Monday 23rd October Tim Cheffings Sj lesson from 2pm for all abilities
Tuesday Mock exam Kentisbeare House
Wednesday Beach Ride
Friday TEST DAY / evening rally
Sunday Halloween combined training rally with Sarah Mawdsley 3/4 dressage 3/4 hours show jumping all abilities

Please help Moe by booking in early many thanks


5.30pm Fliss, Leon, Josh, Oliver, Olivia, Chloe
6pm Teagan, Lily, Imogen, Georgie, Isla, Mia
7pm Nicole, William, Sid, Scarlett, Summer, Georgina
8pm Gabrielle, Louise,Georgia, Ellie, Flora, Naomi

hope your not superstitious, please poo pick and help Abbie Hughes to pack away


Sunday 1st October Pontispool xc rally
2pm with Abbie Hughes Lauren Sanders, Alice Derryman, Emma Windeatt, Ellie Ridout, Tiegan Sime.
2pm with Althea Bleekman Naomi Brown, Summer Hill, Georgina Pratt, Niamh Topham, Sid  Miller, William Down.
3.30pm Abbie Hughes Isla Willmington, Georgie Down, Gracie Giles, Imogen Norman, Lily Paterson, Mia Price
3.30pm Althea BleekmanLouise Brown, Ellie Verdon-Smith, Alysia Phillips,  Bethany Reed, Gabrielle Dunsford, Hebe McCance.


Friday 29th September with Gail Eden
5.30 Josh Down, Oliver Gladstone, Olivia Willmington, Leon Parkhouse, Chloe Aspray, Abbie Davies.
6pm Isla,Fliss,Georgie, Teagan Roach, Lily Paterson,   Mia Price.

7pm Nicole de Gruchy, Esme Taylor,  William, Niamh Topham, Sid Miller.
8pm Ellie Verdon-Smith, Flora Ellicott, Emily Taylor,  Gabrielle Dunsford, Alysia Phillips.


Friday 22nd September Bicton College
5.30pm Abby Davies, Josh Down, Olivia Willmington Oliver Gladstone.
6pm Isla, Georgie, lily Paterson, Imogen Norman, Fliss Parkhouse, Teagan Roach.
7pm Nicole de Gruchy, William, Sid Miller, Summer Hill, Niamh Topham, Naomi Brown, Georgina Pratt.

8pm Flora Ellicott, Emily Taylor,  Georgia Sheldon-smith Alysia Phillips Ellie Verdon-Smith, Louise Brown.

Please help Gail set up and pack away and remember to poo pick please


Friday 15th September Bicton College with Gail Eden
6pm Lily Paterson, Jack Teague, Abby Davies, Fliss Parkhouse, Imogen Norman, Sid Miller.
7pm Nicole de Gruchy, Esme Taylor, Teagan, Scarlett Badley, Summer Hill, Niamh Topham.
8pm Millie Jarrett, Ellie Verdon-Smith, Georgia Sheldon-smith, Gabrielle Dunsford, Bethany Reed.
Please let Moe know if you cannot attend your session. Please remember to poo pick and help Gail set up and pack away.


Friday 8th September at Bicton College with Gail Eden (Indoor school)
5.30pm Josh Down, Oliver Broom, Olivia Willmington
6.00pm Nimah Topham, Mia Price, Isla Willmington, Georgie & William Down, Lily Paterson.
7.00pm Summer Hill, Ellie Verdon-Smith , Sid Miller, Georgina Pratt, Scarlett Badley, Imogen Norman.
8pm Flora Ellicott, Hebe McCance, Georgia Sheldon-smith, Louise Brown, Gabrielle Dunsford, Bethany Reed.

Please remember to help Gail set up and pack away and poo pick the arena , many thanks

Wednesday 9th August Grassroots training at Elise Ellicots field,  Yerris Road Kentisbeare.

7pm Georgie, Emma, Immy, Ellie, Lauren

Times for Pontispool Tuesday 18th July 


6pm Georgie Conneeley

6.10 Tiegan Sime

6.20 Ellie Ridout

6.30 Immy Griffin

6.40 Issie Mclachlan clark

6.50 Hebe McCance

7pm Gabrielle Dunsford

7.10 Georgia Sheldon Smith

7.20 Lauren Sanders

7.30 Harrison Oakley

Show Jumping 

6.20 Georgie Conneeley

6.30 Tiegan Sime

6.40 Ellie Ridout

6.50 Immy Griffin

7pm Issie McLachlan Clark

7.10 Hebe McCance

7.20 Gabrielle  Dunsford

7.30 Georgia Sheldon Smith

7.40 Lauren Sanders

7.50 Harrison Oakley


SJ & XC Rally – 10th July @ Bicton Arena.

This rally is designed so members competing at Areas can jump a full course of Show Jumps & the fully flagged XC course from this weekend’s BE event.  We are also running mini and junior sessions SJ in Everys and XC over the Mini Course. You will have a course walk for the SJ & XC before riding a round as if at a competition, so not a lesson as such although each group can get feedback on their rounds after the last member has completed. Parents – please can you help man the XC courses so we have eyes on each rider going XC.
Group 1(45cm ish) SJ @ 5:30pm XC (Mini Course) @ 6:30pm
Sid F, Oliver, Isla, Mia, Esme
Group 2(55cm ish) XC (Mini Course) @ 5:30pm SJ @ 6:30pm
Nicole, Imogen, Scarlett, Lily, Sid M, William, Georgina

Group 3 (80cm) XC (Main Course) @ 6pm SJ @ 7:15pm
Jack, Louise, Gabrielle, Georgia, Theo
Group 4 (90cm) XC (Main Course) @ 7pm SJ @ 8pm
Georgie, Emma, Emily.