Thursday November 26, 2015


  • Details of a Pony Racing Training Day now on Disciplines – Pony Racing.  Any Eridge members wishing to attend MUST inform Sally Bowman or Joanna Tindall.
  • Results from Dressage Competition on 22 November now on Dressage page.
  • Date for diary – Sunday 13th December Disco for 10 and Unders 3-5pm at Mayfield Scout Hall. Juliette Lilly organising. More information to come shortly.
  • Rallies at Christmas: The rally for those who have not passed their C+ Test is on Monday 28th December at Golden Cross – see Rallies page for to book in.  Closing date: Monday 14th December. The rally for those that have passed their C+ Test and Seniors is on Tuesday 29th December also at Golden Cross.  See Senior Rallies page for how to book.  Closing date:  Tuesday 15th December. Tradionally these rallies can count as one for next year – I know they are going to be held before 1st January!WOOLLY
  • See Activities for Younger Members page for details of our Woolly Pony Party on 6th December.
  • Dressage competition at Bedgebury – I hope Selina, Jordan and Emma are not frozen blocks of ice by now – thank you for putting on such a well run, tranquil show for us. I left after the Walk and Trot class but just wanted to say how absolutely FANTASTICALLY all you little people did. Very smartly turned out, on time and rode brilliantly. Hope you all had enough hot choc to warm up afterwards. DCx
  • Just to confirm the next Mini Showjumping practice (up to 70cm) will be on Sunday 29th Nov, with Angie Whittington at Heathfield Hall – see Show Jumping page for more details.
  • DATES 2016: Unless Eridge Estates gets a booking for some very big event which they would not want to turn down for financial reasons, the four day rallies will begin on Monday 25th July 2016.  Senior Camp will be 29th August to 2nd September 2016 inclusive at Ardingly Show Ground.  Hunter Trials at Matfield on Sunday 11th September.  Other than Mini/Junior Camp which we suspect will be very similar to this year (awaiting confirmation from Juddwood), the remainder of our events are primarily in the Park.  We are just waiting for the final go ahead and will publish those dates ASAP.
  • Latest Road Safety passes now on Road Safety page.
  • Southdown & Eridge Hunt Showjumping – 13th December – including interhunt teams
  • Dressage practices now on Dressage page.
  • Eventing Practices now on Eventing page.
  • Mini Show Jumping Practices now on Show Jumping page.
  • Click here for more information on the changes in PC hat tagging and permitted hat standards for 2015/2016.