Friday April 20, 2018

Here are the times for Tuesday’s indoor xc rally at Howe with Jen Burnett.

The lessons will be 1 hour, but you must be mounted and ready to start warming up 15 mins earlier, in order to make the most of the lesson with Jen. There will be a small warm up area in part of the main arena.

Please can all parents help out with poo picking, helping Jen put up jumps, picking up poles etc.

I’ve assigned First Aiders – but if any of those listed aren’t qualified or can’t attend please let me know.

Anybody have one of those blue barrels they could lend us for the day. I could collect it before Tuesday if you couldn’t drop it off in time.

Any queries to me, Sue Young 07787564522, (do not reply to this email)
9.45 warm up
10.00 Lesson

Please can this group arrive no later than 9.15 in order to help set up the course

First Aider Sue Young

Hannah Young
Anya Penderis
Holly Farquharson
Rachel Lang

10.45 warm up
11.00 lesson

First Aider Julie Weir

Evie Penderis
Ava Weir
Ishbel Maclennan
Archie Maclennan

11.45 warm up
12.00 lesson

First Aider Kathryn Forgan

Ailsa Grant
Kirsten Smith
Sophie Normile
Kyle Forgan

12.45 warm up
1.00 lesson

First Aider Sally Brown

Sarah Forgan
Caitlin McIntyre
Sophie Brown
Ruby Melville

1.45 warm up
2.00 lesson

First Aider Lesley Colvin

Beth Casasola
Iona Billinge
Ella Vincent
Nicola Coggle

2.45 warm up
3.00 lesson

First Aider Janey Smallwood

Becky Starkey
Gina Haywood
Anna Smallwood
Anna Casasola

Please could this last group all help to put the arena back to how it was after the lesson.

Dress code is as for a normal rally, ie plain jods, tidy jackets or pony club sweatshirts, hair tied back and in hairnets, tagged hats, back protectors recommended but not compulsory.