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We are a thriving and active branch – in Pony Club Area 13 – based in north Hampshire – with rallies occurring around Hartley Wintney, Eversley, Heckfield, Winchfield and Newnham. We’re really lucky that we have some wonderful facilities in and around our ‘patch’ that we can access for training and competitions.  We encourage the highest standards of horse and pony care, horsemanship and riding, whilst also having fun!

Our members are encouraged to learn, improve their skills and gain confidence through training in all the main disciplines (mounted games, dressage, show jumping, tetrathlon and eventing).  We have a fabulous range of instructors whose own training doesn’t stop either!  Rallies happen throughout the year at a range of venues and for all age groups and abilities.  We run 3 camps each summer, a Senior Camp for those who’ve completed their GCSEs, Main Camp for 11-GCSE and Mini Camp for those 11 and under (which is non-residential and at which lots of the older members help).

Many, but not all, of our members are active competitors in all the disciplines, at all levels, and we have a number of teams out competing most weekends throughout the season. Some of our past members have gone on to represent their country, and we welcome them back to inspire our current members.


Proforma for July-September 2015 is here

Proforma July to September 2015




Competition for Artists and Budding Advertising/Marketing Execs!

We live in an area whose population is growing, and there are lots of new people moving in and looking to get ponies, keeping them locally. I would like to invite members to design a Poster, describing the fun and activities of being a member, that could serve for recruitment in the many saddlery and feed shops we all use. Closing Date will be midnight on August Bank Holiday and the prize will be a free rally and a signed copy of Tim Stockdale’s Book “A Young Person’s Guide to Show Jumping”

The design should be done so that we could print it up at A3 size, and should have a place for contact details to be added.  Entries to, by midnight 24th August 2015.







Dear All,

It has been announced by the EU Commission that the European Equestrian Riding Helmet standard (BS)EN1384 is to be withdrawn from the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) at its next publication. This means that hat manufacturers will no longer be able to CE mark their hats using this standard and will need to recertify to a specification currently being developed.

What does this mean for (BS)EN1384 Standard Hats?

The withdrawal of the standard has no effect on riding hats already on the market. Once a hat has been manufactured to a standard it does not become “non-standard” after withdrawal and can continue to be sold and worn. If riders have hats certified to the EN1384 they can continue to use them unless stated otherwise by rules of competition.

The existing EN1384 standard is currently in the process of revision. The withdrawal is due in part to the European working group responsible for the hat standard failing to reach an agreement on this overdue revision and subsequently causing the Commission to take this drastic step. The draft proposal for the revision to EN1384 has to go through a procedure of comment and review and it is still unclear when the final version will be published. An interim specification is being developed by a group of EU test houses and notified bodies (VG1) that will span the gap with a new specification.

Read a full version of the Press Release from BETA, in association with the equestrian bodies, regarding these changes HERE

What does this mean for The Pony Club?

The Pony Club will not be allowing hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384 after 31 December 2015

The prefix ‘BS’ at the start of the EN 1384 standard does not mean the hat has undergone batch testing by the British Standards Institute and hats marked with (BS)EN 1384 and PAS 015 standards must also contain the BSI Kitemark. This is as stated in The Pony Club Yearbook.

How do we tag these hats?

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, and to allow hats only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384 to be clearly identifiable, the hat tagging procedure for 2015 will now be as follows:

  • Any hats which are certified and only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384 should continue to be tagged with a purple tag. Most of these hats will already have a purple tag on from previous hat tagging but in the event of one of these hats requiring a new tag only a purple tag should be used.
  • Any hats which are certified and are also marked with one of the other standards permissible by the Pony Club (PAS 015, Snell E2011 and AS/NZS 3838) should be tagged with one of the new white hat tags before the 31st of December 2015. The full list of standards is as stated in The Pony Club Yearbook.
  • In 2015 hats bearing either white and purple tags will be permitted in Pony Club activities. After the 31 December 2015 no hat bearing a purple tag will be permitted to be worn in Pony Club activities
  • We would also remind Branches that hat tagging should only be carried out by one of your two nominated hat taggers and not by any other Branch officials

What does this mean for other equestrian bodies?

Details released so far of plans from other equestrian bodies can be found HERE

Further Information

If you have any queries relating to the above we encourage you to read theConsumer FAQs On Hats Produced by BETA & Champion or email Vicky Kangurs on

We will keep you informed of any further developments and relevant information as it becomes available.

The Pony Club



Please take a few minutes to review E_Safety_Guidance_for_Young_People_v1