Friday March 23, 2018

Hunting 2017/18

‘The Heythrop Hunt would like to draw your attention to safety in the hunting field. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children are safe at all times in the hunting field. The Heythrop Hunt request that all children are accompanied by a mounted adult whilst hunting’.
Junior  members need to have an adult member that they are associated to. This has to be a hunt club member. Please click on the links to access both forms.
The Heythrop Hunt would like all hunting children to join the Junior Heythrop Hunt Club. Once you have joined (£25 per child) your hunting will be free all season (as long as you have paid your Heythrop Hunt Pony Club membership). If children are not wearing their Junior Heythrop Hunt Club badge when they come hunting they will be asked for a cap of £20 per day (all under 8 year olds are free regardless).
Hunting 2015/16 – Page updated 29 November 2015

Please see below information for PC members who would like to hunt this season.


If you have any queries please contact Caroline O’Kane or Victoria Irvine.

If you would like more information about Hunting, please contact our District Commissioner, Mrs Caroline O’Kane

Please click on this link  Heythrop Hunting Certificate to download details of how to obtain your Hunting Certificate. Please contact Mrs Caroline O’Kane in the first instance if you are interested in doing this.