Thursday August 16, 2018
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Bicester & Warden Hill PC ODE: Gawcott 17th June 2018

Well what a day we had at Gawcott!

Heythrop proudly had 15 riders competing at Bicester PC’s ODE earlier in June and what a day it turned out to be!

With amazing support (and equipment!) from trainer Polly Tompkins assisted by Milly Browne and Charlotte Campion, and our wonderful new DC’s Nicky Browne and Kate Campion,  the day was a very successful one!

In the 75cm Heythrop put out 2 full teams and 2 individuals and the results were impressive to say the least!

Gawcott is known for being a trappy cross country course and we had an abundance of clear rounds which helped the teams to 1st and 2nd place, with many individual rosettes as well.

75cm Teams

Team Heythrop White 1st (Frankie Fox, Charlie Smail, Angus Smail, Angelina Stich)

Team Heythrop Green 2nd (Charlie Thomas, Tilly Rees, Bertie Hall, Freddie Hall)

75cm Individual

Section A

Frankie Fox 1st

Bertie Hall 3rd

Charlie Smail 6th

Section B

Freddie Hall 3rd

Angus Smail 8th

Charlie Thomas 9th

Section C

Amelia Hall 1st

The 90cm brought different challenges from a tricky show jumping layout (especially for horses) and a challenging cross country ranging from trees in front of jumps and undulating country into water and over steps.

The 90cm team were placed 5th overall with some great individual performances.


Team Heythrop Gold 5th (Ella Goffe, Allegra Cowley, Silvia Irvine, Charlotte Shevket)


Section A

Silvia Irvine 3rd

Charlotte Shevket 9th

Section B

Ella Goffe 5th

Overall the event gave perfect preparation for the summer, with Area competitions on the horizon, and great to see such enthusiastic and strong HHPC performances.

All the riders were a credit to our Pony Club, not only in their riding, but in their conduct and sportsmanship.

We are well placed for the future and thanks you all involved!

Hazel Hunt

Gawcott 6

Gawcott 5

Gawcott 4

Gawcott 11 Gawcott 33 Gawcott 55 Gawcott22 Gawcott44


Well done to Iris Goffe who was 2nd in the 60cm SJ at Allen’s Hill on 31 May.

Two Heythrop teams also entered the 85cm with a first and second team place respectively! All were beautifully well behaved and had a fun day out. Well done all!