Tuesday August 14, 2018
HHPC Membership Renewal Form 2018

Heythrop Hunt Pony Club Membership Renewal Form 2018

The 2018 Membership Renewal form can be accessed by  clicking on this link, Branch Renewal Form 2018

Beryl Stringer is our new Membership Secretary from March 2018.

For any membership queries or to renew your membership /join please contact Beryl

Beryl Stringer, 9 South Street, Middle Barton, Oxfordshire OX7 7BU.

Any queries to be sent to heythrophuntpc@gmail.com

Cheques should be made payable to Heythrop Hunt Pony Club & do remember to fill out the gift aid as this makes a big difference to our branch.

Thank you for renewing your membership.

Please note that you will need to renew your membership by 28th February in order to be eligible for 2018 PC teams.