Thursday May 24, 2018
Rallies and Holiday Programme

Rallies & Holiday Programme


The return of the Friday night rallies!
Fun, educational Working rallies for all ages and stages. Starting at 5pm Friday 18th of May with Polly Tompkins.
Please see the Horse Events website to book.


Half Term Programme – All bookings via the Horse-Events website.

Tuesday 29th – XC at Swalcliffe with Polly Tompkins, morning times, £30. Organiser,

Tuesday 29th – Working rally with Simon Lawrance at Hopyard Hill Farm, Barton on the Heath, Oxfordshire GL56 0PL for those competing at 90cm plus £10 plus £5 cash venue fee to Simon on the day. Afternoon times. Organiser,

Wednesday 30 May – Pre-Camp meet up and fun all day rally at Alscot Park Stables, CV37 8BL. Three sessions of instruction and fantsatic food fro sale so you don’t have to plan picnics! Cost £45. Please sign up at Horse Events and also email with your child’s name, age, pony name, age, height and what level your child is currently doing so we can organise rides. Entries in by 23 May please.

Friday 1st June - SJ rally with Sophie Martindale at Evenlode Grounds £10 plus £5 cash venue fee on the day. Organiser,