Sunday February 7, 2016

Dengie Dressage Qualifier

Times for Dressage on 7th February at The Meadows

Dressage Times 7th February


Iveagh Training Tetrathlon

Sunday 7th February.

Registration 8.15am. Portadown Swimming Pool, Cascades Leisure Complex.

8.15am Senior / Junior Shooting

8.15am Minimus / Fledgling Swim

Running at Portadown Rugby Club directly afterwards.


Dengie Showjumping Training 10th, 17th & 24th February at Portmore. See Rally tab for details.

Flatwork rallies for the  weeks commencing 8th & 15th February at Smiths. See Rally tab for details


Details on Riding & Road Safety Test to be held in March on Test & Achievement Tab…….Limited space so book in ASAP


Dengie Dressage

Thanks to all who organised, helped and participated in our first Dengie Dressage Qualifier of 2016. Well done to those who qualified. Our next leg is Sunday 7th February and a Dengie Show Jumping Qualifier will run along side. See attached winners and qualifiers.

Dressage Winners 25.1.16

Dengie Dressage and Show-Jumping qualifiers from 31st Jan have been rescheduled for Sunday 14th Feb at the Meadows.


It’s renewal time, please send completed renewal and volunteer forms to Jennifer as soon as possible

Volunteer form 2016

Renewal Form 2016



Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club

Dengie Dressage Qualifiers & Clear Round Show-Jumping 2016


Dates: 24/01/2016, 31/01/2016 and 07/02/2016



********The 31/01/16 and 07/02/16 are  DENGIE SHOW-JUMPING QUALIFIERS FOR JUNIOR AND DENGIE WINTER LEAGUE STARTING WITH JUNIOR AT 11.00am No clear round jumping.*****************


Venue: The Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, BT66 6NE


Arena 1: Starting at 10am

Novice Qualifier, Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2009


Arena 2 : Starting at 10 am approx

Intermediate Qualifier, The Ponyclub Intermediate test 2013

Open Qualifier, Pony Club Open Dressage test 2015


Arena 3: Showjumping consisting of Novice Course (85/90cm) and Introductory Course (approx50/60cm) from 10.15am. Changing at 12 approx to Novice (85/90cm) and Open Course (1m/1.10) First week only ,week 2and3 will be Dengie SJ qualifier starting with junior at 11.00am


All dressage to be pre-entered by the Wednesday before as dressage times allocated. Show-jumping entries on the day.


The dressage and jumping is open to all but only pony club members can qualify for Dengie. Entries will be accepted from those wishing to show-jump only.


Entries £15 for both, £10 for dressage only and £7 for clear round jumping only (2 rounds). Dengie show-jumping £10 entry


Spot prizes for clear round jumping and dressage to be run as a league(must have competed at 2 dates to qualify for league).

Special prize for the best under 10 junior rider.


Contact  or text  07769575767

All dressage tests can be found on the main pony club website under discipline dressage.


SJ Training will continue at Portmore in January ’16. December sessions postponed. Keep an eye on website.


Dengie Show-Jumping Qualifiers run by Iveagh

31st January The Meadows 11am/Cancelled due to weather conditions

7th February The Meadows 11am

14th February The Meadows 11am

20th February Portmore 7pm Sharp

Other Pony Clubs will be running qualifiers too, check the press or their individual websites


Many, many thanks to all those who helped in the preparation and the running of our Halloween Show: Susan Roberts, Gwen Kerton, Mrs Elizabeth Jess, Lorraine Sinton, Stephen Mcalinden, Suzanne Maguire,Aoife O’Farrell, Hannah Chambers, Gemma Chambers, Shirly Mccombe, Avril Hall-Callaghan, Mrs Anne Kerr, Mrs Margaret Murphy,Helen Patterson, Janet Mc Dowell, TRI Equestrian NI, Gareth McCombe, Annie Chambers and anyone who helped in any way. We had a great day and the sun shone!


HS 1 HS 2 HS 3HS 6









HS 5

HS 4

HS 7

For more Dengie Information – cut and paste link below into your browser:


That’s all Area Competitions over for 2015. A huge thank you to every parent, grandparent, volunteer and supporter who gave, unconditionally of their commitment, time, and considerable finance. You ensured that the members attended rallies and training sessions, and travelled to competitions all year, well prepared and in a position to give their best. We were not disappointed, Iveagh results were fantastic and the members were a credit to the Branch.

Iveagh at the Championships

Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club have recently celebrated one of their most successful campaigns through the Area 17 Competitions, gaining 5 team and 10 individual qualifying spaces for the Pony Club UK Championships in August, hosted at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire.

For full round-up of Iveagh’s achievements please click on link below


Hat Rule 2015

Important Notice Regarding the Withdrawal of EN 1384

Following the withdrawal of EN 1384, manufacturers are preparing to produce hats to an improved standard which is expected to be in line with PAS 015:2011. Hats will continue to be manufactured and kitemarked to BS EN 1384: 2012 for 12 months or more and may be available on the market place to the end of 2016.

We anticipate hats manufactured to the new standard to become available late in 2015 or early 2016.

It is our understanding that hats manufactured and kitemarked to PAS 015: 2011 will continue to be available because this is an improvement upon BS EN 1384: 2012.

These changes do not affect the AS/NZS 3838: 2006 with the SAI mark or the SNELL standard.

What do these changes mean for The Pony Club?

After 31 December 2015, The Pony Club will not be allowing Members to take part in their activities using riding hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN1384 1996, 1997 or 2012; even with the Kitemark which we have always specified is necessary. We would suggest that if you are going to buy a new hat you ensure it is also marked with one of the other standards allowed under The Pony Club rules so that you can continue to use it in 2016.

Pony Club Centres are advised to check with their insurers whether a Centre Member would be covered if an incident occurred whilst they were wearing a non-compliant hire hat.

Hat Tagging

The Pony Club wrote to Branches in December 2014 requesting that all hats are checked and re-tagged with white tags by the end of January 2015. We have had to alter this advice slightly following the withdrawal of EN 1384, as described above. Therefore hat tagging rules now state:

– Hats which have only been tested to the standard (BS)EN1384: 1996, 1997 or 2012 (with kitemark) will be not allowed beyond the end of 2015. Therefore they can remain tagged with a purple tag for the rest of the year, after which time the hat must be replaced.

– Hats which meet one or more of the other standards listed in the Hat Rule can be re-tagged with a white tag as soon as possible, as they will continue to be accepted after 2015.

We are aware that a number of Snell labels on Gatehouse HS1 Skull Caps have worn away, leaving just the BS EN 1384 standard visible.  If you are experiencing this problem, and are therefore unable to have your hat re-tagged with a white tag, please email Ann-Marie Joyce at Gatehouse with the following: Images of the outside of the helmet showing which model is owned, an image of the batch number label and an image of the worn out Snell decal. Please also include your name and address.


The Pony Club Way

The Pony Club Way

Book and DVD are both still available and would make the perfect gift  for anyone with connections past or present to The Iveagh Branch of The Pony Club. Please contact Vanne, Áine or Shirley for copies. Donations to Pony Club Funds.


IMPORTANT: Floodlights are now operational, please refer to Floodlight tab for instructions on use