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8-10th April 2015

Please download application form which contains notes and information.

Please submit application in good time to allow for organisation of instructors, rides and activities

Easter Camp Application 2015


Iveagh Two Phase Results

Two Phase Results


A Safe-Guarding Course (formerly called Child-Protection) will be held at The Meadows E.C, Lurgan on Thursday 16th April from 7pm to 9.30pm. This is essential for all instructors, coaches, camp organisers, and very useful for parents. It needs to be renewed every 3 years. Please contact Rose ASAP  if you would like a place on this course

Hat Rule 2015

Important Notice Regarding the Withdrawal of EN 1384

Following the withdrawal of EN 1384, manufacturers are preparing to produce hats to an improved standard which is expected to be in line with PAS 015:2011. Hats will continue to be manufactured and kitemarked to BS EN 1384: 2012 for 12 months or more and may be available on the market place to the end of 2016.

We anticipate hats manufactured to the new standard to become available late in 2015 or early 2016.

It is our understanding that hats manufactured and kitemarked to PAS 015: 2011 will continue to be available because this is an improvement upon BS EN 1384: 2012.

These changes do not affect the AS/NZS 3838: 2006 with the SAI mark or the SNELL standard.

What do these changes mean for The Pony Club?

After 31 December 2015, The Pony Club will not be allowing Members to take part in their activities using riding hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN1384 1996, 1997 or 2012; even with the Kitemark which we have always specified is necessary. We would suggest that if you are going to buy a new hat you ensure it is also marked with one of the other standards allowed under The Pony Club rules so that you can continue to use it in 2016.

Pony Club Centres are advised to check with their insurers whether a Centre Member would be covered if an incident occurred whilst they were wearing a non-compliant hire hat.

Hat Tagging

The Pony Club wrote to Branches in December 2014 requesting that all hats are checked and re-tagged with white tags by the end of January 2015. We have had to alter this advice slightly following the withdrawal of EN 1384, as described above. Therefore hat tagging rules now state:

– Hats which have only been tested to the standard (BS)EN1384: 1996, 1997 or 2012 (with kitemark) will be not allowed beyond the end of 2015. Therefore they can remain tagged with a purple tag for the rest of the year, after which time the hat must be replaced.

– Hats which meet one or more of the other standards listed in the Hat Rule can be re-tagged with a white tag as soon as possible, as they will continue to be accepted after 2015.

We are aware that a number of Snell labels on Gatehouse HS1 Skull Caps have worn away, leaving just the BS EN 1384 standard visible.  If you are experiencing this problem, and are therefore unable to have your hat re-tagged with a white tag, please email Ann-Marie Joyce at Gatehouse with the following: Images of the outside of the helmet showing which model is owned, an image of the batch number label and an image of the worn out Snell decal. Please also include your name and address.


Congratulations to Iveagh members Katie Burns and Roisin Muirhead who were competing at the FEI Pony Dressage Competition in Addington, England last week, the Irish team achieved qualification for the European Pony Championships in Malmo, Sweden in August. AMAZING. Well done girls!

Iveagh Quiz Champions

Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club recently hosted the Area 17 NFU Mutual National Quiz at the Village Centre in Hillsborough. This was the first Area 17 competition of 2015 and was attended by approximately 30 teams from Branches and Centres throughout Area 17. Competition was fierce with the winners qualifying to go to the National Final at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell  on Saturday 5th April 2015.


1st Magpies – Casey Webb, Kathryn Morton, Fin Walsh, Lucy Morton

2nd Pandas – Katie King, Abby Morton, Jack Scott, Lorne Walsh

3rd Zebras – Claire Sinton, Rachel Taylor, Helen Sinton, Katie McComb

4th East Antrim – Emma Brown, Robyn McConnell, Charlotte Harding

5th Penguins – Carla Troughton, Beth Parker, Anabelle Heffron, Rory McIlduff

6th Blue Mid Antrim – Amy McNeice, Sarah McNabney, Tori Surgenor,  Alex Henry McCool

Team Going to the National Quiz Championships is Iveagh Sarah Sinton, Rachel Taylor, Jack Scott and Lucy Morton

Many thanks to all who helped – Vickie White for her fantastic questions, Horace De Courcy Wheeler who was Quiz Master, Margaret Murphy for the delicious catering, Sharon Lyle Hall for the thorough training of the Iveagh teams and everyone who hosted the training and helped on the day.


2015-02-27 22.28.56

Easter Derby

Iveagh Branch of Pony Club is pleased to announce that KEHOE KARS of Newry is again sponsoring and providing fabulous prizes for our Easter Derby, to be held on Easter Tuesday (7th April 2015) at Moyallen.

There will be 3 classes consisting of 70cm, 85cm and 1m courses of approximately 20 fences, including a bank and a Devil’s Dyke, over two grass arenas.

Each class will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, and there will be a prize for the best junior in each class. (under 14 on 1/1/15) and a prize for the best senior citizen of the day!

Entry Form below

Moyallon Derby 2015



Iveagh Inter-Schools Show

Iveagh to host inter-schools show-jumping day at Moyallon

The Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club has scheduled an inter-schools show at Moyallon on Saturday 25th April 2015

All primary schools and secondary schools are invited to attend and it is hoped that as many schools as possible will accept the invitation and send teams along to this fun and competitive day. In many instances it will be the last opportunity that Primary 7’s or leaving age students will get to represent their school.

There will be 6 classes on the day consisting of Primary School Teams (max height 70cms), Primary School Individual (max height 70cms), Intermediate Teams, (max height 85cms), Intermediate Individual, (max height 85cms), Senior Teams, (max height 1m), Senior Individual, (max height 1m). There will be a tack and turn out prize for each class also.

Pony Club will provide insurance for this event and it will be run under Pony Club rules. See below for full details including letter for school principals and entry forms

or contact Áine Lavery 07859 919 795

Letter to schools re Schools SJ 12.4.15

Ind Entry Form 2015

Team Entry Form 2015

Iveagh Schools SJ 12.4.15 Classes and Rules


Summer Camps

This year we are trying a new format of camps so apologies for change of dates and I hope it won’t inconvenience too many. Each group will have an intensive 3-day camp and we hope this will prove beneficial as well as fun!

Senior Camp 6th – 8th July : Fully residential WITH stabling at The Meadows for children who are 14 and above on 1.1.2015

Intermediate Camp 1st -3rd July: Residential for children who are 11 and over on 1.1.2015 and Non-Residential for children who are 9 and 10 (on 1.1.15) at Moyallan (No stabling provided)

Junior Camp 9th-11th July: For children aged 9 and under on 1.1.2015 – Non- residential at Moyallan. Children who are 9 can choose to go to either intermediate or junior but not both.

Forms/Prices etc. will be on website soon, and any queries please contact Vanne/Shirley


D and D+ Tests will take place on Friday 27th March Cost  £10 for the test.

Please e-mail Suzie on as soon as possible if you wish to do the training and tests, or ,if you can’t attend the training but just want to do the test (Doing preparation yourself).

This is test training so riders must be correctly dressed, in pony club sweatshirts, hair plaited, or hairnet, hat tagged etc.

Information on the test requirements can be downloaded  from the main website


Outdoor rallies at Moyallan start back on Tuesday 31st March. See rally tab for details. Last indoor rally Thursday 26th March for Seniors.


Some of the Iveagh Prize-winners from the Dengie Dressage Area Final – report to follow on Dengie Dressage Tab

Open Dengie1

2015-02-28 16.55.52


Pony Club Shop

If anyone needs a sweatshirt, coat, cross country top, tie or badge, please let Sharon Eakin know asap. She will be placing an order at the end of this week, so items will have arrived before Easter camp.

Tel Sharon on 07723620208.


The Area 17


With the kind permission of Adrienne Stuart, at Gransha Equestrian Centre, Bangor. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6,7,8th April 2015.


Coaching for all levels from beginner to those who wish to be selected for this year’s Championships and Home Internationals.

Accommodation and penning/stabling can be arranged.

£75 for three days, £30 per day

Members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tel Sharon 07752 920008


Area 17 Sparkle at Olympia

Olympia is a fantastic Equestrian Christmas Party and is host to the UK’s only Show Jumping and Dressage FEI World Cup Qualifiers. It also has outstanding Equestrian Displays and a great Shopping Village and a special Christmas Finale. This year saw Extreme Driving which is a high speed indoor driving competition with the World’s top three drivers participating taking place.

The Pony Club Mini Major International Show Jumping Class

Following the successful running of the Mini Major competition at last year’s Olympia, The Pony Club were once again asked to select Members to compete at the 2014 show on Monday, 22nd December. The Mini Major Competition pairs up Pony Club Members on 128 cm ponies with Top International Riders, with whom they walk the course and then jump as a pair, and they are always so nice and supportive to their young partner. The International show jumper goes first, their round isn’t timed, when they land their Mini partner sets off and their time is taken.

The following Area 17 Members and ponies competed in the Mini Major at the London Olympia International Horse Show 2014 in December:-
Anabelle Heffron (Miss Elegant) – Iveagh
Niall McEvoy (Sparkling Majestic Caesar) – Seskinore Harriers

Anabelle was paired with Guy Williams an ex-Pony Club member and Niall was paired with Reed Kessler, from the USA. Niall jumped an impressive clear round. His time was rivalled by the next competitor and when Anabelle went to jump after her international partner Guy Williams, she jumped a fantastic, fast and balanced round to go into the lead; all the Area 17 supporters were absolutely thrilled. The last competitor went 0.9 seconds faster than Anabelle, so Anabelle came a fantastic second place and Niall was in fifth place.

Both Niall and Anabelle rode so well despite the noise, bright lights and excitement and they both enjoyed the wonderful experience, as did their Area 17 support group who were delighted by the way the two young people performed.

Vanne Campbell who has attended the Mini Major many times over the years said “Liz Lowry, Area Representative was so thrilled to hear how well our Area 17 young members rode, and how they coped so well with the intense atmosphere. We should all be very proud of them. It is a wonderful competition and experience for our young show jumpers.”

Annabel at Olympia

You tube link of Anabelle’s fabulous performance


 Stormont Reception

Stormont 1 Stormont 2


Iveagh Branch of The Pony club in association with the County Down Hounds recently held a very successful Children’s Drag Hunt and raised over £1500 for The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

83 riders young and old, some experienced and some not so experienced enjoyed 40 fences suited to all abilities over the beautiful countryside just outside Banbridge, with ground conditions and weather near to perfect.

The organiser would like to thank most sincerely all the farmers whose land was crossed.


Hunt 4 Hunt 3 Hunt 2

The Pony Club Way

The Pony Club Way

Book and DVD are both still available and would make the perfect gift  for anyone with connections past or present to The Iveagh Branch of The Pony Club. Please contact Vanne, Áine or Shirley for copies. Donations to Pony Club Funds.

Please see new tab about Crosskennan Lane  Santuary – do have  a look!


Please see tab for Iveagh Pony Club Shop for details of  what’s available to purchase


IMPORTANT: Floodlights are now operational, please refer to Floodlight tab for instructions on use