Tuesday September 18, 2018
The Pony Club Rules and Eligibility 2018


The Pony Club Rules and Eligibility 2018

To: Equestrian Council, Branch District Commissioners, Branch Secretaries, Centre Proprietors, Centre Coordinators, Branch Members, Centre Members

From: The Pony Club

Purpose: Inform Branches, Centres and Members of The Pony Club rule changes for 2018

Dear all,

This email is to inform you that The Pony Club’s Sport, General and Eligibility Rules for 2018 have now all been ratified by the Equestrian Council.

An overview can be found below and full details of the changes can be found on The Pony Club website here.

Key Rules Changes for 2018

Eligibility Rules 2018

The Pony Club Eligibility rules for Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing have been significantly simplified and changed to make them easier for all to understand and to give our Members more opportunities to compete at levels of competitions available to them. Visit The Pony Club website here for full details.

Hat Rule Amendments

To unify hat standards across Member bodies and to avoid riders having to wear multiple tags on their hats, The Pony Club, British Eventing (BE) and British Riding Clubs (BRC) will introduce a new ‘aquamarine’ hat tag for 2018. The tag will carry the logo of the body that checked the hat so that tagging can be tracked.

Full details can be found here.

Will white tags still be accepted?

No, white tags will no longer be accepted at Pony Club rallies, events or competitions and Branches should look to re-tag Members’ hats from now.

Where can I get the Pony Club Aquamarine hat tags from?

Aquamarine hat tags can be purchased by DCs and Centre Proprietors from The Pony Club Merchandise department by calling 02476 698316. They are available in rolls of 100 for £7.50.

Vaccination Rule Introduced

The vaccination rules have been consolidated across all sports and a new rule will be introduced in 2018 that will require all horses and ponies taking part in Pony Club Competitions at Area level and above to be fully vaccinated.

Full details about the new Vaccination Rule can be found here.

Numnahs / Saddle Cloths

Any solid colour and contrasting piping is permitted across all Sports.


Members will not require permission to wear spurs as of 1st January 2018. However, misuse of spurs should be reported to the DC / Centre Proprietor, Area Rep and the Training Chairman so that it can be dealt with accordingly.

Body Protector Notification

Please be aware that BETA has announced that a new standard will be introduced during 2018. We will notify you when any changes have been made.

Full details of the 2018 Rules can be found on The Pony Club website:

Sport Rule Books will be available on the website from Friday 22nd December.

Kind regards

The Pony Club

Residential Camp at Pontispool – 3rd to 5th April

Residential Camp at Pontispool – 3rd to 5th April – FULL  we now have a waiting list
3rd to 5th April,

This Camp is open to all members in school year 7 and above, we will arrive at lunchtime on Tuesday 3rd April, ride for 2 hours that afternoon, then ride in the morning and afternoon on Wednesday 4th April and then finish with 2 hours of riding in the morning of Thursday 5th April. Pontispool also has an extensive XC course, so an excellent way to get started at the beginning of the season. We open this camp to other branches so it is very social and a great way to make new friends or bring your friends from other branches.

Please note that deposits need to be paid and booking / medical forms returned to me before 7th January 2018, deposits can be paid online via the Minchinhampton Pony Club website or by cheque.

Flyer – Residential Camp at Pontispool Easter 2018

Booking Form for Residential Camp at Pontispool 2018

Medical Form for Camps. Courses & Visits

Polocrosse Training

Dan Duhig has offered to do polocrosse training for our members over the winter.  Please let me know if you are interested  and we can arrange some dates.

Dan, and his wife, have competed in two world cups and various other internationals all over the world so are both very experienced.  Polocrosse is great fun for you and your pony and is a good way of improving balance and control, whilst learning a new fun sport.

Area Horse & Pony Care 8th April

It would be great if we could send a couple of teams to this competition, let me know if you would like to take part and then we can arrange some training
Junior Team: Three Members 13 years and under on 1st January 2017, one of whom must be 11 or under on 1st January 2017 – questions ‘D+’ & ‘C’ Test level
Senior Team: Three Members, ages to be 14 – 25 years of age on the 1st January 2017. One Member to be 16 years or under on 1st January 2017, of the remaining two Members, one may be between 21 and 25 on the 1st January 2017 – questions ‘C+’ Level and above.

New Area 9 PC/BE League

BE-PC AREA 9[2188]

Exciting news we have managed to pull together a Pony Club / BE League table with the huge help of Jane Ogle whom has written the entry forms and will collate results. This is just for Area 9 but I really think it should work on a National Level. I need you all to try your best to circulate the news particularly to those members wavering on whether thy might re join because they now go BE . We need to prove that you can successfully be a pony club member and go BE.

 How it works . Every member going BE to pay £10 for the first horse and £5 for any others for the whole season. Members will be responsible for emailing Jane with results within 7 days of the competition. Please look at the attachment to see how to gain points. Those BE Members placing at the Areas at Dauntsey will gain double points to encourage participation.

Free lessons at their yards pledged for the top 3 winners from

80cms   Kitty King

90cms   Tom McEwen

100cms  Charlotte Agnew

Novice    Jonty Evans

Int 1* 2*  Harry Meade

Overall winner 17 and over lesson with Nick Gauntlett .

 The winner of each section to have a coat and the runner up a headcollar. If we get a sponsor we will have more prizes to give out at an awards evening next winter. Please advertise and put on your branch websites. You might even encourage new members !! Aim to encourage all members going BE to register with Jane.

Best wishes PlEASANCE


End of Year Celebration at The Hub Photos

3rd February 7.00pm 

MPC End of Year 2 MPC End of Year 3 MPC End of Year 4 MPC End of Year 5 MPC End of Year 6 MPC End of Year 7

Minchinhampton PC to host Area Quiz 2017

Area Quiz – Teams & Training
You may be aware that Minchinhampton Branch are hosting the area Quiz on 26th February 2017, we will need volunteers to help on the day but also need to put forwards at least 2 teams for the competition! Teams consist of 4 members with ages from under 10 to under 25 – so opportunities for al of you to take part!
We aim to make the Quiz more interactive and ‘fun’ for all who take part, so please don’t be put off by previous experiences.
Rachael Dunlop has offered to do ‘Team Training’ during January & February, please let me know if you would like to get involved.

Residential Camp at Pontispool 2017

Residential Camp at Pontispool 2017 – please let me know if you would like to attend
The dates for our Residential Camp at Pontispool 2017 will be Fri 31st March – Sunday 2nd April.
We will again be opening up this Residential weekend to other branches in Area 9, priority will be given to MPC members but you must let me know that you would like to come.
This is a great venue and an excellent opportunity to train over a selection of XC fences before the season begins.

Christmas Rally 18th Dec at 2pm

Dear All

Join us for some festive fun games at our Christmas rally starting at 2pm on 18th Dec in the Indoor School at Cross Farm – we will be finished by 4pm so hopefully you can get home before dark. Fun and games on and off your pony.

Dress yourselves and your ponies up as a Christmas character or just cover them in tinsel. Siblings on foot are very welcome to join the fun.

Open to ALL ages and abilities wanting to have fun! Festive refreshments to finish the afternoon. If you would like to attend please reply to this email.

Many thanks Julie

MPC 2017 Summer Camp – Date Change

Due to the Area 9 Dressage Competition being held on Wednesday 26th July 2017, we have decided to move the MPC Summer Camp dates back by one day.  This will now be held between Thursday 27th July – Monday 31st July (competition day) 2017.

Further details will follow.