Thursday December 14, 2017
General Rallies



These rallies are for riders who are riding confidently off the leading rein.  They are traditional riding lessons, with work without stirrups, general flat work and jumping.  They were a great success last winter, and the regular instruction paid dividends during the summer competing months.  They are relaxed sessions, with relaxed turnout, pony club sweat shirts or similar, but no hoodies please.  Please arrive in plenty of time to park economically, and be mounted 5 minutes before the time of your ride as we need to finish on time.

I will group riders, as well as I can into same ability groups, a max of 4 in a group.  If you haven’t been before, please call me if you would like more information, or to let me know the ability of your child so that I can put them in the right group. (0797 1277457)

The cost is £10 per hour for a group lesson.

Please let me know if you would like to book in for either of these rallies by emailing me on

I look forward to hearing from you