Saturday September 22, 2018


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Firstly, fantastic day and well done EVERYONE, and thank you all for your hard work and enthusiasm (parents included!). I really love the grassroots competition and it is always the little things that make my day, especially seeing everyone overcoming nerves and enjoying themselves!
As well as a whopping massive well done to our Divas, I would like to say some individual well dones for the little things that make it worthwhile:
Amelia D – I was so impressed with your quick thinking in the team test.  You have come a long way through this experience and hope you are incredibly proud of yourself and Roo for all that you achieved today.
Amelia H – well done on overcoming your initial nerves and doing so well on your own throughout the whole day, you showed real maturity, and have done an amazing job with Jack throughout this whole experience.
Carys – another one showing maturity and keeping your cool to hold things together today and aced the turnout!  I think you surprised yourself and I hope you gained confidence from this.
Emma H – totally dedicated from start to finish and you absolutely aced the individual test – awesome!
Mathilda – took on board all the advice from training and another one who absolutely aced the individual test – awesome!
Emma O – another one who took on all advice from training and showed great improvement – a star for the future!
Grace – you controlled your nerves brilliantly and rode beautifully throughout the competition – another star for the future!
Coco – highest placed RA in the handy pony, and that grin and pride in yourself made it all worth it for me!
Chloe – superstar stand in, claimed the cuteness award!

I do have the turnout and team sheets, and it appears they weren’t keen on our team test (a job for me for next year!).  They would have liked canter on both reins, didn’t like riders standing still, wanted distances between riders more consistent throughout and wanted more visible communication between the riders.  The handy pony was all pretty consistent with lots of 9s and some lovely comments about great riding from everyone.  The turnout did hit us hard with a 3 point deduction for grass reins (necessary!) marks lost for no scrunchies, girth guards, hat tags, along with various dirty hooves and underside of stirrups and treads, and hair on numnahs!  I’m going to have to be more thorough with the wet wipes next year!  I was impressed with everyone’s effort.

So I hope everyone has something positive to take away and enjoyed yourselves.  You all made me proud and I hope you will all help me with organising and stewarding next year!
Thanks all
Tommie x


Grassroots Outline

The idea of Grassroots is a team competition for the “average” Pony Club child on the “average” Pony Club pony.

Each team has 3 riders, 1x14yrs and under, 1x 12 and under and1x10 and under.

It comprises of an individual dressage test, a group dressage ride, handy pony and tack and turn-out. It is a great opportunity for the children to learn to work as a team, take pride in their appearance at a competition and mostly have some fun with like minded children.

The Grass Roots Competition is designed so that the participants show the high level of instruction that is reached in the Pony Club, by the AVERAGE member mounted on the AVERAGE pony.

Eligibility of Competitors
1. Riders must have been members of their branch since 28th February 2018 and have attended rallies.
2. Riders must not have represented their branch in any Area competition.
Riders who have previously competed at Area Grassroots are eligible to compete a second time.
3. Ponies must have not qualified for BSPS Working Hunter Pony Championships during the previous 2 years.
4. Ponies must not have been affiliated to the BSJA during the previous 2 years.
​One member 10 years or under of D test standard
​One member 12 years or under of D or D+ test standard
​One member 14 years or under of D+ or C test standard
​Ages as on 1st January 2017