Thursday December 14, 2017
Opening Rota 2017

Opening rota 

Please arrange to come to the rally at least half an hour before the end where it says you close to pick up the RDA keys, float and book. You will be responsible for locking up the premises that night (if needed) and then depending on what is on the schedule, opening the premises during the following week. Please note opening day. Instructors and Members need access at least 15mins prior to start of the rally to allow them time to tack up etc. You are responsible for taking in the money and paying the instructors. If Members cannot attend their ride they will ring so please keep your phone switched on and charged especially on Rally Nights. You will be responsible for gathering the names and letting members know the ride times for the next rally.


Please note where possible each person on the rota is only covering one week,

If you cannot cover your allocated slot please arrange to swap with someone else well in advance and let Karen know.


In case of an emergency and you cannot open RDA for a rally please contact Nicola 07921661956


Wed  13thSept  Helen McLaughlin 07968292539

Fri 15th Sept 6.30pm Karen McIvor 07732832635

Wed 20th Sept Karen McIvor 07732832635

Fri 22th Sept Helen McLaughlin 07968292539

Wed 27th Sept  Bernie Murnaghan 07742090291

Fri 29th Sept Bernie Murnaghan 07742090291

Fri 6th Oct 6.00pm Karen McIvor 07732832635

Mon 9th Oct Evelyn Hempton 07516841999

Fri 13th Oct Evelyn Hempton 07516841999

Sat 14th Oct  Evelyn Hempton 07516841999

Mon 16th Oct Nicola Duncan 07921661956

Mon 23rd Oct Nicola Duncan 07921661956

Sat 28th Oct Nicola Duncan 07921661956

Fri 3rdh Nov Helen McLaughlin 07968292539

Mon 6th Nov David Platts 07889276724

Fri 10th Nov David Platts 07889276724

Sat 11th Nov  David Platts 07889276724

Mon 13th Nov Karen McIvor 07732832635

Fri 17th Nov Bernie Murnaghan 07742090291

Mon 20th Nov Sinead Thompson 07999011578

Fri 24th Nov Sinead Thompson 07999011578

Sat 25th Nov  Sinead Thompson 07999011578

Weekend of 25th Nov C tests  date and  venue to be confirmed.

Fri 1st Dec Helen McLaughlin 07968292539

Sat 9th Dec  Evelyn Hempton 07516841999

Sat 16th Dec  Karen McIvor 07732832635