Tuesday May 31, 2016
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As a local branch of The Pony Club we try and offer a full programme of rallies and activities to all our members. Programmes are published each month, and a yearbook annually. Rallies remain the backbone of the Branch and over the year we try and include aspects of all disciplines as well as the more common flatwork and jumping elements. There is a structure in place for tests and we continue to encourage our members in gaining their badges.

We also actively encourage team participation in all disciplines and regularly field teams in Dressage, Show Jumping, Tetrathlon, Horse Trials & Mounted Games. In recent years, we have seen increased levels of participation and success at all levels  and we hope to continue this upward trend with our high quality levels of training in all disciplines.

We look forward to welcoming you all to one of our events

Sue Eves

District Commissioner.
Southdown West

We politely remind all members that it is a condition of branch membership that all members or one of his/her family help out at least twice at the Hickstead Shows and that we require as many members and their families as possible to help at our inter-branch show.  This is our main fundraiser and if it cannot continue due to lack of physical resources, the branch will suffer hugely.

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Rachel Hawkins