Tuesday June 19, 2018


South Northumberland Branch of the Pony Club


Hello All, Stable Management Training starts on the 12th September. Please let me know if you want to attend. The training rallies are open to all members 12 years and over (or those who have passed their C test if under 12) whether you want to do tests or just broaden your knowledge of stable management.
This programme of rallies replaces the test programme ran in previous years for C+ & B so if you are wanting to do these tests please book on the training rallies.
Any questions please ask.
Thank you
Lisa Quinn
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Stable Management Training (Unmounted Rally)



Dear Members,

Efficiency Tests (E to A)

The Pony Club Training structure encourages Members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind.  You can download the Test training system (www.pcuk.org) and what each test entails. 

However, the tests are not compulsory. So if you are in Pony Club just to enjoy being with your horse/pony and friends, and do not wish to work your way through the efficiency tests, you do not have to.

We strongly advise all members (whether taking tests or not) to purchase the most recent ‘Manual of Horsemanship’ which is the official manual of the Pony Club. It is our Bible when it comes to Pony Club and the care of our horses and ponies.

Tests at levels E – C usually take place during a Rally or at Camp, whilst tests at C+ level and above need to take place on a specific day, as they require an external examiner and an appropriate venue. Tests at B level and above are administered by the Pony Club but are organised and run by the Area 2 Representative.  Please be patient with us when you are at this level. We have to rely on Area representatives to be able to hold these tests. Communication and coordination is always underway trying to sort out dates that best fit individual needs and the Pony Club timetable of events.

Members will acquire much of the knowledge and skill required at each test level from the instruction that they receive at rallies. However, (I stress that) independent reading and revision at home is very much advised.

E tests will be taken during rallies.

Recommended age 4+ 


To improve and enjoy learning about ponies

To be happy both on and around ponies

To know the basic points of the pony

D tests – Recommended age 8


To have a basic understanding of ponies.

To achieve confidence in handling and riding a pony.

To improve and enjoy learning about ponies.

To hold more Mini Achievement Badges

D+ tests – recommended age 10


To be working towards developing a balanced seat independent of the reins.

C tests – recommended age 11


To understand the importance of, and to be working towards a secure correct balanced seat, independent of the reins.

To understand why a correct seat is important.

To apply simple aids correctly.

To have a knowledge of the care and working of a pony off grass.

To be in control of the pony on the roads and in the countryside. To have a proper regard for country lore

The aim of the Road Rider Test – Minimum age 12.

This is to promote safety on the road by recognizing riders who can show that they ride with courtesy and responsibility, are aware of and obey the law, the Highway Code and The Pony Club Road Rider book and British Horse Society Riding and Road Craft Manual.

Before taking the ‘C+’ Test, candidates must have passed the ‘C’ Test and The Pony Club Road Rider Test or BHS Riding & Road Safety Test. Riders may be required to change horses or ponies for some flat work.

C+ tests – recommended age 13


To become an educated and practical rider.

To ride over fences at all paces.

To gain practical experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled pony and of a pony at grass.

To be capable of riding a well-mannered pony out hunting and in all pony club activities.

To ride intelligently and with due regard for others on the roads and in the country, and with a knowledge of pace, distance and discipline when riding alone and in groups.

B test – Recommended Minimum Age 15. Only those 14 years or over are eligible for B Test. 

The ‘B’ Test may be taken as a whole or in two parts:

B Standard Horse and Pony Care – to be taken first.

B standard riding

Before taking the ‘B’ Test, Candidates must have passed the ‘C+’ Test and The Pony Club Road Rider Test or the BHS Riding & Road Safety Test.


To gain practical experience and knowledge of the care of a stabled horse/pony and of a horse/pony at grass.

To look after these before, during and after the day’s hunting, eventing or endurance.

To become an effective rider who knows the reasons for what he or she is doing.

To know the Scales of Training.

To understand the Scales provide a staircase of training suitable for all horses and ponies.

To be able to maintain a horse’s way of going.

To ride over fences at all paces.

To be capable of riding a well-mannered horse or pony out hunting, in horse trials, or on a long distance ride.

To ride intelligently and with due regard for others in the country, with a knowledge of pace, distance and discipline when      riding alone and in groups

Lungeing tests – Minimum Age 16

Before taking the Lungeing Test, Candidates must have passed the B Test or B Standard Horse & Pony Care.

It is necessary to pass the Lungeing Test before attempting the AH Test.

This Test is assessed by an AH Assessor.


To be able to work the horse for exercise on the lunge.

AH test – Recommended Minimum Age 17. Only those 16 years or over are eligible for AH Test.

B+ test – recommended age 16.

The Test is a non-compulsory riding test taken after the Lungeing Test and either before or after AH. It is a ‘stepping stone’ between B (full test) and A Test.

A test – Minimum Age 18

The Pony Club A Test is the highest Test within The Pony Club structure. It is recognised worldwide and is very much sought after!

Equine Working Notebooks – Equine Working Notebooks provide text for each line of the syllabus for Tests D – A. Each chapter has ‘in text questions’ and answers to test your understanding, plus questions that the examiner may ask you at the end of the chapter.  Working notebooks can be ordered direct from the Equine Working Notebooks website. Tish Adams also writes revision books, these are full of information for efficiency tests and examiners questions (which will help you revise).

Please look at the PC website – pcuk.org

There are many resources on the Pony Club website which are worthwhile spending some time looking at. On the home page there are links to ‘tests and training’, ‘resources and advice’ AND visit ‘pony prep’ and ‘pony prep plus’. ALSO if you google ‘pcuk.org c test worksheets’ there is a booklet you can download and use to learn. This is also useful for D+ tests too.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact myself (Louise: lenderby77@gmail.com), Jo Bailey (broomyhillfarm@gmail.com) or Lisa Quinn (lisa.a.quinn@btinternet.com coordinator for C+ tests and above).