Friday December 15, 2017
Wanted – a new DC or two

Yes we need a new DC, or preferably a team, to take the VWH Hunt Pony Club into 2018 and beyond.

I am retiring (as threatened last year when Rhona stood down) taking effect from Dec 31 2017.

I love being involved with the VWH Branch of the Pony Club, I was a member, all my boys were members and I am married to an ex branch member! I will be back one day and will always be to hand, however I just have other priorities right now.

So what does it take to be a DC?

  • An enthusiasm for seeing young people learn, improve, enjoy and achieve (absolutely No 1 priority)

  • A bit of time! Especially in the spring and summer with all the competitions/camps and rallies (that’s why we need a team to share it out)

  • Patience and a tolerance of paperwork (boring but important)

  • An understanding of budgets and being able to manage our accounts to the benefit of our members (we do have a branch treasurer)

The challenge:

  • To encourage attendance at events, mounted and unmounted for young people from the age of 3–25 and involve every member of the club somehow – somewhere!

  • Raise funds to support the level of subsidising of club activities

The good news!:

  • Pony Club HQ run training sessions for club officials – really useful

  • We have a hugely experienced committee who are there to support (especially Rhona!!)

  • We are solvent and our accounts are managed to a professional standard

  • We may be small in number but we have  incredible talent in the branch, just look at our Championship results!

The next DCs need not be  currently involved in our branch, they just need to have energy, enthusiasm and the right skills set. If you are interested or know of someone who might fit the bill please get in touch asap.

Our next committee meeting is in late October and we would like to discuss the future of the branch then. No pressure!

Liza Dibble