Sunday December 17, 2017

District Commissioner: Fiona Lace 07751380585

Hon. Secretary: Mrs. I. Sutton  01704 821 765

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Don’t forget to send your photos and event reports to Elaine Wall to be put on the Branch website and Facebook.


IMPORTANT: The Pony Club Rule & Eligibility Changes from 2018

Please read here the details of important changes to the Rules for 2018. This includes Hat Rules, Vaccination Rules and Spurs Rules so please read carefully.


Dressage Captains

We have two new Dressage captains in place, Luke Breckell and Kate Halpin. Please get in touch with either of these if you are interested in Dressage and want to know more about how to get involved in training and teams. You can also contact them if you want to be in a Winter Dressage team or to enter the Dengie qualifiers at the Winter team competitions at Bold Heath. The dates for these are now all on our website. Estelle Breckell will be making the entries for these team competitions, so when you have discussed what is involved with Kate or Luke, make sure that Estelle has all your details for entering. Their contact details are


Area Horse and Pony Care & Quiz

Both of these competitions will be held  on the Isle of Man in February. If you would like to be considered for the team please contact Jane Halpin on 07786 547684 asap. Practices start on Thursday 7th December.


Branch Scrap book

Please send your photos from all the events this year to Elaine Wall for inclusion in the scrap book.


Winter Triathlon competitions

The Pendle Forest Triathlon, schedule  here , will be held on Sunday 7th January near Skipton and the Area qualifying Triathlon , schedule  here, will be held on Saturday 3rd February at Merchant Taylors School. If you wish to enter either of these competitions you must contact our Triathlon manager Irene Sutton on 01704 821 765. Shooting practices are starting next Monday – contact Irene.

Friday 1st December –  AREA 4 POSTAL SHOOT COMPETITION   Runs from December to February.  West Lancs Ince Blundell Branch are organising a postal shoot competition to keep tetrathletes busy over the winter months.  The competition will run from December to February. Further details here :  Postal Shoot If you are interested, please contact Irene on 01704 821 765 as she is using the Monday evening shooting practices to complete the targets.



Liverpool Horse Show

Liverpool Horse Show is on 29th-31st December at the Echo arena. They are offering 25% discount for group bookings and 1 free ticket for groups of 10 or more. This is a great deal, so get in touch with your Pony Club friends and organise a group booking. Any committee member will probably know someone else who is going, if you need contacts to form a group. Tickets are on sale now.



Winter team Dressage and Show Jumping

The Winter team Dressage and team Show Jumping will be starting soon. Contact Louise Rose 07709 410 037 or Estelle Breckell 07794 374 070 if you are interested in being in a Dressage team and contact Frankie Carr 07521297024 or Hannah Reardon 07867 544424 if you are interested in being in a Show Jumping team. These winter team competitions are always good fun and a great introduction to representing your Branch in a team. The Show Jumping team competitions are held at Osbaldeston organised by this Branch and the Dressage team competitions are held at Bold Heath organised by Haydock Park Branch.

Team members are required to pay their own entry fees at all competitions other than the Summer Areas and The Championships. At Summer Area competitions members will be asked to pay half the entry fee, with the Branch paying the remainder. In most cases, entry fees are not refundable should the member withdraw from the competition. Therefore, once a member has committed to take a place on the team they will be asked for their contribution. The Branch will pay the full entry fee for any member qualifying for the Championships.


Dengie Winter League Show Jumping and Dressage qualifiers

The Dengie Winter League is a series of qualifiers leading to an Area competition, and then on to the Finals, which are to be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire in the Spring of 2018. The qualifiers are held at various competitions over the Winter, look out for the details in our Fixture list. If you are successful at the initial qualifying rounds you can qualify for the Area competitions and then for the Championships.

Qualifiers for the Winter League Dressage are run by Haydock Park Branch on the same days as the Winter team Dressage competitions. Contact Estelle Breckell or Louise Rose if you want to enter. Winter League Dressage rules are available at here.  There are three levels of competition – Novice, Intermediate and Open.

Qualifiers for the Winter League Show Jumping are held throughout the Winter – look out for the dates on our website. The rules are available at here.  There are three levels of competition – Debut at 80cms, Winter League at 90cms and Open at


Tetrathlon and Triathlon

A Tetrathlon competition comprises four phases, shooting, swimming, running and cross country riding. A Triathlon is just the shooting, swimming and running. There will be some Triathlon competitions organised over the Winter. There will be swimming, shooting and running training organised at Willow View, Longton over the Winter. Also, regular shooting sessions will be arranged at Holmeswood Hall. Contact Irene Sutton for details 07980 049 667, the first session is on Monday 6th November.

 UntitledMounted Games training

Winter Games training will be starting on Friday 13th October at Eccleston. The Mounted Games competitions are open to anyone aged 14 and under. There is also a team competition for juniors aged 10 & under. The training is great for promoting riding skills.  Contact Sally McDerby if you are interested 07740 872546.



Anyone interested in going Hunting with the Holcombe Harriers contact Louise Rose for more details 07709 410 037, or look at the Hunting tab on our


Fixture list

Please print off your fixture list when you receive it, it is easier to check what events are on. If you have trouble printing the fixture list or any of the schedules, just ring Irene Sutton and she will send a paper copy.

I hope you are going to enjoy the future fixtures. If there is anything else you would like to do, please mention it to Fiona or one of the instructors or committee members.

Remember all members who wish to be in teams must attend at least 3 rallies.


Training sessions and events bookings

You must contact the organiser of each event or rally at least 3 days before, in order to secure a place. We will be putting more of our events and training sessions on to the Events booking page of the website so that you can book on-line if you wish and pay by either PayPal or credit card.


Attendance points

Attendance at all our events will gain you points towards the Attendance trophy, which is awarded at the presentation evening. 1 point is awarded for every competition or training session that you attend and 10 points for


Don’t forget to send your photos and event reports to Elaine