Sunday March 26, 2017

District Commissioner: Fiona Lace 07751380585

Hon. Secretary: Mrs. I. Sutton  01704 821 765

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Don’t forget to send your photos and event reports to Elaine Wall to be put on the Branch website and Facebook page.


Sunday 9th April 2pm Triathlon Training

Swimming, Shooting & Running at Willow View, Gill Lane, Longton. This is ideal practice for those wishing to compete in the Tetrathlon competition at Oxenholme in May. All levels catered for including members new to Tetrathlon. Contact Rachel Rankin 07809 429 911 or Irene Sutton 01704 821 765


Pony Club – Racing to School  – Want to Learn More About Careers in Racing?

The Pony Club and Racing to School are working together on the Racing to School’s Education Programme, and are pleased to offer FREE workshops for Pony Club Members aged 12 years and over this coming April. Click here for more information.


Mounted Games training and Tetrathlon training

Mounted Games practice sessions are held regularly. Please contact Laura Rippon if you wish to join in 07884 267 105. Contact Irene Sutton if you are interested in Tetrathlon 07980 049 667. There are shooting sessions held regularly and some swimming and running sessions will be organised.


Reminder – rally loyalty card scheme

We are still operating the rally loyalty scheme. When you renew your subscription you will receive a membership/rally card by email. Please print this off and bring it to each rally. At every rally you attend your card will be signed. When you have 5 rallies signed on your card, you will be entitled to one free rally. If you cannot print off the card, please contact Irene Sutton 01704 821 765 or Fiona Lace 07751 380585 for a paper copy.


Camps 2017

Aintree Camp 2017 – Thursday evening 3rd August – Wednesday morning 9th August. Please let Fiona know if you are interested in attending as we need to start planning now.

Junior Camp –  Tuesday 29th  to Thursday 31st August 2017. Venue TBC.

Senior Members Camp  – Strictly for members aged 16 and over and organised by Area 4, will be held at Somerford Park on 12th – 16th August.

Further information on all camps can be found here


Area Competition 2017

Area Competition Dates can be found here

Team members are required to pay their own entry fees at all competitions other than the Summer Areas and The Championships. At Summer Area competitions members will be asked to pay half the entry fee, with the Branch paying the remainder. In most cases, entry fees are not refundable should the member withdraw from the competition. Therefore, once a member has committed to take a place on the team they will be asked for their contribution. The Branch will pay the full entry fee for any member qualifying for the Championships.


Road Rider

Road Rider training dates and a test can be organised if anyone needs to take this test. You must pass the Road Rider badge before taking C Test and the Road Rider Test before taking C+ Test. Contact Louise Rose for more information 07709 410 037/


Rally and training costs (unless otherwise stated)

Working rallies (small groups) – £10

Dressage training (2 riders together) – £15

Show Jump training (small groups) – £12

Horse Care sessions (dismounted) – £3

UntitledDon’t forget to send your photos and event reports to Elaine