Thursday October 27, 2016

District Commissioner: Fiona Lace, Marsdens Farm, Andertons Mill, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, L40 3TW


Hon. Secretary: Mrs. B. Sutton, Holmeswood Hall, Mere Brow, Tarleton, Preston, PR4 6JS 01704 821 765

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As we come to the end of a busy Summer, we can look back at the success our members had in the Area competitions and at the Championships.



Our Open team was placed first and qualified for the National Championships. Congratulations to Kate Halpin, Kiah Webster, Morag Molyneux and Corinne Molyneux. At the Championships Kate was 8th in her arena and Corinne was 9th.  Our Intermediate team at the Area consisted of Rebecca Dale, Melissa Rose, Aimee Wareing and Hannah Reardon. We had two Novice teams consisting of Luke Breckell, Jemima Stubbs, Olivia Stubbs, Thea Holt Smith, Emma Wall, Emily Harrison and Sophie Broome. Congratulations to Sophie Broome who qualified for the Championships. We were also represented in the Grassroots by Caitlyn Howells, Charlotte Watkinson and Evelyn Girdlestone.



Morag and Corinne Molyneux both competed in the Open, Corinne was 1st and Morag was 3rd. They were in a mixed team which qualified for the Championships where they finished 7th. Corinne was 5th in her arena at the Championships. In the Intermediate Area competition Frankie Carr was 5th. Olivia Stubbs and Luke Breckell competed in the Novice Area.  Luke was 6th.


Show Jumping

Our Open team of Melissa Rose, Morag Molyneux, Frankie Carr and Corinne Molyneux, qualified for the Championships with Morag, Corinne and Frankie qualifying for the individual as well. In the Intermediate Area Show Jumping we were represented by Hollie Ascroft, Hannah Reardon and Lucy Spiby. And in the Novice by Kate Halpin, Thea Holt Smith and Olivia Stubbs. There was also a Grassroots Area Show Jumping competition, we were represented by Katy Rigby, Vanessa Lace, Emma Wall & Emily Sutton. They did very well to finish 4th and qualify for the Regional Championships where they finished 10th. Summer Mawdsley and Jemima Stubbs represented the Branch in the Intro to Show Jumping competition.

Our Musical Ride team of Cops and Robbers was excellent as usual and was placed 4th at the Championships. The team consisted of Rebecca Dale, Aimee Wareing, Luke Breckell, Charlotte Porter, Lucy Fraser, Alice Koole, Emma Wall, Lucy Spiby, Olivia Stubbs, Jemima Stubbs, Caitlyn Howells & Freya Ainscough. Many thanks to Clare and Rebecca Dale for all their hard work with this.


Horse & Pony Care and Games

We had two Junior Horse & Pony Care teams. Alice Koole, Olivia Stubbs and Jemima Stubbs were placed 2nd and just missed qualifying for the Championships. We were also represented by Emma Wall, Katie Kellett & Caitlyn Howells.

Our Games Area team consisted of Ella Koole, Freya Ainscough, Olivia Stubbs, Jemima Stubbs and Harry Clarke Tomlinson. They did really well to finish 7th.

Very well done to everyone who represented this Branch throughout the year.


Winter team Dressage and Show Jumping

The Winter team Dressage and team Show Jumping competitions will be starting soon. Contact Clare Dale on 07508 026 832 if you are interested in being in a Dressage team and contact Alex Carr 07938 523622 or Melissa Rose 07709 410 037 if you are interested in being in a Show Jumping team. These winter team competitions are always good fun and a great introduction to representing your Branch in a team.

Team members are required to pay their own entry fees at all competitions other than the Summer Areas and The Championships. At Summer Area competitions members will be asked to pay half the entry fee, with the Branch paying the remainder. In most cases, entry fees are not refundable should the member withdraw from the competition. Therefore, once a member has committed to take a place on the team they will be asked for their contribution. The Branch will pay the full entry fee for any member qualifying for the Championships.


Dengie Winter League Show Jumping and Dressage qualifiers

The Dengie Winter League is a series of qualifiers leading to an Area competition, and then on to the Finals, which are to be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire in the Spring of 2017. The qualifiers are held at various competitions over the Winter, look out for the details in our Fixture list. If you are successful at the initial qualifying rounds you can qualify for the Area competitions and then for the Championships.

Qualifiers for the Winter League Dressage are run by Holcombe Branch on the same days as the Winter team Dressage competitions. Contact Clare Dale if you want to enter. Winter League Dressage rules are available at There are three levels of competition – Novice, Intermediate and Open.

Qualifiers for the Winter League Show Jumping are held throughout the Winter – look out for the dates on our website. The rules are available at . There are three levels of competition this year, Debut at 80cms, Winter League at 90cms and Open at 1.10m.


Road Rider

Road Rider training dates and a test can be organised if anyone needs to take this test. You must pass the Road Rider badge before taking C Test and the Road Rider Test before taking C+ Test. Contact Louise Rose for more information 07709 410 037.Untitled

Tetrathlon and Triathlon

A Tetrathlon competition comprises four phases, shooting, swimming, running and cross country riding. A Triathlon is just the shooting, swimming and running. There will be some Triathlon competitions organised over the Winter and training has already started for the shooting phase on a Monday evening. There will also be swimming and running training organised at Willow View, Longton at regular intervals over the Winter. Contact Mel Bodenham for more details 07711 055 341.


Games training

Winter Games training has already started on Friday evenings. Contact Mel Bodenham if you want to join in 07711 055 341.



Anyone interested in going Hunting with the Holcombe Harriers contact Louise Rose for more details. 07709 410 037


Team Captains

We have team captains in place for the Summer Area Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing competitions. The team captains are there to give team members someone to talk to about the event and someone to help them on the day of the competition. Melissa Rose and Alex Carr will be responsible for Show Jumping, Corinne Molyneux will be the Eventing Captain, Rebecca Dale will look after the Dressage teams and Olivia Stubbs for mounted games.

Their phone numbers are:

Alex 0151 527 2498 or 07938 523 622

Melissa 07709 410 037

Corinne 07710 669 662

Rebecca 01695 725 626

Olivia 07824425435

Our current team captains are in their second year of office. At the end of the summer we would like nominations for team captains for 2017. So if you interested in applying for the post, please contact Fiona, or any instructor or committee member.

There will be a dismounted team building evening organised for team members in the weeks before the Area competitions. Details of this will be sent to you once you have been selected for the teams, so make sure that you contact the team captains in plenty of time, then the teams can be organised early.


Remember all members who wish to be in teams must attend at least 3 rallies.

You must contact the organiser of each event or rally at least 3 days before, in order to secure a place.

If you have trouble printing the fixture list or any of the schedules, just ring Irene Sutton and she will send a paper copy.


Rally and training costs (unless otherwise stated)

Working rallies (small groups) – £10

Dressage training (2 riders together) – £15

Show Jump training (small groups) – £12

Horse Care sessions (dismounted) – £3

UntitledDon’t forget to send your photos and event reports to Melissa Rose