Sunday September 23, 2018
Dressage (flatwork/schooling)

Discipline Manager

Dressage Manager: contact Mrs Karen Bishop 07808 094372


What is Dressage:

Dressage is about showing the judge that you can get your pony to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it. You and your pony have to follow a set of instructions laid out in the dressage test. A judge marks the test. They give you a mark out of ten for how well you carry out each instruction. At the end of the test the marks are added up and the winner is the horse and rider with the highest score.

Flat Work

Schooling your pony is not just something dressage riders do, all riders need to school their ponies be it to improve aids for showjumping for example. The good news is that you have probably already started doing some Dressage without realising! When you are riding at home and getting the pony to do the things that you want him to do you are already practising the basics of dressage. To improve you and your pony, you might want to have lessons with an instructor. This includes the lessons that you have at a rally, where you will get help with your riding which will make the pony behave better. Remember all riders need to be able to school their ponies correctly if you want to get a better result whichever your preferred discipline happens to be.

Please refer to the rallies section for dates of flatwork sessions – we host two different sessions

  • Groups of 3 riders 45 mins with trainer Rebekah Wittle – aimed at riders with a secure position, can work independently.
  • Groups of 8 riders 45 mins with trainer Claire Stevens-Pinfield, aimed at all riders from lead rein upwards, fun sessions, grouped in ability level to improve rider position, and giving the correct aids.


As you and your pony get better and your confidence grows you may want to take part in a competition. If you cannot remember your dressage test, don’t worry as someone can read the test out loud to you (apart from Area Competitions and Championships). With lots of practice and competition experience you may get to compete at National Pony Club Dressage competitions.

Pony Club run two specific competitions for dressage – Dengie Winter series and Area Competitions – details listed below. However many local equestrian centres and riding clubs also run frequent dressage competitions starting at intro which is walk & trot only –  with some circles, moving onto prelim which includes canter, Novice – starting to getting a little more advance as includes medium work, elementary which is more advanced.

Unaffiliated is local level, where as Affiliated is member of British Dressage where your test scores earn you points, and also prize money.

Local events are held frequently at Allens Hill, Stourport Riding Centre, Lincomb Equestrian for both unaffiliated and affiliated competitions – please check their websites for more information.

Dengie Winter Series

Aimed at helping Members improve their ability, enhance their experience and enable them to gain confidence.

There are three stages to the series:

  1. Preliminary Rounds are held between July and March all over the country, to enable competitors to qualify for their Area Competition
  2. The 19 Area Competitions will take place between March and April for those who qualified through the Preliminary Rounds
  3. Those who were successful at the Area Competitions will go forward to the Championships.

Dengie Qualifiers can be found on the Pony Club or Area 9 websites and on local event sites.

Allens Hill Dengie qualifiers:     20/1/18      17/2/18


Area Dressage :

To be held: Wednesday 26th July 2018 @ Frampton on Severn

Grassroots, Novice, Intermediate, Open

From May we will look at putting on sessions to practice the tests, and to select teams & individual riders to represent the club at area.

Teams of 4 compete against the rest of the pony clubs in our area at the different test levels, the top 2 teams in each level then qualify for Pony Club National Championships in August.



2017 we as a pony club enjoyed great success at various competitions, to give you a small flavour to what our pony club members achieved…………………..


At Area our Novice team consisting of Olivia Georgetti ( 11), Jessica Bishop (12), Evie Titteron (12), Mollie Waldron Wheeler (14) enjoyed great success in their own arena’s Jessica 1st, Olivia 3rd, Evie 4th, Mollie 16th from 24 riders, the team came overall 2nd from 24 teams, so went on to represent the club at the National Pony Club Championships, although sadly not placed as a team on this occasion, Olivia was 9th in her arena.

Millie Cooper (17) also won individually in her arena at Intermediate level at area, and also went onto to represent the club at the National Pony Club Championships and came 11th fantastic achievement for our club to have riders representing the club at National level, massive well done to all the girls especially Millie & Olivia.


Olivia Georgetti had an amazing year, not only BD North West Fledging Champion, went on to become BD National Fledging Champion.  Sister Isabel was also BD North West Chicks Champion.


We also had a number of pony clubs members who competed in the British Dressage Team Quest competition U18 section, the riders all helped their teams qualify for the South West Regional Final: Olivia Georgetti, Isabel Georgetti, Amy Cound, Jessica Bishop, Ruby Roden, Raffy Knight. All teams were placed in the top 10.

The Team which included Olivia & Jessica went on to not only win the South West Regional Final but they came 2nd overall at the National Final held at Bury Farm, missing top spot by just 0.35%.  Jessica & Olivia both continued to have an exceptional year, both qualified for their schools for dressage, Jessica in a team, Olivia individually, so both then headed to the NSEA National Championships at Addlington, an outstanding achievement & great experience for them both.