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Rally/Training dates

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WVPC Diary, Rally, Training & Area Comp Issue 18th May 2015


  S P O T T E D ! ------------ S P O T T E D !


If you and your pony have achieved something recently, no matter how small a thing it might be (it doesn’t have to be a competition) if its special or important to you please let us know and send an e-mail to and we will put it in our Spotted section (below).


Iris Anderson took part in our Race Day at Wincanton on 16th May competing in the last race of the day Race 8 – The Champion Headwear Tiny Pony Mini Stakes.  She was riding Chicco and won the Best Turned Out and the race itself so it was a pretty wonderful day for her.  Horses First Racing kindly lent her a set of their racing silks and she has been training on their wonderful gallops. Congratulations Iris!  We hope to see you again next year.  Pictured below, Iris riding Chicco in the paddock before the race.



Lainey O Neill competed at a Saxon Dressage Group competition on 17th May and did her first preliminary tests on grass.   She achieved scores ‎of 59.5% and 61.67% and came 5th in one class.  She then completed a clear round jumping of 2ft3.  Well done Lainey!


Congratulations to Chloe Makepeace who won her class of the Avon Vale PC evening CT on 12th May.

Training Clinics

Please note, the clinic on the2 8th June Clinic has been postponed as the date clashes with the Area Show jumping.

Anyone booking onto 7th June Combined Training please send a cheque and rally booking form to include height for show jumping to Dawn Clarke by Sunday 31st May or 07801285470


Polo Rally

Polo Rally

at Ryehill Farm, Longbridge Deverill

25th May from 09:30hrs

Please book in with Sue Boher 01373 836158

New Forest PC Tet Report

 New Forest Tet and Hunter Trial 3rd and 4th May

The Wylye Valley turned out in force for this event and first camping trip of the season. There were some excellent results and excellent riding over some tricky courses.

Charlie Cayford 3rd individual super mini triathlon

Mixed Mini Triathlon – 6th team for Freya and Mia Maidstone and Ben George

Super Mini Tetrathlon  – 1st team for Imogen and Gracie Gray and Megan and Hollie Pocock, with Imogen and Gracie 3rd and 4th individuals. This is looking like a formidable team for the future.

Mini Girls – 4th team for Millie and Isobel Campbell-Smith, Tallula Kelly and Alice Cayford

Tom Griffiths 6th individual in the Junior boys, continuing his excellent first tetrathlon season

Junior Girls – Team of Millie Toulson-Clarke, Mia Ralph, Katie Duffy and Roberta Cameron-Rossiter were first with Millie 1st, Mia 2nd, Katie 3rd and Roberta 6th individual, continuing their wining form. Our second junior girls team of Phoebe Fussell, Amy George and lucy Cayford were 4th, an excellent result for their first season at this level

There was a hunter trial in the afternoon that gave people a chance to have another go or try another course. Wylye were particularly successful in the 3’3” Open Class with Katie Duffy on Bean 2nd only just between by 0 .75 secs in the timed section which included a gate, Freya Snelgrove-Brown on Millie 6th and Roberta Cameron-Rossiter on Coltly 7th. It was a challenging course with less than half the class completing and only 6 clears. Becca

Stonar Success!

A number of our members competed at the Stonar Junior ISODE over the weekend of 16th and 17th May.  Congratulations, in particular, to the following:


Winning her section of the 80cm class on Saturday was Georgia Newby-Vincent, pictured above with Risqué Rooney.  She won by a clear lead of 8 penalties.

Stonar ISODE 16052015 Jodie  3rd Norton Hill School

Also competing on the Saturday were Millie Toulson-Clarke who won her section of the 90cm class and Jodie Kelly 3rd in her section of the same class.  Millie and Jodie are pictured above.

On the Sunday Lauren Blackmar and Tom Griffiths both came 4th in their respective sections of the 70cm class.   This was Lauren’s only second ODE at this height and Tom’s first and his first dressage test so a particularly fantastic achievement for these two.  They are pictured below, still smiling despite having to wait 5 hours for the prize giving! 


Some fantastic results, well done all! (For full results please see the Stonar School website).

A Long Haul & a Late Night
3rd and 4th May United Pack competition Shrewsbury
As the title says Shrewsbury –  this competition was about 3 hours travelling away so everyone was prepared for the long haul.  The unprepared moments were when Maria’s lorry had a blow out and they ended up in the services waiting for the break down to come and change the wheel, the tyre went off with such a bang it took the internal wheel arch with it and ruptured the fuel line to the generator.  I also heard that another lorries door came open and they had to do a repair job to carry on travelling.  So the weekend went off to a good start.  The weather was windy and the rain held off, the competition was good as there were a lot of teams there, which in the end was not a good thing.  This competition was on the Sunday and Monday and the last junior final was due to be held at 6pm and as we all know mounted games competitions normally do not run to time they always run late!!  After a few mistakes and running  on 4 riders for the weekend our Senior Wylye A team came 2nd in the A final, our Senior Wylye B team came 1st in the B final and I believe they had some borrowed riders.  We sent one Junior team of 3 riders and ponies and they were joined by 2 Sir WWW children, after the heats they had got into the B final , owing to the time factor one of the parents tried to convince the organisers that they should really be in the C final (just to get home earlier) they would have none of it, so the B final it was.  They started their final at 5.45pm so as predicted the finals were running late!  They ended up coming 3rd which was very good.  Then it was the long punch home, the parents I spoke to got home to put children and ponies to bed about 11pm-ish, not good when they have to get up for school in the morning.  Our lesson has been learnt, an extra practice at Southfield sounds more appealing next year. Jayne Andrews
SJ Rider Development Pathway

PC Area Development Pathway SJ Training Day

to be held on

 4th August 2015


 Hill House Farm

Buckland Dinham, Frome BA11 2RB

Please click here for more details and an application form


Good Luck to Megan Pocock!

Megan Pocock has recently entered the PC Art competition.  Please see a copy of her entry below.  Good luck with your great picture Megan!



Anyone else wishing to enter the competition can find out more by clicking on this link Entries close on 1st June 2015

Team ODE

Wilton PC ODE Team and Individuals

14th June at Tenantry Farm, Rockbourne

Classes with xc ranging from 75cm to 1m

A good “warm-up” for AREA EVENTING

All Wylye entries via Annabel Wilkinson please

Please click HERE for schedule. Please email in the first place stating which class(es) you wish to enter. Please ensure you are eligible and provide all the necessary details for the entry form. First come first served.


Mounted Games Teams Are In The Zone!

Junior A

Above,  Junior A Team and below Junior B Team

Junior B

Senior A
Senior  B

Please click here for Jayne’s Report and Wylye Results

Area Mounted Games

Congratulations to all those who took part in the Area Mounted Games on 19th April.    We had some excellent results and Jayne will no doubt provide the details in due course!  Many thanks to all those who trained the teams and helped organise the day and, of course, to Mrs Yeoman for hosting.  Miles

PC Test Success

Congratulations to the following for passing a PC Test recently:

D+ Test

Rory Blakey
Freya Barton-Hine
Nikita Spencer-Brock
Georgia Barrow

C Test 
Jodie Kelly
Clarissa Crees
Bella Crees
Lauren Blackmar
Georgia Barrow

All members were beautifully turned out as well!  Well done to all and many thanks to Kim for all her hard work.

Minis Enjoy A Splash!

Pictured below is Sebastian on his pony Dolly.  His face tells us all what a fantastic time was had by everyone at the mini XC rally on 12th April at Downlands with Paula Coward. The ponies and riders had a great time and especially enjoyed cantering through the water to finish. If you would like to book in for the next XC rally please contact Phoebe.


Area Grass Roots


Sunday 14th June 2015

at Mid Somerset Showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5RT

In conjunction with the Mendip Farmers PC Open Show

 Separate schedule will be on the Mendip Farmers PC website

The Grass Roots Competition is designed so that the participants show the high level of instruction that is reached in the Pony Club, by the AVERAGE member mounted on the AVERAGE pony.

Please click on the schedule below for further details including eligibility.  Anyone interested should contact Heather Collingwood at 

Area Grass Roots 2015

Hat tags update

All members MUST have their hats checked and tagged by either Heather Collingwood or Kim George.  This is most likely to be done at a rally or event.

The existing EN1384 standard is currently in the process of revision and your hat will now need to be either  tagged with a purple tag or a white tag depending on the safety standard that your hat is marked with. 

From 31st December 2015 the Pony Club will not be allowing hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384.  After 31 December 2015 only hats which are certified and are also marked with one of the other standards permissible by the Pony Club (PAS 015, Snell E2011 and AS/NZS 3838) will be allowed and must be  tagged with a new white hat tag.  The full list of standards is as stated in The Pony Club Yearbook.

It is your responsibility to get your hat tagged.  Please note the hat tag will not and does not indicate that the hat fits or is in good condition.

To see the hat rule please go to our PC Rules & Rule Book page or our What to Wear page.

No hoodies!

Please ensure you dress safely for all PC events, this includes rallies and training.  Hoodies are strictly NOT allowed for safety reasons.  Your instructor should ask you to remove your hoody or leave the rally if you are wearing one.   For further guidance please view the What to Wear Page.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us please see the Branch Officials page or e-mail us at where we would love to receive your stories and pictures to go on the website.