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6th February Arena xc training- see below

7th Feb Wylye Valley PC dressage competition, including Dengie qualifiers-see Schedule page

The new hat & body protector rules 2016 – see Rules page

AREA QUIZ 14th Feb – Wylye co-ordinator & entries wanted.  Please see details below

15th Feb Arena xc rally at Mendip Plains.  Book in with Fiona Burnard – see below.

Avon Vale PC Arena Eventing 16th Feb at WWEC – entries now full

18th Feb Polden Hills PC Team, pairs Arena Eventing – see below

Oompah Night 27th Feb – see Home page!

Wylye Mounted Games Friendly – April 2nd & 3rd – see schedules page

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WVPC Diary, Rally, Training & Area Comp Issue 29th January 2016

  S P O T T E D ! ------------ S P O T T E D !


If you and your pony have achieved something recently, no matter how small a thing it might be (it doesn’t have to be a competition) if its special or important to you please let us know and send an e-mail to wylyevalleypc@gmail.com and we will put it in our Spotted section (below)


Congratulations to Hannah Francis and Mavis who were 2nd in the 95cm CT at WWEC on 23rd January.  First time out competing together for a long time and what an achievement.  A beautiful dressage test and lovely clear show-jumping round.  Awe-inspiring, keep it up Hannah!

Also congratulations to Gretel White who came 6th in the 65cm class and to Ocean Moore who came 2nd and Lauren Blackmar 5th out of 30 in the 75cm SJ class at WWEC on 23rd January. Well done girls!


Wylye Dressage Results 7th Feb

WVPC hosted a very successful dressage competition, including Dengie qualifiers, at Hill House Farm on Sunday.  The competition was extremely well subscribed and very considerable thanks are due to Dawn Clarke who did a fabulous job organising a friendly and well organised day.  We should extend thanks to Dawn’s team of helpers who set up the competition in horrific weather conditions on Saturday, helped run the day on the Sunday (including delicious food and cakes) and those who also helped tidy up afterwards.  We must also mention the wonderful support provided by Hill House Farm, especially Debbie Martin.  Thank you Deb!

Results coming soon.

Mendip Farmers PC Arena Eventing Results

Congratulations to all who competed in the Mendip Farmers PC Eventers Challenge at King’s Sedgemoor on 31st January. Everyone enjoyed the day though it was quite a tough course & there weren’t many clears on the whole!

In the first class 55-65cm we had one individual, Tegan Jones.

In Class 2 65-75cm our team of Ben Steel, Tegan Burnard, Tegan Jones and Finlay Scott won with Ben being in 1st place individually and Finlay individual 3rd.  Fantastic results!

We had two teams in Class 3 75-85cm:

Blue Team: Hannah Burt, Christie Antoniou , Ben Steel and Amelia Knatchbull.

Green Team: Kayleigh Isaacs, Finlay Scott, Molly Hayton and Gemma Holdway.

The Green team were Team 6th . There were no individual placings on this occasion but particularly well done to Finlay Scott (the youngest of our competitors in class 3) and Christie Antoniou who were the only two of our members to go clear in this class.                          

In Class 4 85-95cm again we were lucky enough to have two teams:

Our Purple team were Christie Antoniou,  Hannah Burt, Millie Toulson-Clarke and Tom Griffiths with Tom being individual 6th.

Mendip Farmers

Pictured above, Amelia Knatchbull, Christie, Gemma and Tom

Our Pink team came Team 6th and were Amelia Knatchbull, Courtney Cleary, Georgia Toulson-Clarke and Gemma Holdway with Gemma being placed individual 3rd.

Pictured below, Christie and Cookie


Well done all and thank you for taking part and many thanks to the Team Managers for the day, Charlotte Steel and Lorraine Antoniou.

Polden Hills Eventers Challenge – team, pairs, individuals!

Polden Hills PC Arena Eventing

18th Feb at King’s Sedgemoor EC

CLASS 1    Fences 70-75cm approx

CLASS 2       Fences 80 -85cm approx. 

CLASS 3   Pairs relay 80 cm approx.

 CLASS 4    Fences 90cm approx

 CLASS 5    Fences 1m approx

 Each class is open to individuals and teams of 3 or 4 members, the best 3 scores to count. Except class 3 which is a pairs only class.

This competition will include a variety of show jumps and cross country style jumps. It will be run as a 2 phase competition with the second phase being timed.

£13 per class or £35 for 3 classes per rider to include first aid cover

 Please email Annabel asap at ollycw@gmail.com and let her know which classes you wish to do.  Entries close 8th Feb.

Cattistcok PC Triathlon Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Cattistock PC Triathlon on 23rd January.  We had some excellent results and it was great to see so many out competing. The children have really benefitted from expert coaching in the shooting phase from Kate Pocock and that is really showing in their results.  First individual in four of the seven classes to the Wylye Valley is particularly impressive!    For Becca’s report and results please see our Triathlon page.

Pictured below, Kate Pocock and Freya Cameron-Clarke

unnamed 2

Pictured below,  Megan Pocock, Freya Cameron-Clarke, Olivia Miller, Abi Wright, Freya Swannick and Indigo Cameron-Clarke.


Arena XC Training

Get ready for the forthcoming eventing and tetrathlon season with WVPC arena XC training sessions to be held at Mendip Plains EC, Chewton Field Farm, Ston Easton, Radstock BA3 4BX.

This is a great opportunity to get some jumping practice in and perfect your technique over simulated cross country fences in an arena setting. A variety of jumps will be provided with the added bonus of jumping on a surface so no muddy legs afterwards!

The fixed arena XC fences at MPEC start at 80cm so you should be confident jumping this height as a minimum. We are lucky enough to have two of our instructors, Jess Acheson and Andy Carter, whom many of you will know are professional eventers, taking the sessions.

Groups will be restricted to 5 children per hour. Cost will be £23 pp – which represents good value as these courses are expensive to hire. 

Saturday 6h Feb – Jess Acheson

Monday 15th Feb (half term week) – Jess Acheson

Sunday 6th March – Andy Carter

Please book in with Fiona Burnard by email fiburnard@hotmail.com or phone 07516211426




Tom Off to The Winter Champs!

Tom Griffiths qualified for the PC Winter Triathlon Championships on 10th January by coming Individual second in his class, in an out of Area qualifier run by Area 15, in Wellington.  He won the run (in very deep mud!) and came 5th in both shoot & swim, with a PB in the swim and his team coming 3rd.  Congratulations Tom and good luck at the championships!  He is pictured below with Andrew Ingleton from the Wilton PC, who came 4th.


Area 14 PC & NFU Mutual Quiz

We are looking for a volunteer to co-ordinate a team for this competition – please contact Miles asap if you are interested.  There are lots of parents out there who haven’t yet had chance to help our pony club in any way so why not give this a go and give something back?!   Also any members who would like to be in a team please let Miles know.

The Portman Hunt Branch of The Pony Club invite you to the

Area 14  Pony Club / NFU Mutual National Quiz 2016

To be held on Sunday 14th February 2016 (the first Sunday of half term) at

the Village Hall, Church Road, Pimperne, Dorset  DT11 8UB

Programme and Topics for 2016

1.45pm Welcome and Briefing, Start 2pm

Round 1 – The Pony Club Round 2 – Rider, Tack & Turnout for Rallies, Competitions & Hunting Round 3 – Well Known Equestrian Venues in the United Kingdom Round 4 – The Numbers Game & Missing Words


Refreshments will be complimentary for competitors, token donations from supporters

Round 5 – Practical Round (Individual) Round 6 – Points of the Horse (Juniors)  and Know Your Horse’s Ailments (Seniors)  – (Pairs) Round 7 – Picture Round Round 8 – All The Queen’s Horses

4pm:  Presentation of prizes

There will also be a special prize for best mascot!

The winning team qualifies for the National Quiz Final on Saturday 2nd April in Addington, Bucks.  Held with the Dengie Winter League SJ Championships.

TEAMS:  Branch & Centre Teams must be made up of the following members: 1 member any age under 12 on 1st January 2016 1 member any age under 14 on 1st January 2016 1 member any age under 16 on 1st January 2016 1 member any age under 25 on 1st January 2016

N.B.  A team may consist of (e.g. 4 members under 12).  In this case they would be asked to nominate which member of their team will answer the more advanced questions).  One AH test holder in each team will be allowed to take part in the National Quiz.

See below or follow this link for more details, http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/activities/national_quiz/

Entries £25 per team, by 1st February 2016.




Wylye Mounted Games Competition

Mounted Games Friendly

2nd & 3rd April 2016

 at Southfield House, by kind permission of

Mrs Angela Yeoman

Area & Zone Races.  Novice games to be confirmed

Lead rein and helpers are welcome

Please click here for the schedule & entry form etc.

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to any new members that have joined/are joining us this year.  Please send us a photo of you and/or your pony and tell us all about yourself.  We have a booklet especially for new members which you may find useful, you will find it on our New Members page!

All those renewing their membership please don’t forget to do so before the end of February in order to ensure you can continue to be insured to attend rallies and PC events and are eligible for Area competitions this year.  Forms can be found on our Membership page.

Pay For Rallies Online!

Please click on the link below to see the new rally form which will be available from the Rally page and which gives the details to enable you to pay online through your bank account

Rally Booking Form

Wylye Dressage Competition

Dressage Competition 7th February 2016

at Hill House Farm, Buckland Dinham

Classes from walk and trot to elementary as well as Novice, Intermediate and Open Dengie qualifiers, so something for everyone!

Please click here for schedule



D, D+ and C Test Rallies

D, D+ and C Test Rallies

 Each training session will consist of 1 hour riding and 1 hour stable management at Southfield House. Please come to as many of the training sessions below as you can. Kim will let you know which parts of the syllabus you need to learn if you have to miss a session or two. £10 per session. Please book in with Kim at kimgeorge@live.co.uk
D, D+ and C test rallies will be held on all the dates below at the following times: 

D and D+ Test training1000-1200hrs C Test training1200-1400hrs.  If, however, we are low on numbers wanting to take part then test groups will be joined together and we will start at 1000hrs and finish at 1200hrs.
Sat 23rd January

Sat 6th February

Sat 20th February

Sat 5th March

Sat 26th March

April 9th Actual TEST day
For more information on PC tests please view the PC Test page of the Wylye Valley website.

Please note you must have passed your Road Rider Test or Road Rider Achievement Badge or BHS Riding & Road Safety Test in order to take your C Test, but you may still attend C Test rallies.

SWWH PC Triathlon Results

Some great results from our much depleted band at SWWH PC Triathlon on12th December- we lost quite a few people to injury and illness so I hope they are all on the mend. Really well done to Tommy Burton competing in his first Tri. Freya Swannick was first in the swim and second individual, mini mixed biathlon. Freya Maidstone second shoot, mini girls. Katie Duffy first shoot, second swim and third individual, junior girls. Millie Campbell-Smith did really well in her first competition as a junior to come sixth individual and along with Katie in a mixed team were first team. It was great to see Holly Parker back competing after a frustrating time out injured and she is back in winning form with first shoot, second swim, third run, first individual and part of the first team in the mixed intermediates – and that was against the boys too! Becca

Hat & Body Protector Rules 2016

If you haven’t already done so then you MUST have your hat checked and tagged by either Miles, Heather Collingwood or Kim George.  This is most likely to be done at a rally or event.

From 1st January 2016 the Pony Club will not be allowing hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384.  After 31 December 2015 only hats which are certified and are also marked with one of the other standards permissible by the Pony Club (PAS 015, Snell E2001, AS/NZS 3838, ASTM F1163 and VG1) will be allowed and must be tagged with a WHITE hat tag.  The full list of standards is as stated in The Pony Club Yearbook.

The Pony Club will accept the new red BE hat tags, so if Members have BE red tagged hats, they will not need tagging with a white Pony Club hat tag.

It is your responsibility to get your hat tagged.  Please note the hat tag will not and does not indicate that the hat fits or is in good condition.

Body protectors used in Cross Country or Pony Racing must be BETA Level 3 2009 standard. These have a purple BETA tag on them.

To see the 2016 hat and body protector rules please go to our PC Rules & Rule Book page.

Wylye Valley Fundraiser – Oompah Night!

27th February 2016.

Please click on the link below for more information.

Oompah Night!


Rider Development Pathway
The RDP, supported by the Sport England funded BEF Excel Talent Programme, is designed to aid the development of Pony Club Members who show the ability to progress in their sport and provides a stepping stone for young riders working towards the talent pathways of the Olympic disciplines, the British Equestrian Federation’s Sport England funded Excel Talent Programme and the UK Sport Funded World Class Programme. 
This was a popular new initiative in 2014 which is open to all Pony Club Members aged 12 years or over who meet the specified minimum criteria in Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing.  At each assessment day, three riders are selected to go forwards to the National Rider Development Camp. Riders should not already be receiving support through the BEF World Class or Excel programmes, or be on any existing Pony, Junior or Young Rider squads.   
For more information please click here
Contact us

If you wish to contact us please see the Branch Officials page or e-mail us at wylyevalleypc@gmail.com where we would love to receive your stories and pictures to go on the website.