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WANTED – horse/pony for horse/pony rides at Wincanton Racecourse on 19th April.
Please see below.
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xc clinic, area training 4th May, please see below for details
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WVPC Diary, Rally, Training & Area Comp Issue 27th March 2015

  S P O T T E D ! ------------ S P O T T E D !


If you and your pony have achieved something recently, no matter how small a thing it might be (it doesn’t have to be a competition) if its special or important to you please let us know and send an e-mail to and we will put it in our Spotted section (below).

Well done to Daisy Hunt who came 3rd in the 65cm SJ class at West Wilts EC on 22nd March.  Also doing really well at WWEC was Lauren Sheppard who came 6th in the 1m arena xc.  Meanwhile Poppy Wilkinson was 8th in the 3ft-3ft3 class of the Wokingham PC hunter trial at Tweseldown.  Well done all.

Easter Mini SJ & Handy Pony

Friday 3rd April

organised by SWWH PC at Warminster Saddle Club

Mini sj from poles on the ground to 1ft 9.  Also handy pony.

Please click below for schedule

Easter Mini SJ

XC Clinic, Area Training 2015

XC Clinic, Area Training with Tom Searle

4th May, Bank Holiday Monday from 10:00hrs

at Rabson Manor, Winterbourne Basset.

Groups of 4 jumping 80cm, 90cm or 1m.  Session will be 1.5 hrs at a cost of £32

Priority will be given to anyone hoping to be selected for Area Eventing and/or Area Tet.

This is a real opportunity not to be missed! Tom is a brilliant instructor (BHSI and winner of BHS Young Instructor of the Year, 2008) and also a professional eventer.

Please note, you MUST already be confidently jumping xc fences at a minimum of 80cm.

To apply for a place please email Annabel at detailing what height you would like to do and state whether you are hoping to compete at area eventing and/or tet this year and again, please state at what level (Eventing – Junior, NC or Intermediate or Tetrathlon – Mini, Junior or Intermediate). Places strictly limited so don’t delay!

Wanted – Horse For Horse Rides!

Wanted …a horse(s) to give rides at Wincanton Racecourse on 19th April – Family Day.

Free tickets to the family if they can come with a horse for children to ride around!

Water and hay will be provided for rest periods.

Wincanton would be eternally grateful and we would be returning a favour as we get the course for free for our race day.

If you can help please contact Geoff on 01749 850229 NOW!

Saxon Dressage Competition

Saxon Dressage Group 

Open Unaffiliated Dressage Competition & Clear Round SJ

On Sunday 19th April 2015

at Hill House Farm, Buckland Dinham, Frome BA11 2RB

 SDG Junior Walk & Trot Tests (shorter tests and may be led)

Walk & Trot


Pony Club Tests




For schedule visit or for more information contact Dawn Clarke at

Area Grass Roots


Sunday 14th June 2015

at Mid Somerset Showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5RT

In conjunction with the Mendip Farmers PC Open Show

 Separate schedule will be on the Mendip Farmers PC website

The Grass Roots Competition is designed so that the participants show the high level of instruction that is reached in the Pony Club, by the AVERAGE member mounted on the AVERAGE pony.

Please click on the schedule below for further details including eligibility.  Anyone interested should contact Heather Collingwood at 

Area Grass Roots 2015

Area 14 Eventing Training Day

7th April 2015

at  Boomerang Stables, Chilton Foliat, Hungerford

This cross country training day is designed for Members wishing to train towards Level 3 (Novice) or Level 4 (Intermediate) Pony Club Eventing. Each Member will ride for two sessions (1 hour each).

 Instructors: William Blane FBHS and Darrel Scaife FBHS

 Cost: £50.00 per Member.  Applications are on a first come first served basis.

  Please click here for more information and an application form.

The Great Dengie Cake-Off!

To commemorate twenty years of The Dengie Winter League, Dengie and The Pony Club are running a competition to design a tasty celebration cake with a difference, as part of ‘The Great Dengie Cake Off’!

To commemorate twenty years of The Pony Club Dengie Winter League, Members are invited to design a recipe for a healthy but tasty celebration cake for their favourite horse or pony.

All entrants need to do is think of a delicious recipe which horses would love, and tell us which ingredients are in it, including one or more Dengie products, and how to make it. We would also like to see a picture of what their finished cake would look like – this can be drawn by hand, electronically or as a photograph.

For further information please click here

Closing date 29th March

Dressage Clinic

Saxon Dressage Group dressage test riding clinic

21st March 2015

with Charlotte Wheeler at Eden Vale Farm, Beckington
A chance to ride the tests, get feedback and help with movements and accuracy and then ride the tests again. 

45 minute session per rider £15 

Please contact Dawn Clarke 07801285470

Escort Riders Wanted


Riders with calm and sensible horses to escort riders to start of races at our Pony Race Day on 16th May at Wincanton Racecourse.  Any parents, senior pony club members or even ex members who’d like to return a favour, please contact Geoff NOW on 01749 850229.

Without, the whole day won’t happen!

Team SJ

Cattistock Hunt PC Team & Individual show jumping

Kingston Maurward College,

Wednesday 1st April

Class 1  1’9 – 2’ approx (55-60cm)
 Riders 10 yrs and under, may be assisted

Class 2  2 2’ – 2’3 approx (60-70cm) — Riders 12 yrs and under

Class 3  2’3 – 2’6 (70-75cm) approx – Open

Class 4  2’6 – 2’9 (75-85cm)approx – Open

Class 5  2’9 – 3’(85-90) approx –  Open

Class 6  3’ – 3’3 (90cm -1m) approx – Open 

£10 per competitor per class 

Entries to be sent to Rachel Francis by 19th March.  Please email Rachel in the first place and let her know which class(es) you wish to enter.

Rider Development Pathway

Have you applied for the Rider Development Pathway yet?

There are still a few places left in the  RDP Assessments this Easter, so applications are staying open a little longer!

The Rider Development Pathway is designed to identify talented riders in Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing, to help support their training and development. The RDP is open to Pony Club Members aged 12 year and over who have achieved specific results for their age bracket (12–14 or 15–25) in Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing (or more than one of those disciplines!).

For more information please click here.


Mounted Games Practice

 Saturday 21st March

10am at Southfield House

Novices, juniors & seniors 

Competition Co-ordinators Page

Please visit our new page where you may find some useful information with regard to preparation for team and Area competitions in dressage, show jumping and eventing. 

Details of external (i.e. not specific to WVPC or Area 14) training will be listed, together with a list of unaffiliated competitions in and around Area 14 (dressage, SJ and ODEs and hunter trials only).

Please note all PC Team events should be entered via the appropriate co-ordinator, with the exception of Area competitions which are done by selection.



Friday 3rd April (Good Friday)

At Calmsden BE, near Cirencester

CLASS 1: NOVICE – Level 3 (BE 90).Minimum Age of rider 10, as at 1 January 2015 xc 90cm sj 95                     

CLASS 2: INTERMEDIATE – Level 4 (BE 100). Minimum Age of rider 12, as at 1 January 2015. xc 100cm sj 105cm.

Please note there is a third class which is Open level 5( BE Novice).  We are, however, not co-ordinating entries for this class since it is not a team competition.

Entering this competition is a good idea (but not essential) for all those who wish to be considered for the Novice Challenge or Intermediate Area Eventing team(s) this year.

Please email Annabel at asap if you wish to enter. Cost is £56.25 a class including booking fee of £1.25 for entering by post.

Please state which class you wish to enter and rider’s name and age on 01.01.2015 and pony/horse’s name.

Entries will be allocated only once payment received but email in the first place so I can gauge level of interest please.

Beaufort PC Team ODE

Beaufort PC Team ODE

Thursday 9th April

At Shipton Moyne, Tetbury

Class 1 12& under 75cm

Class 2 14 & under 85cm

Dressage test PC Introductory Test 2007 for both classes.

This is a perfect venue for first timers and new combinations. The xc course is usually relatively straight forward, no water and fairly flat.

Entries open from 2nd March and it is usually very popular so please email Annabel at asap if you wish to enter. Cost is £45 a class and booking fee of £1.25.

Please state which class you wish to enter and rider’s name and age on 01.01.2015 and pony’s name.

One of the first unaffiliated ODEs of the season and a good start (but not essential) for all those who wish to be considered for the Junior Area Eventing team(s) this year.

Please note there is a third class for combinations who have not come 1st- 3rd in any ODE of 85cm or above (no age restriction but PC members only).  We are, however, not co-ordinating entries for this class since it is not a team competition.

Tedworth PC JAS
Tedworth Hunt PC Weds 8th April at WWEC
Jumping and Style Team competition. 
For those of you who don’t know what JAS is, this is the same as arena eventing (mix of sj and simulated xc jumps) but you will also be judged on style – can be quite subjective but nevertheless worth doing!
I would like entries by email BUT this time I will allocate places ONLY when I have received your cheque .  £15 per class. 
I will enter two teams in each class and anyone else will be on a waiting list and I will see if I can get third teams in as with the Avon Vale.  
As usual, all entries also judged as individuals.
Class 1 is 14 & under on 1/1/2015 70-75cm
Class 2 80-85cm
Class 3 90-95cm
Class 4 95-105cm
Individual first prize in each class is a lesson with NZ eventer Lizzie Brown
Not until 8th April BUT I already have several entries so don’t delay!!
Please email Annabel
Arena Eventing Results

Avon Vale Pony Club Eventer’s Challenge at WWEC 16th February

Another great event organised by the Avon Vale.  Many thanks to all those members and their parents who turned out on the day and to all those who helped organise.  We had a huge turnout with teams in all classes and even managed three teams in several classes!  As always with team competitions, we had all sorts of ups and downs and everyone tried their hardest.  We had some excellent results in huge classes.  Special mention must be made of Daisy Hunt, Lainey O Neill and Isabella Pople: it was Daisy’s first arena eventing competition on her pony Dougal and what made it even more special is that he is adopted from the Blue Cross; Lainey, who is only 7, was competing on her new pony and had great double clears in both classes and Isabella did exceptionally well, coming individual 3rd in the 75cm class and she and her pony were especially pleased with the sack of carrots they won!  Also thanks to Jordan Phelps on her young horse, Eady, who kindly stepped in to replace one of our members who had had to withdraw.  Well done to all.  Photos may be found on and full scores on the Avon Vale PC website (but results are currently difficult to decipher!).  Our members’ results were as follows:

Class 1 65cm

Team 4th: Maddy Gratton (individual 5th) Lainey O’Neill, Georgia Newby-Vincent and Daisy Hunt (individual 7th).  

Class 2 75cm

Team 3rd: Daisy Hunt, Lainey O’Neill, Hannah Burt and Lauren Blackmar. 

Team 6th: Isabella Pople (individual 3rd), Maddy Gratton, Molly Hayton and Georgia Newby-Vincent.

Class 3 85cm

Team 6th: Hannah Burt (individual 9th), Chloe Derrick, Amelia Knatchbull and Jodie Kelly.

Class 4 95cm

Team 4th: Freya Snelgrove-Brown, Poppy Wilkinson, Roberta Cameron-Rossiter and Georgia Toulson-Clarke.

Team 6th: Ellie Clarke, Chloe Derrick, Amelia Knatchbull and Jodie Kelly (individual 7th).

Class 5 1.05m

Team 3rd: Poppy Wilkinson, Roberta Cameron-Rossiter, Georgia Toulson-Clarke and Minty Martin.

Pictured below, Hannah and Jodie and then Jodie and Amelia.


Pony Club Meet

Pony Club Meet 19th February

A very good number of stalwarts turned out in atrocious weather to support the pony club meet.
We were drenched before we left the meet and it was downpour all the way after that
Plenty of seniors, some out for the first time and some bringing on young/new horses.
Lots of minis were giving it their all as well, including Imogen Gray, whose first time it was and yet she out-stayed all the older ones.
  A huge thank you to Sarah Humberstone for hosting the meet.

Fun Ride

It was a wonderful bright sunny day for the fun ride on the 18th February at David Yeoman’s yard.  The ride set off at 10.30am and went all around Stourhead and Alfred’s Tower.   They were out for two and a half hours and had a fantastic time.  On their return to the yard there were refreshments for the tired riders and ponies and a vetting was done to show the children what happens at Endurance competitions.  David then filled out certificates for all the riders with information on the vetting and including the pony’s heart rate at the finish.  We would like to thank David Yeoman for his hospitality and for leading the ride and his groom Charlotte.  Also thank you to the parents who helped with the ride and the children that were so well behaved.  David has agreed that he will do another ride from his yard so watch this space..

New MIni Manager

Huge thanks to Naomi O Neill, who has stepped down from her role as Mini Manager, for all her hard work.  A very warm welcome to Phoebe Brazier our new Mini Manager.

Badminton Horse Trials 2015

Anyone willing to arrange a coach trip for our members and their families to Badminton on xc day (9th May 2015)please contact Miles asap.  Special rates available for coach/minibus parties only.

Please contact Miles on

Help Wanted…

…to distribute schedules for our Pony Race Day to local tack shops/feed merchants.  If you can help please contact Geoff on 07515868785.

Triathlon success continues

Well done to the ultra minis on 25th January at the Cattistock PC triathlon, Megan and Holly Pocock, Nicholas Masters and Charlie Cayford – great team 3rd for a really young team in stiff competition. Charlie also won 1st individual 1st in throwing and 2nd in swim and run. A fantastic effort and great start to the year. Super Minis team of Alice Cayford, Joe Steele and April Masters did really well coming team 6th and this was one of April and Joe’s first competitions in this age group. April had a fantastic shoot and Alice was 2nd girl in the swim. Junior girls team were Lucy Cayford, Amy George, Katie Duffy and Roberta Cameron-Rossiter, a first time for two of the team members in this category so many congratulations for a great effort coming team 5th in strong competition. Katie did wonderfully coming 4th individual girl and second in her swim and personal best all round for a very hard running element.

Well done to Mia and Freya Maidstone for a great overall performance in the mini girls with some amazing shooting scores in only their second competition and Holly Parker in the Intermediate section coming 2nd. Jo Cayford.




External XC Training
Get ready for eventing or tet this year by booking in to some xc sessions. Please click on the link below for details of some upcoming external xc training. These can be extremely popular so don’t leave it too late to book!

External Cross Country Training as of 18.01.2015

Removable Towbar Safety Information

FAO Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 and Range Rover Sport Owners

It has come to our attention that Jaguar Land Rover have issued a Service Action (Q393) regarding the removable towbars used on Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 (2004 to current) and Range Rover Sport (2005 to 2013) vehicles, as recommended by the DVSA. As popular tow-vehicles, this is likely to affect some of our members.

“Should the detachable towbar be incorrectly used, owners can experience premature and excessive wear. Should the signs of deterioration not be detected during the course of insertion of the tow ball, it is possible that the tow ball may detach unexpectedly. If a detachable towbar is used for towing with excessive nose loads, or for commercial towing, or the towbar is not removed when not in use, it can lead to premature and excessive wear of the detachable towbar within the rear crossmember mounting.” – Andrew West, Land Rover Customer Services Director

Users of these removable towbars should contact their nearest/preferred Land Rover authorised repairer who will arrange for the towbar and rear crossmember to be checked. Should excessive wear be found, they will arrange for the car to be fitted with a fixed multi-height towbar and/or new crossmember free of charge. If you have trouble getting your vehicle repaired promptly and without charge, you should contact your authorised repairer’s Service Manager.

To prevent excess wear, it is important that removable towbars are, when not in use, removed from the vehicle. We would like to emphasise the importance of ensuring correct operation and maintenance of towing equipment to all our members, regardless of vehicle.

PonyPrepPlus Website

Many of our members may have used and benefited from the PonyPrep website (accessible from our Pony Club Tests page) but the pony club has just introduced a new website aimed at those aged around 13 or working towards their C+ Test.  PonyPrepPlus is accessible from a link on  our Pony Club Tests page

Members can upload images of activities, join virtual Pony Club groups and display their achievements.  They can use the site to help in their progression towards the tests from C+ upwards using the bite-size learning information, images, videos and interactions provided, to help them.  They can also take part in virtual competitions, upload videos and mark videos uploaded by others and then assess these against specified criteria, provide feedback and develop the ability to recognise and analyse good quality riding and horse care.

Hat tags update

All members MUST have their hats checked and tagged by either Heather Collingwood or Kim George.  This is most likely to be done at a rally or event.

The existing EN1384 standard is currently in the process of revision and your hat will now need to be either  tagged with a purple tag or a white tag depending on the safety standard that your hat is marked with. 

From 31st December 2015 the Pony Club will not be allowing hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN 1384.  After 31 December 2015 only hats which are certified and are also marked with one of the other standards permissible by the Pony Club (PAS 015, Snell E2011 and AS/NZS 3838) will be allowed and must be  tagged with a new white hat tag.  The full list of standards is as stated in The Pony Club Yearbook.

It is your responsibility to get your hat tagged.  Please note the hat tag will not and does not indicate that the hat fits or is in good condition.

To see the hat rule please go to our PC Rules & Rule Book page or our What to Wear page.

No hoodies!

Please ensure you dress safely for all PC events, this includes rallies and training.  Hoodies are strictly NOT allowed for safety reasons.  Your instructor should ask you to remove your hoody or leave the rally if you are wearing one.   For further guidance please view the What to Wear Page.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us please see the Branch Officials page or e-mail us at where we would love to receive your stories and pictures to go on the website.