Monday December 5, 2022
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Pony Club Information and Rules

Tack and Turn out for rallies

Please make sure that both your pony and tack are clean and tidy for rallies. Although we understand that ponies living out won’t be perfect over the winter- No excuses for dirty tack! Tack should be well fitting-if you are unsure please speak to Karen before your lesson starts.
Riders should wear pony club sweatshirts , clean boots and jodhpurs
HAIRNETS MUST BE WORN if you have long hair. Please remember to remove all jewellery.

GETTING IN TOUCH-Please let us know if you are attending rallies and other events as it makes it much easier to book  the correct number of instructors-  We need  a weeks notice to book instructors, if you can come last minute you must ring to see if there are spaces, once you have booked in you will be expected to pay even if you do not attend sorry!


The role and expected standards of behavior is loaded via the link below.

Role of parents

Rallies are quite informal and unlike a lot of other clubs we do not expect plaited ponies and shirts and ties but we are supposed to set some standards!

We are not strict about turn-out for rallies but do expect members to wear their polo shirts and sweat shirts.  We have a stock of new clothing and if anyone has outgrown clothing why not bring items along to swap or sell on to other members.

Hats boots and body protectors must match the standards below boots with thick or grooved soles that slot into matching stirrups are not allowed. Johdpurs and breeches must be worn, any colour is fine as long as they are clean.

Be warned Karen is strict about long hair so make sure you have a hair net if you have long hair.

Hats A hat to PAS 015 1998 or 2011, Snell E2001,  with Kite mark or AS/NZ3838 must be worn, the underlined standards are considered by the Pony Club to offer the best protection. 
Hats with a Quality Assurance symbol, i.e Kite marked or SA1 are batch tested and therefore manufactured to a consistant standard.  Do not consider (BS) EN 1384 without the Kite mark.
Members hats meeting these requirements must be worn with chinstraps fastened at all times when mounted.
If you are wearing a new hat, or are bringing a different hat to Pony Club for the first time, please present to our Chief Instructor Karen Evans.  When it has been inspected and meets the safety standards, it will be tagged accordingly.
Working Rallies Hat to the above safety standard
Jodhpurs and polo shirt/sweat shirt These are available in Amman Valley colours and can be purchased from the clubhouse.
Jodhpur boots or long riding boots. Boots should have smooth sole and a well-defined square cut heel.
Spurs can only be worn by B-test holders unless authorised by DC with signed membership card.
Plain chaps may be worn – tassels and fringes are not allowed.
Hair net for girls are preferable. Long hair must be tied back
Earrings/piercings are not permitted in any Pony Club ridden activity or competition.
Dressage and Show Jumping Hat to above specification.
Beige/cream/white jodhpurs
Gloves must be worn except in show jumping where they are not compulsory
Jodhpur boots or long riding boots
Tweed jacket with Pony Club tie or stock
Navy blue/black jacket withj Pony Club tie or white/cream hunting stock.
Long sleeved shirt for Show Jumping
Horse Trials Dressage and Show Jumping Phases:
As above
Cross Country Phases:
Crash hats to above specifications without fixed peak with coloured silks
Long sleeved shirt or sweater which may be coloured
A body/back protector is compulsory.
A firmly tied hunting stock is recommended.
Medical armband.
Showing (Juniors) Appropriate to the class entered