Monday December 5, 2022
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Camp Information
Mini Camp 2018 Sat May 26th- Tues May 29th 2018

 If this is your first experience of Mini Camp, we aim to have a lot of fun whilst providing structured instruction and development throughout the period of the Camp.

 There will be a mixture of riding and pony management activities, but also plenty of time for them to socialise, get to know each other better and play!

The Members will be encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves, but parents need to be aware that we do need help with support and supervision throughout the Camp, and with the organisation, such as helping take equipment out, set it up and bring it back in afterwards, and with food preparation and clearing up.

 Members will work towards achievement of their Pony Club Tests, E Test, D Test or D+ Tests, or the Pony Club Bronze Awards depending on age and ability, and will be split into groups relevant to their level of competence.

Members will also work towards  Pony Club Achievement Badges/mini badges


We will have a series of fun competitions running throughout Camp and there will be a presentation at the end of the Camp for the overall competition and each phase, plus the badges they have achieved will be

There is a full program  of activities and instruction prepared for each day.  The program may have to be adjusted depending on the weather so full details will be published the evening before but there will be around 4 hrs of instruction each day. Some of the instruction will not be mounted.
Please come neat and tidy  in your club shirts  for a photograph on the first day. Polo shirts and ties will be available to buy from the club. There is always a comp on the last day so please bring cream Jods/shirt and tie and show jacket
Please make sure your tack is clean and checked for any loose stitching etc. There will be a tack cleaning session each evening.
Children can sleep in the clubhouse as long as a parent is present to be responsible for them (parents to arrange between themselves) but you will need to provide a mattress, sleeping bags etc
If Parents cannot be present at all times please ensure another parent has agreed to be nominated in their absence and notify the committee member in charge at that time (see notice board). A minimum of three volunteers are required to sleep at the club house each night.
We need be sure there is enough help available to shop cook and keep the children fed!! This is a massive task and all parents must help or it ends up with the same people in there all week! Please stick to the rota even if you hate cooking!. A kitchen rota will be posted on the wall
When turning out and bringing in ponies children must wear a hat, gloves, appropriate foot-ware and be accompanied by an adult.  Please  ensure that there is enough water in each enclosure -please bring your own large container that you can check regularly.
The shop will only be open for one hour in the evening.
Each Team will be responsible for washing up and running the shop for one of the evenings. See rota.
All food and drinks are provided for the whole of camp but any cakes etc that parents wish to donate will be very welcome.
A BBQ that is open to family and friends on the Sunday evening there is an additional charge of 5 pounds for everyone except the children at camp for this.

What to bring

Bed and bedding

Towel and washing kit

Riding wear  and boots.

A hat without a fixed peak for XC

A body protector for the XC course. (we are hoping to set up some WH fences on the course)

Clothes/shoes appropriate to the weather as well as riding kit.

Swim suit

Small amount of money for sweets etc.

Hi Viz Vest/gear if you have it


No expensive electronic equipment as we will not be responsible for any loss or breakage. This is a fab experience for the children to play with others so please don’t leave children use phones /I pads all the time as it prevents them playing together and they may get broken.


For the horse

Saddle bridle and other tack  needed

plenty of spare dry numnahs

Fencing and a power supply if you intend to keep your horse/pony at camp

Rugs as needed fly/light weight turnout etc

Fly spray (ESSENTIAL)

Buckets and feed including a large bucket for water in your enclosure.

Tack and cleaning equipment. Children will clean tack after riding each day.

Boots for use on the XC course