Thursday November 30, 2023
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Polo Update

Dear All,

Following a Pony Club Polo committee meeting last Thursday, we have decided that there will be no centrally planned Pony Club Polo this summer. We regret
this very much, but the reasons include:

a) the complexities of the applicable COVID19 protocols is very much down to local conditions, e.g. what Level the clubs have reached in the HPA COVID19
protocol. Please see the relevant websites for more information.
b) Pony Club staff have been furloughed for the foreseeable future
c) we don’t wish to encourage long distance travel and mixing between geographical areas
d) the risks (financial, expectations, etc) of planning events and then not being able to run them.

However, we are very keen to encourage and support local training and when possible, competitions. So we will be sending out a pack to DCs and Centres through the Area Reps, I hope within the next two weeks. This will include the facilities, trainers, polo schools and academies and coaches available in each geographic area, and will encourage all Branches and Centres to take advantage. We will include details of all the ways in which you can find a suitable coach.
We will be devising a Branch & Centre video competition to be judged by a panel on the committee which will encourage you to train on over the summer.
There is money available to support Under 14 and Under 12 groups up to 100% of the cost for newcomers. The application process will be modified slightly from last
year and we will include details in the pack.

I do hope you will be able to arrange introduction courses, improvers courses and,
if eventually permitted, Area competitions.

Charles Whittington
Chair, Pony Club Polo