Tuesday June 6, 2023
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Endurance opportunities
Endurance really isn’t hard to “do”:
It’s not a marathon. 
It’s not orienteering.
It’s not exhausting.
It’s just a great ride out!
Any members wishing to participate must be 8 years old on the day of the ride, and be 13 years or older on that day, to be allowed to ride alone, without an adult accompanying them  (Endurance GB rules)
Having said that, it’s much more enjoyable to ride as a group of friends along with any parents who might want to join in too!
DCs , CPs – Why not get a few members together and just try one of these rides?? Everyone completing the ride will get a rosette!
A typical ride takes about 2 hours, but of course it depends on the distance you choose – longer distance rides will usually take longer than shorter ones. Hilly rides are different to flat rides – it’s all common sense really.
All you need is a pony that is not lame and at a fitness level to be participating in rallies or schooling once or twice  a week; and hacking for an hour or so on a regular basis.
At this level of fitness, you’d be fine to do up to 22km. (10km is about 6 miles)
All rides are run by EGB. Pony Club branches can run their own rides – but let’s be honest, we have enough to organise without this! (But they can be a good way or raising money for branch funds)
Everyone (member, parent, friend) makes their entry online via EGB Clubhouse
Just create your profile as a Club member (free)
Find a ride you want to do and enter!
Enter ASAP – rides have an opening and closing date, and are often oversubscribed.
Book early to avoid disappointment – full refund if you withdraw before the closing date 
For entry level, go for a Pleasure Ride (PR) – they are cheaper than the Graded Rides (GERs). GERs are like affiliated competition – so no need to start there! 
Please let me know when you have members out and about at a ride – I’m happy to “meet and greet” and get them across that start line and offer any help and advice they may need.
PS: Ride list attached as pdf (easy to read on mobile devices and tablets)
      Ride list attached as Excel (Easy to add all your other “life events” like birthday’s, holidays and PC rallies – make a ride planner for your season!)
Kind regards, Fiona Williams