Saturday December 2, 2023
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Area 10 Tri Series

Happy New Year!

The Area 10 Tri series is back with the qualifier to be held on 23 January.  Qualifiers are for senior, junior and minimus entrants.  This is just a little nudge to let you know that closing date for the qualifier is this Friday, 14 January.

All events to be held at Monmouth School Sports Club. Classes for all ages from Beanies to Seniors.

In addition to the chance to qualify for the Championships, we also have awards for our Tri Series winners – the competitors who score the most points at the three events.  Awards are available for each class.

New to Triathlon? Why not give it a go at our friendly and welcoming event? It’s the best fun, you can develop your skills, meet new friends and learn the ropes. 

Area 10 TriSchedule2022 attached, please use the link in the schedule for entries.

We look forward to seeing you.

Deb Hill

Mounted Games weekend
Please find an attachment for our first ever weekend mounted games weekend. 26th/27th March
I would be grateful if this can be sent out to all your clubs.
At Bisley and Sandown Chase we are really trying to promote games in our area 13 and 11 as we had so few clubs last year. Covid has not helped the decline of interest and we would like to stress that this weekend can be for novices in juniors and seniors and those new to games. We will be hoping, if entries are good enough, to divide the clubs into abilities (A, B, C heats and finals) to make it competitive and fun.
Barrier Animal Health Spring Festival 2021/22

Back for 2021/22 season with a new sponsor – please check out the dedicated pages for all you need to know –

Mounted Games

The Mounted Games dates have been confirmed and released onto the website.

Kindest regards,


Emma Holliwell
Governance Officer

t: 02476 698319   e:

Grassroots Endurance
Why not have a go at GrassRoots Endurance at the PC Endurance Champs at the Royal Welsh Showground?
What does the Pony Club Grassroots Endurance class at the PC Endurance Championships involve for members?
An 18km ride (11 miles) (without jumps) along tracks in open countryside. Approx 1km is on the road at the start and finish of the ride. There is a climb up a fairly steep track of 2km.
The route is all marked out – like a hunt fun ride etc so it’s easy to follow the route. You are given a route map too so you can follow your ride and see where you are! You won’t get lost!
It’s a fabulous opportunity to take part in a fun Pony Club Sport – best described as competitive hacking!
You win, get placed by completing the ride in a good time with a fit pony; there is a points formula based on your average speed (km/hr) and the heart rate (HR/min) of your pony (taken within 30mins of coming over the finish line)
Vets check your pony’s heart rate and see them trot up to see they are not lame
Fit ponies will have normal or near normal heart rates within 30 minutes of completing your ride
When is it?
Sunday 26th September 2021
Start times will be in the morning/ late morning
Where is it?
Venue: The Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells, LD2 3WY
Can any member do this?
You must be at least 8 years old
Not on a lead rein
14’s and under for this ride will have to accompanied by an adult (the risk assessment for this ride)
An adult can supervise up to 3 children
15 and over can ride alone or with others of that age or older
Individual and teams of 4 (why not have a branch team of 4? Mixed branch team? Area team?)
Is my pony fit enough to do this?
You pony must be capable of being ridden for 2 hours plus, as this is how long the ride will take
Your pony must be sound; don’t enter if you have recurrent lameness issues on welfare grounds
How fast do I have to go?
It is not a race!
You need to maintain a steady and appropriate speed for the terrain eg walk up and down steep hills, then make up time by cantering along a nice track.
This is the skill of Endurance – to make judgements of pace in line with the terrain and your pony’s fitness
I’d like to do this! How do I enter?
Pre entry with Pony Club: (Link to follow)
Sign up for free as an EGB Club member or EGB Supporter member
Complete Ride entry with EGB: Closing date 10th September (no late entries!)
Scroll to “sign up options” and choose class 54 PC Grassroots
I’ve got a question – who can help answer it?
Fiona Williams –
Pony Club office –
It really is accessible.
Area Eventing results


Area Eventing times

Area 10 and 18 Eventing Times 1st August

Area SJ times

Area 10 Pony Club Show Jumping 25th July 2021 Times updated

Full Mounted Games Zone Final Results for 2021

Congratulations to Monmouthshire, Curre and Kenfig Hill for flying the Area 10 flag.