Tuesday September 26, 2023
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Area 13 Eventing League 2021

It was wonderful to see so many of you there at the Prize Giving on 6 November!  Huge congratulations to everyone that took part and to those who were placed.   

The Area 13 Eventing League to a lot of people to deliver and there are lots of people to thank:

Firstly to our wonderful sponsors.  Thank you for supporting your local Pony Club Area and for the donations and generous prizes  – thehungryguest.com, www.kublox.co.uk, www.pommel.co.uk and www.flexars.com, www.ponymag.com

Thank you the coaches and venues who donated prizes – Mark Corbett, Justin Clubley, Sarah MacDonald, Munstead Horse Trials, Tweseldown

Finally, last but by no means least, to Andrea Hurley who was the mastermind behind the Area 13 Eventing League – we all really appreciate your hard work and efforts – you really are queen of the spreadsheet!!!  😀 

The Area 13 Eventing League will return in 2022 and we hope to see you there for more Pony Club Eventing fun!!

Final Results and prizes below:


1st – Fi Dallyn & The African Queen (LLPC) – Branded Jacket & Rug, The Hungry Guest Hamper & PC110 Trophy
2nd – Verity Leggett & Ringwood Jackie D (LLPC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, Lesson with Mark Corbett
3rd – Ella Palmer & Jubilee Star III (Petersfield) – Branded Gilet & Saddelcloth, Tweseldown Schooling Voucher
4th – Alice Robinson & Derrys Diamond Cavalier (Petersfield) – Pommel Shampoo
5th – Madison Peries & Class Secretly Dun (Garth Hunt) – Pommel Shampoo
6th – Madison Peries & Cluain Caoin Mirah (Garth Hunt) – Le Mieux Headcollar
7th – Maddison Peries & Class Jewel (Garth Hunt) – KM Elite Horse Treats
8th – Piers Fairston & Samphire III (Cowdray Hunt) – Branded Haynet)


1st – Anna Jordan & Knockeven Grange (LLPC) – Branded Jacket & Rug, Lesson with Mark Corbett & PC100 Trophy
2nd – Molly Barnard & Witchcombe Stan The Man (B & SC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, Tweseldown Schooling Voucher
3rd – Ava Wigginton & Tomona Lad (LLPC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, The Hungry Guest Hamper
4th – Isabel Raimes & West Field Rebel (HHPC) – Flexars Voucher
5th – Megan Dyer & A Splash Of Class (Petersfield) – Pommel Shampoo
6th – Josephine Porter-Wright & Buck Or Two (Petersfield) – Pommel Shampoo
7th – Chloe Allday & Ballyduff Max (LLPC) – Branded Haynet
8th – Scarlett Denton & Larkfield Sammy (LLPC) – Leadrope
9th – Eliza Porter-Wright & Golden Lady (Petersfield)
10th – Florence Rowsell & Diamond Jack (HHPC)


1st – India Myres & Kians Callow Colour (Cowdray Hunt) – Branded Jacket & Rug, Lesson with Justin Clubley & PC90 Trophy
2nd – Darcey Mayes & Whats Dat (LLPC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, Munstead Schooling Voucher
3rd – Annabel Pym & Girl From The Top Of The Hill (HHPC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, The Hungry Guest Hamper
4th – Selina Hunter & Carraun Phaidin (Cowdray Hunt) – Flexars Voucher
5th – Bethany Cole & Fronerthig Bendigeidfran (B&SC) – Pommel Shampoo
6th – Ava Holt & Tristan Hill (Petersfield) – Kublox Goodie Bag
=7th – Archie Holmes & Patchwood Montella (HHPC) – Branded Haynet
=7th – Tabitha Palmer-Savage & Crosstown Shadow (Garth Hunt) – Branded Haynet
9th – Albert Bell & Cannaght Schwepps (HHPC)
10th – Ella Sinclair & Garrybrit Twinkle (HHPC)

PC80 (13+)

1st – Gigi Benson & Caoran Beg Hero (Chiddingfold) – Branded Jacket & Rug, Munstead Schooling Voucher
2nd – Holly Fisher & The Star Magician (HH(N)) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, Lesson with Sarah Macdonald
3rd – Lauren Bendell & Tracey’s Treasure (HH(N)) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, The Hungry Guest Hamper
4th – Imogen Smythe & Seren Benfro (HHPC) – Flexars Voucher
5th – Katy Fisher & Bailey (HH(N)) – Pommel Shampoo
6th – Ella Woolmer & Crecora Angel (Vine Hunt) – Kublox Goodie Bag
7th – Brooke Meurer & Jigsaw (LLPC) – Branded Haynet
=8th – Lucia Bartle-Jones & Mavis May (Wokingham) – Lead Rope
=8th – Hattie Lloyd & Brisbane III (HHPC) – Lead Rope
=8th – Madeleine Robertson & My Friend Jackson (CFPC) – Lead Rope

PC80 (u13)

1st (and Overall PC80 Champion) – Hattie Biles & Knockmullen Foxy (Petersfield) – Branded Jacket & Rug, Lesson with Sarah Macdonald & PC80 Trophy
2nd – William Andrews & Rustenburg Diamond (HHPC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, Munstead Schooling Voucher
3rd – Lulu Saunders & Springcourt Bailey (B&SC) – Branded Gilet & Saddlecloth, PONY Magazine Subscription
4th – Neve Meurer & Mr P (LLPC) – Flexars Voucher
5th – Anya Hurst & Risqué Rooney (Petersfield) – Pommel Shampoo
=6th – Orla Brady & Lottie (Chiddingfold) – Kublox Goodie Bag
=6th – George Flexman & Sylvie (LLPC) – Kublox Goodie Bag
8th – Crystal Farmer & Doulton Beyonce (B&SC) – PONY Annual & Lead Rope
9th – Bartholomew Bell & & Woodrow Special Moment (HHPC) – PONY Annual
10th – Valentine Tierney & Ruby (B&SC)

Highest Placed Competitors who only competed at Pony Club competitions.

Each winning a bag of KM Elite Horse Treats:

PC100 – Molly Barnard & Witchombe Stan The Man (B&SC)
PC90 – India Myres & Kians Callow Colour (Cowdray Hunt)
PC80 (13+) – Imogen Smythe & Seren Benfro (HHPC)
PC80 (u13) – William Andrews & Rustenburg Diamond (HHPC)

Veteran Award for combination with highest combined ages, Branded Area 13 Eventing League Cap and Horselix treats:

Penny Ibbott & Horace The Horse (Petersfield)


***Details about the 2022 Eventing League will be announced in January and entries will open from 1 February***

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Andrea at Area13eventing@gmail.com
If you are interested in Sponsoring the Area 13 Eventing League for 2022, please contact Julie at Area13eventing@gmail.com