Saturday August 13, 2022
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Area 13 B Test Nomination Form 2022

Area 13 Lungeing Nomination Form 2022

‘C+’ and Above Test Training with Sarah MacDonald FBS – Thursday 28 July 2022: Area 13 C+ and Above Test Training Summer 2022

‘AH’ Test – Tuesday 30 August 2022 – venue to be advised

‘B+’ Test – Wednesday 7 September 2022, Goringlee, RH13 8QH

‘AH’ Test Training via Zoom (in the early evening; to be confirmed nearer the date): Area 13 Zoom AH Supplementary Training 2022

  • Mon 16 May – Breeding Part II Foaling and Foal problems with Mandy Luesley FBHS
  • Mon 6 June – Common Ailments and Basic Nursing Care with Jess Campbell BHSI MRCVS
  • Mon 4 July – Lungeing Theory and Ride and Lead with Sarah MacDonald FBHS
  • Mon 20 Jun – The Stable Yard, Legislation etc with Jess Campbell BHSI MRCVS
  • Mon 4 Jul – Lungeing Theory, Ride and Lead with Sarah MacDonald FBHS

We will also be running some practical sessions with Amanda Moseley Webb at Goringlee, RH13 8QH and Beth Bradbury at The Mill House, KT14 7RR.

If you would like to register for these please contact Sue Coombe Tennant as below saying which venue is best for you.
To join any of these sessions please email Sue Coombe-Tennant, Area 13 Training coordinator at stating which sessions you are booking for.  You will then need to make a payment of £10.00 per session to the Pony Club Area 13 Sort Code 60-09-04 Account Number 69519986 using your Name as a reference.  Once payment is confirmed you will be sent the link for the session.

‘B’ Test Care Training Online with Sarah MacDonald FBHS Area 13 Online B Test Care Training 2022