Monday December 11, 2023
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Championship Update

The JCB Pony Club National Championships are done for another year, and it was lovely to see so many Area 13 branch members there!!  For those of you who competed – it was an amazing achievement to qualify, and we hope you enjoyed the experience!  Huge congratulations to all of those who were placed in every Sport; please see all the results below and we have also included a few of the photos that were shared with us!!

Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Junior Team 9 – (Arthur, Fenn, Ava, Ruby and Oliver) – 5th place
Bisley & Sandown Chase Junior Team – 13th place
Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Senior team (Archie, Seth, Aidan, Leah and Lois) – 8th place
Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Pairs (Archie & Harriet) – 9th place 

Junior Area 13 Mixed Team – 7th Place
Junior Girls – Petersfield – Trinity Clement – 2nd place
Vine Junior Girls Team – 9th place 

Open Dressage
Chiddingfold team of Emily Devlin, Lucy Butcher, Jessica Cross and Pippa Read (Team 3rd)
Chiddingfold – Pippa Reed – 2nd place
Bisley & Sandown Chase – Rosie McDermott – 3rd place
Chiddingfold – Jess Cross – 6th place
Chiddingfold – Lucy Butcher – 8th place
Chiddingfold – Emily Devlin – 9th place 

Open Dressage Ride Off
Chiddingfold – Pippa Reed – 7th place

Elite Dressage
Bisley & Sandown Chase – Rosie McDermott – 2nd place
Chiddingfold – Emily Devlin – 3rd place

Dressage to Music Novice
Vine – Veronica Owings – 1st place
Hampshire Hunt – William Andrews – 2nd place

Dressage to Music Intermediate
Garth Hunt – Tabitha Palmer Savage – 6th place

Dressage to Music Open
Chiddingfold – Emily Devlin – 4th place
Garth Hunt – Jennifer Chaplain – 8th place

Dressage to Music Ride Off
Vine – Veronica Owings – 3rd place 

Intermediate Dressage
Bisley & Sandown Chase team of  Lulu Saunders, Sophie Hopper, Molly Barnard and Gemma Sinclair-Williams (Team 9th)
Vine team of Alexa Sugden, Ella Woolmer, Gabriella Dance and Tilly Spark (Team 11th)
Hambledon Hunt North – Lauren Copestake – 3rd place
Bisley & Sandown Chase – Lulu Saunders – 5th place
Garth Hunt – Tabitha Palmer Savage – 7th place 

Intermediate Warm Up Test
Hambledon Hunt North – Lauren Copestake – 5th place 

Novice Dressage
Chiddingfold team of Ella Richardson, Emma Harding, Gigi Benson and Molly Powell (Team 10th)
Chiddingfold – Gigi Benson – 2nd place
Hampshire Hunt – William Andrews – 3rd place
Hambledon Hunt North – Molly Palmer – 5th place
Vine – Brian Lin – 6th place
Petersfield PC – Trinity Clement – 8th place 

Novice Championship Ride Off
Chiddingfold – Gigi Benson – 5th place 

Warm Up P1-A
Hambledon Hunt North – Grace Sigourny – 6th place 

Warm Up P1-B
Petersfield – Trinity Clement – 6th Place
Hambledon Hunt North – Milly Palmer – 9th place 

Elite Showjumping – Lord Leconfield Hunt – Lulu James – 8th place
PC Open – Lord Leconfield Hunt – Lulu James – 8th place
PC Open Team – Area 13 Team Lulu James *(LL) on 2 rides, Catherine Van Randwyck (HH) & Molly Barnard (B&SCH)  – Team 4th place
PC100 Warm Up – Lord Leconfield Hunt – Verity Leggett – 6th place

Hampshire Hunt – Bethany Naylor Davies – 7th place
Chiddingfold – Sasha Roberts – 7th place
Hampshire Hunt – Hattie Lloyd – 10th place

PC90 Open
Chiddingfold – Jessica Cross – 1st place
Lord Leconfield Hunt – Verity Leggett – 5th Place 

Lord Leconfield Hunt – Ellie Nicholson – 9th place
Garth South – Lola Dare – 10th place 

Wokingham Junior Team – Emma Donaldson, Elsa Fearon and Elsie Nichol – 10th Place
Silvermere Equestrian Centre Senior Team – 2nd place 

Wokingham Musical Ride Team (Top Gun) – Reserve Champions



Area 13 Dressage Qualifiers | Sunday 9 July 2023

Hosted by Vine Pony Club at Englefield Estate Reading

Preliminary PC70 Dressage Test 2022
=1st   Hampshire Hunt Centre Line
=1st   Lord Leconfield Hunt Silver
3rd   Vine Red
4th  Garth South Diamonds
5th   Chiddingfold
6th   Wokingham Yellow
Individual Qualifiers:
Abigail McHugh – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Sophie Coward – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Isabelle Austin – Garth Hunt
Julius Mesterhazy Foster – Garth Hunt
Darcie Brett – Hambledon Hunt North
Alice Hargreaves – Hampshire Hunt
Joshua Leathers – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Tabby Carter – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Flora Baggott – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Sophia Monk – Petersfield
Mia Burt – South Berkshire
Polly Thomas – South Berkshire
Tamara Bremner Martin – South Berkshire
Ruby Yeomans x 2 – Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt
Summer Lloyd – Vine
Grassroots PC80 Dressage Test 2018 Qualifier
1st   Wokingham Blue
2nd   Vine Green
3rd   South Berkshire Concerto
4th   Lord Leconfield Hunt
5th   Garth Hunt Waltz
Individual Qualifiers:
Valentine Tierney – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Harriet Russell – Hambledon Hunt North
Athena Dunn x 2 – Hampshire Hunt
Anya Hurst – Petersfield
PC Novice Dressage Test 2020 Qualifier
=1st   Chiddingfold
=1st   Hambledon Hunt Raindrops
3rd   Vine Red
4th   Novice Mixed A
5th   Hampshire Hunt Halt At X
Individual Qualifiers:
William Andrews – Hampshire Hunt
Eva Haworth – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Trinity Clement – Petersfield
Brian Lin – Vine

Area 13 Showjumping Qualifiers (PC90, PC90 Open PC100 and PC110) | Sunday 2 July 2023

Hosted by South Berkshire Pony Club at Wellington Riding, Heckfield 

PC90 Teams:
1st   Bisley & Sandown Chase Bells
2nd   Lord Leconfield Hunt Blue
3rd   Hampshire Hunt
4th   Vine Red
Individual Qualifiers:
Amelia Bibby – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Bethany Cole – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Olivia Robertson – Garth South
Laura Bilham – Hampshire Hunt
Brian Lin – Vine
PC90 Open Individuals:
Jess Winter x 2 – Petersfield
PC100 Teams:
1st   Hampshire Hunt
2nd   Garth South
3rd   Vine
Individual Qualifiers:
Albert Bell – Hampshire Hunt
Isabel Rendall – Hampshire Hunt
Poppy Durkan – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Elodie Ashby Rudd – Petersfield
Claudia Burton – Vine
PC100 Teams:
1st   Open Mixed Team Falcons
2nd   Open Mixed Team Eagles
3rd   Open Mixed Team Hawkes
Individual Qualifiers:
Ellie Roberts – Chiddingfold
Clementine Foster – Hambledon Hunt North
Catherine Van Randwyck – Hampshire Hunt
Lulu James x 2 – Lord Leconfield Hunt
AREA 13 PC70 & PC80 SHOWJUMPING QUALIFIERS | Sunday 25 June 2023

Hosted by Hambledon Hunt North Pony Club at Crofton Manor Equestrian Centre, Stubbington

PC80 Teams:
1st   Hampshire Hunt Hello Sanctos
2nd   Garth Hunt Platinum
3rd   Chiddingfold Red
4th   Hampshire Hunt Hickstead
5th   Hambledon Hunt Raindrops
6th   Bisley & Sandown Chase Bluebells
7th   Hampshire Hunt Gem Twist
8th   Chiddingfold White

Individual Qualifiers:
Florence Mitchell – Crawley & Horsham Hunt South
Annabel Knight – Crawley & Horsham Hunt South
Josie Bishop – Goodwood
Lily Cox – Goodwood
Violet Moore – Goodwood
Sofia Bracci – Petersfield
Amelia Mitchell – Petersfield
Safia Cundy – South Berkshire
Jasper Bandey – Vine
Isabelle Freeman – Vine
Ida Jonas – Vine
PC70 Teams:
1st   Hambledon Hunt North Rainbows
2nd   Hampshire Hunt Snowman
3rd   South Berkshire & Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Mixed Team
4th   Garth Hunt Diamonds
5th   Chiddingfold Red
6th   Petersfield
7th   Wokingham Gold
8th   Goodwood Emeralds

Individual Qualifiers:
Caia Neads – Chiddingfold
Lex Neads – Chiddingfold
Felicity Ashcroft – Garth Hunt
Molly Todd – Garth South
Holly Titcombe – Garth South
Lavinia Goswell – Garth South
Peter Miller Cook – Garth South
Amelia Mitchell – Hampshire Hunt
Clover Mason – Hampshire Hunt
Sienna Marriott – Hampshire Hunt
Emily Nilham – Hampshire Hunt
Arabella Corbett – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Ruby Radford – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Esme Baggott – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Freddie Shutler – Vine
Matilda Bandey – Vine
PC70+ Individual Qualifiers:
Faye Cheeseman – Chiddingfold
Anya Hurst – Petersfield

AREA 13 PC70 EVENTING QUALIFIER | Sunday 11 June 2023

Hosted by Chiddingfold North Pony Club at Fair Oak Cross Country, Rogate

PC70 Regional Eventing Qualifier
1st   Hambledon Hunt North Whirlwinds Q
2nd   Hampshire Hunt Red Q
3rd   Chiddingfold White Q 

Individual Qualifiers
Olivia Steward – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Sophie Zawoda – Chiddingfold
Isabel Green – Hambledon Hunt North
Bella Lumb – Hambledon Hunt North
Kate Hunter Smart – Hampshire Hunt
Clover Mason – Hampshire Hunt
Amelia Mitchell – Hampshire Hunt
Rudy Radford – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Tabby Carter – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Emily Edge – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Oliver Chant – Petersfield
Mia Daw – Petersfield
Holly Chapman – Vine
Sam Ingham – Wokingham
Elsa Fearon – Wokingham


Wednesday 31st May 2023 | Northington Stables, Aylresford.


1st   Silvermere Shires   Qualified
2nd  Silvermere Suffolk Punches


1st   Wokingham Yellow   Qualified
2nd  Silvermere Snaffles   Qualified
3rd   Chiddingfold
4th   Greenways Epic Equestrians
5th   Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt The Beagles
6th  Silvermere Saddles
7th  Silvermere Stirrups
8th  Greenways Super Skewbalds
9th  Greenways Rockstar Riders
10th Greenways The Horseshoe Club


1st  Wokingham Red   Qualified
2nd Silvermere Snips
3rd  Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Terriers
4th  Northington Stables
5th  Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Dachshunds
6th Wokingham Green
7th Silvermere Stars

Sunday 21 May 2023 | Chase Farm, Bramshott Chase hosted by Petersfield Pony Club.  

1st    Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt – 37 points Qualified           
2nd   Vine – 24 points Qualified            
3rd   South Berkshire – 22 points  
4th   Chiddingfold/Petersfield – 20 points
5th   Bisley & Sandown Chase – 16 points


1st    Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt – 27 points Qualified  
2nd   Bisley & Sandown Chase – 17 points Qualified  
3rd   Chiddingfold – 14 points  
4th   Vine – 11 points

1st   Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt – 8 points Qualified


THE PONY CLUB RACE DAY | Monday 3 April 2023 | Ascot Racecourse | Results

Northington Stables 

Area 13 Branches and Centres sent 20 teams to take part in the Quiz Qualifier at Northington Stables.
There were 8 Mini Teams and 12 Junior/Senior Teams who took part in 9 rounds doing everything from general Pony Club Knowledge, to feeding, horse welfare and horsey charades, to name but a few of the rounds!!
Very well done to absolutely everyone who took part and special thank you to Northington Stables for hosting the Quiz and to all our helpers who took time out of their day to support everyone!! You are superstars and we could not do it without you!!
The Branches and Centres who have qualified for the Quiz Champs are:
  • Branch winner – Wokingham Red Team
  • Centre Winner – Silvermere EC Shetlands
Junior/ Senior
  • Branch winner – Wokingham Blue Team
  • Centre winner – Silvermere EC Snaffles
Good luck to you all at the Quiz Champs on Saturday 22 April!!













Novice Championship | Section B
5th   Veronica Owings – Annaghmore Lad  (Vine)

Intermediate Championship | Section D
12th   Ella Woolmer – Magheradrummond Lad  (Vine)

Intermediate Championship | Section E
1st   Lulu Saunders – Fleet of Foot  (Bisley & Sandown Chase)
4th   Tabitha Palmer Savage – Crosstown Shadow  (Garth Hunt)

Intermediate Ride Off
4th   Lulu Saunders – Fleet of Foot  (Bisley & Sandown Chase)

Intermediate Freestyle Dressage to Music
2nd   Tabitha Palmer Savage – Crosstown Shadow  (Garth Hunt)

Open Freestyle Dressage to Music
1st   Emily Devlin – Mexican Storm  (Chiddingfold)
=5th   Jennifer Chaplain – Brackenspa Rock In  (Garth South) 

Arena Eventing

PC 80cm
2nd   Charlotte Brown – Poppy’s Cariad  (South Berks) 

PC 90cm
11th   Veronica Owings – Annaghmore Lad  (Vine)

PC 100cm
8th   Ella Woolmer – Magheradrummond Lad  (Vine)


Teams:  Garth Hunt Emeralds WON!  Team Members: Cecilie Sykes, Emmy Giannotta, Louise McDonald and Evelina Roberts
AND Garth Hunt Diamonds placed TENTH!  Team members: Cecilie Sykes, Louise McDonald, Zara Knight and Eveline Roberts

PC Challenge Warm Up 95cm
5th   Evelina Roberts – Atlantic Hope II  (Garth Hunt)

PC Challenge Championship 1m
10th   Cecilie Skyes – Hyper Ace  (Garth Hunt)

Open Grand Prix Warm Up 1.05m
5th   Cecilie Sykes – Colours of Romeo  (Garth Hunt)

Open Grand Prix Championship 1.10m
1st   Cecilie Sykes – Colours of Romeo  (Garth Hunt)
5th   Louise McDonald – Fanta-astic  (Garth Hunt)

Debut Warm Up 85cm
6th   Emmy Giannotta – West Coast Express  (Garth Hunt)
11th   Keira Merriman – Drombane Liath  (Chiddingfold)
12th   Evelina Roberts – Lady  (Garth Hunt)

Debut Championship 90cm
1st   Evelina Roberts – Lady  (Garth Hunt)
13th   Keira Merriman – Drombane Liath  (Chiddingfold)
14th   Emmy Giannotta – West Coast Express  (Garth Hunt)





6th     Hambledon Hunt North (Molly Palmer, Evie Schofield, Maddie Caunt and Poppy Tiley)
7th     Hampshire Hunt (Grace Ditcham, Bartholomew Bell, Laura Bilham and Alice Read)
11th   Bisley & Sandown Chase (Lottie Newton, Lulu Saunders, Helena Junker Brameld and Mia Newton)

Section A

2nd    Isabelle Noble | Crystal (Petersfield)
6th     Grace Ditcham | Cudgley’s Cuckoo Temple (Hampshire Hunt)
8th     Molly Palmer | Woodlands Chilli Morning (Hambledon Hunt North)
9th     Miranda Tyser | Belle Arc En Ciel (Vine)

Section B

4th      Evie Schofield | A La Wida (Hambledon Hunt North)
5th      Bartholomew Bell | Woodrow Special Moment (Hampshire Hunt)
9th      Lulu Saunders | Springcourt Bailey (Bisley & Sandown Chase) 

Section C

8th     Maddie Caunt | Llanwnen Welsh Magic (Hambledon Hunt North)
9th     Helena Junker Brameld | Coolrahnee Duke (Bisley & Sandown Chase)

Section D

4th     Trinity Clement | Caoilte Mear (Petersfield)
9th     Poppy Tiley | Meadowoak Manor Olwena (Hambeldon Hunt North)

Grassroots Ride Off

2nd     Isabelle Noble | Crystal (Petersfield)


Section G

2nd     Ella Richardson | Right My And Some (Chiddingfold)
7th     Joshua Leathers | Puzzle (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
9th     Ellie Robson Rowan | Lily Ma’Chello (Garth South)
10th   Amelia Bibby | Letterfore Danny (Bisley & Sandown Chase)

Section H

3rd     Jenna Elliott | Poppy (Garth Hunt)
5th     Isobel Fisher | Burlington Bertie (Bisley & Sandown Chase)
=7th   Emma Donaldson | Cwmyrdderch Marlon (Wokingham)
          Esme Baggott | Dinky Dan (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
9th     Freya Luke | Hollowmarsh Betty Boop (Garth South)

Section I

2nd    Amber Saunders | Colin VI (Wokingham)
5th     Sophie Hopper | Scooby Kilkeary (Bisley & Sandown Chase)
6th     Lyla Elliott | Edenside Starburst Moonshine (Garth Hunt)
8th      Georgina Ferritto | Simon (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
10th   Imogen Graften | Golden Cavailar (Garth South)

Section J

4th     Tabby Carter | Willowhill Darcy (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
6th      Olivia Stewart | Rossalyne Henrietta (Bisley & Sandown Chase)

PC70 Ride Off

4th      Amber Saunders | Colin VI (Wokingham)
7th      Ella Richardson | Right My And Some (Chiddingfold)


2nd     Maddie Caunt | Welsh Magic (Hambledon Hunt North)
9th      Amelia Bibby | Letterfore Danny (Bisley & Sandown Chase)
10th    Daisy Camping | Jack (Lord Leconfield Hunt)



5th      Garth Hunt (Georgie Cooper, Leo Robertson, Raphaela Dawson and Zara Knight)
6th      Chiddingfold (Elizabeth Thomas, Ella Richardson, Emma Harding and Enoki Calvert Ansari)


1st    Raphaela Dawson | Uli Van Duversputten (Garth Hunt)
3rd     Charlotte Mahon | The Cookie Monster (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
5th    Grace Ditcham | Cudgley’s Cuckoo Temple (Hampshire Hunt)
6th    Georgie Cooper | Goodness Gracious Me (Garth Hunt)
7th    Poppy Tiley | Meadowoak Manor Olwena (Hambeldon Hunt North)



2nd    Vine (Flora Balding, Alexa Sugden, Jessica Tayabali and Miranda Tsyer)
4th     Hambledon Hunt North Tempests (India Jewitt, Lauren Copestake, Natasha Knight and Poppy Tiley)
8th     Hambledon Hunt North Hurricanes (Dot Mills, Ester Tuttle, Lara Webb and Sophie Goldsmith)

Section A

1st     Isabelle Noble | Crystal (Petersfield)
2nd    Pippa Read | Ilar Vincent (Chiddingfold)
6th     Flora Balding | Tullibards Boom The Groom (Vine)
9th     India Jewitt | Morlynn (Hambledon Hunt North)

Section B

1st     Alexa Sugden | Rasta (Vine)
4th     Lauren Copestake | Pot Luck (Hambledon Hunt North)
9th      Katie Dennett | Lucky Lane Rocket (Hampshire Hunt)
10th   Isabel Wilson | Addrigoole Victor (Garth South)

Section C

8th     Jessica Tayabali | Pablos Puzzle (Vine)

Section D

1st     Trinity Clement | Caoilte Mear (Petersfield)
3rd     Poppy Tiley | Meadowoak Manor Olwena (Hambeldon Hunt North)
9th     Sophie Goldsmith | Rock Of Ages (Hambledon Hunt North)



3rd     South Berks (Connie Mumby, Lottie Costello and Safia Cundy)

Section G

10th    Lottie Costello | Flecknoe Final Impression (South Berks)






Mini Horse & Pony Care

9th     Wokingham

Senior Horse & Pony Care

3rd     Silvermere Equestrian Centre
Individual winner Georgia Stanton (Silvermere Equestrian Centre)


PC90 Teams

5th     Hampshire Hunt (Louise Van Randwyck, Dylan House Walton, Imogen Smyth and William Andrews)

PC90 Section A

8th     Ava Holt | Tristan Hill (Petersfield)
9th     Louise Van Randwyck | Black Spark (Hampshire Hunt)

PC90 Section B

10th   Dylan House Walton | In A Piccle (Hampshire Hunt) 

PC90 Section D

4th     William Andrews | Rustenberg Diamond (Hampshire Hunt)
10th   Hattie Biles | Knockmullen Foxy (Petersfield)

PC90 Section E

3rd     Tabitha Palmer Savage | Crosstown Shadow (Garth Hunt)

PC90 Section F

4th     Annabel Hemery | Gemarko (Chiddingfold Farmers)

PC100 Teams

4th     Hampshire Hunt (Annabel Pym, Catherine Van Randwyck, Albert Bell and Isabel Raimes)

PC100 Section A

3rd     Annabel Pym | Girl from the Top of the Hill (Hampshire Hunt)

PC100 Section B

1st     Catherine Van Randwyck | Bannagh Lux (Hampshire Hunt)
10th   Poppy Burnyeat | Chocolate Bomb (Garth South)

PC100 Section C

9th     Albert Bell | Connaght Schwepps (Hampshire Hunt)

PC100 Section D

7th     Isabel Raimes | Primitive Perdita (Hampshire Hunt)

PC100 Section E

7th     Ella Woolmer | Magheradrummond Lad (Vine)


Mini Major Warm Up

10th    Keira Merriman | Drombane Liath (Chiddingfold)   

Mini Major

2nd     Raphaela Dawson | Uli Van Duyversputten (Garth Hunt)
5th      Raphaela Dawson | Trefriw Eros (Garth Hunt)
9th     Keira Merriman | Drombane Liath (Chiddingfold)


2nd     Lulu James | Warriors Maestro (Lord Leconfield Hunt)

PC100 Horsemanship Award

5th     Becky Storer | Casino Royale One (Wokingham)

PC 90 Teams

3rd     Lord Leconfield Hunt (Amelie Parkes, Venetia McMorran, Poppy Durkin and Neve Meurer)
4th     Crawley & Horsham Hunt South (Evie Ellis, Grace Curtis Oakes, Isabelle Rodda and Zach Scerri)


9th     Gracie Curtis Oakes | OBOS Delightful (Crawley & Horsham Hunt South)

Elite Showjumping

7th     Molly Chandler | OBOS Delightful (Crawley & Horsham Hunt South)
8th     Molly Chandler | Belianus (Crawley & Horsham Hunt South)


Novice Dressage to Music

6th     William Andrews | Rustenberg Diamond (Hampshire Hunt)

Open Dressage To Music

1st     Emily Devlin | Mexican Storm (Chiddingfold)
2nd    Jennifer Chaplain | Brackenspa Rock In (Garth South)
5th    Meredith Wilson | Oloa (Garth South)
7th     Daisy Coombe Tennant | Just Juno (Lord Leconfield Hunt)

Dressage To Music Ride Off

5th     Emily Devlin | Mexican Storm (Chiddingfold)
6th     Jennifer Chaplain | Brackenspa Rock In (Garth South)

Novice Dressage Teams

4th     Vine (Veronica Owings, Ella Chapman, Alexa Sugden and Veronica Owings)

Novice Dressage Section N1

1st     Veronica Owing | Annaghmore Lad (Vine)

Novice Dressage Section N2

10th   Poppy Durkin | Freddie Fly (Lord Leconfield Hunt)

Novice Dressage Section N3

7th     Pippa Reed | Loughmore Patrick (Chiddingfold)

Novice Dressage Section N4

8th     Veronica Owings | Grayfields Independence (Vine)

Novice Dressage Section N5

9th     William Andrews | Rustenberg Diamond (Hampshire Hunt)

Novice Ride Off

5th     Veronica Owings | Annaghmore Lad (Vine)

Open Dressage Teams

4th     Area 13 Mixed (Louise Van Randwyck, Emily Devlin, Alannah Dunstan and Lucy Butcher)

Open Novice Dressage

8th     Tamsin Stamp | Grangebeg Melody (Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt)
10th   Catherine Van Randwyck | Edern Sea Swallow (Hampshire Hunt)

Open Dressage Section O1

2nd     Rosie McDermott | Carrick Aldato Girl (Bisley & Sandown Chase)

Open Dressage Section O2

2nd      Emily Devlin | Mexican Storm (Chiddingfold)

Open Dressage Section O3

3rd     Alannah Dunstan | Jumping Star JWB (South Berks)

Open Dressage Section O4

9th     Lucy Butcher | Minerva Van De Kooldries (Chiddingfold)

Open Dressage Ride Off

5th     Rosie McDermott | Carrick Aldato Girl (Bisley& Sandown Chase)
6th     Emily Devlin | Mexican Storm (Chiddingfold)

Intermediate Dressage Section I1

3rd     Marnie Hayter | Marnie’s Amber Lamps (Hambledon Hunt North)
10th   Emily Yelloly | Sligo Dot Com (Garth Hunt)

Intermediate Dressage Section I2

1st     Pippa Reed | ILAR Vincent (Chiddingfold)

Intermediate Ride Off

2nd     Pippa Reed | ILAR Vincent (Chiddingfold)

Elite Dressage

2nd     Rosie McDermott | Carrick Aldato Girl (Bisley& Sandown Chase)
6th     Emily Devlin | Mexican Storm (Chiddingfold)
7th     Pippa Reed | ILAR Vincent (Chiddingfold)


Area Mixed Team 11th   (Olivia O’Brien, Trinity Clement, Madeleine Edginton and Jonty Harrap)

Intermediate Girls

8th  Molly Barnard (Bisley & Sandown Chase)
11th   Olivia O’Brien (Wokingham)

Junior Girls Teams

8th   Vine (Clare McGonnell, Georgie Wallis and Molly Wallis)

Junior Girls

1st    Trinity Clement (Petersfield)

Stepping Stones Boys

5th   Oliver Chant (Petersfield)

Area 13 Dressage Qualifiers | Sunday 11 July 2022 
Hosted by Vine Pony Club

Open Dressage Qualifier

1st  Garth South    Q
2nd Mixed Team A | Darcy Blaze Marcus, Lucy Butcher, Emily Martin, Alannah Dunstan    Q
3rd  Mixed Team B  | Daisy Coombe-Tennant, Rosie McDermott, Leah Wright, Louise Van Randwyck

Individual Qualifiers

1st       Rosie McDermott  – Bisley & Sandown Chase   Q
2nd      Meredith Wilson  – Garth South
3rd       Lucy Hastings  –  Garth South       
4th       Lucy Butcher  –  Chiddingfold 
5th       Darcy Blaze Marcus  –  Chiddingfold Farmers 
6th       Emily Devlin  –  Chiddingfold
7th       Jennifer Chaplain  –  Garth South
8th       Alannah Dunstan  –  South Berkshire
9th       Francesca Davies  –  Garth South
10th      Leah Wright  – Petersfield  Q
11th     Daisy Coombe-Tennant  –  Lord Leconfield Hunt  Q
12th     Louise Van Randwyck  –  Hampshire Hunt

Grassroots Dressage Qualifier

1st    Bisley & Sandown Chase Blue   Q
2nd   Lord Leconfield Hunt Regionals  Q
3rd    Hambledon Hunt North Comets  Q
4th    Mixed Regional Team – Phoebe Hutchinson, Isabelle Noble, Trinity Clement
5th    Garth Hunt Regional  Q
6th    Hampshire Hunt Hot Shots  Q
7th    Hambledon Hunt North Stars  Q

Individual Qualifiers

Eliza Rees – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Gracie O’Mahony Rogers – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Phoebe Hutchinson – Chiddingfold Farmers
Trinity Clement – Petersfield
Isabelle Noble – Petersfield
Molly Wallis – Vine
Jessica Tayaball – Vine
Miranda Tyser – Vine

Area 13 Showjumping Qualifiers (PC110, PC100, PC90 Open and PC90) | Sunday 3 July 2022
Hosted by South Berkshire Pony Club 
Full results:
Area 13 Grassroots Regional Qualifiers | Sunday 26 June 2022
Hosted by Bisley & Sandown Chase Pony Club
Full results:
PC70 Regional Dressage
1st   Wokingham Green Q
2nd   Bisley & Sandown Chase Q
3rd  Lord Leconfield Hunt Blue Q
4th  Garth Hunt Q
5th  Lord Leconfield Hunt Silver Q
6th  Garth South Q
Individual Qualifiers
Ella Richardson – Chiddingfold
Beau Ridley – Chiddingfold Farmers
Bartholomew Bell – Hampshire Hunt
Bella Forster – Petersfield
Arabella Hislop – South Berkshire
Sofia Lundy – South Berkshire
Lily Powell – Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt
Francesca Dance – Vine
PC70 Regional Showjumping
1st  Hampshire Hunt Q
2nd  Hambledon Hunt North Hurricanes Q
3rd  Vine Q
4th  Wokingham Yellow Q
5th  Bisley & Sandown Chase Yellow Q
6th  Bisley & Sandown Chase Orange Q
Individual Qualifiers
Sofia Tooth – Chiddingfold
Eloise Davis – Chiddingfold
Stan Ashcroft – Garth Hunt
Ellie Beckett – Garth Hunt
Ellie Robson-Rowan – Garth South
Harriett Russell – Hambledon Hunt North
Darcy Brett – Hambledon Hunt North
Tabby Carter – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Esme Baggott – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Isabelle Cook – Petersfield
Mia Burt – South Berkshire
Sofia Lundy – South Berkshire
Jacob Mears – Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt
Freddie Shutler – Vine
Isabella Mackay – Wokingham
PC80 Regional Showjumping Results
1st  Garth Hunt 2 Q
2nd  Hambledon Hunt North Typhoons Q
3rd  Garth Hunt 1 Q
4th  Chiddingfold Red Q
5th  South Berkshire Honeycombe Q
6th  Hampshire Hunt 2 Q
Individual Qualifiers
Gracie O’Mahoney-Rogers – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Lulu Saunders – Bisley & Sandown Chase
Alice Mitchell – Chiddingfold
Niamh Bew – Garth South
Millie Palmer – Hambledon Hunt North
Grace Ditcham – Hampshire Hunt
Bartholomew Bell – Hampshire Hunt
Millie Taylor – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Megan Duke – Lord Leconfield Hunt
George Flexman – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Mya Stett – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Panda Gondola-Gordon – Lord Leconfield Hunt
Katie Cook – Petersfield
Poppy Turl – Petersfield
Isabelle Noble – Petersfield
Ellie Ryan – Vine

Area 11 & Area 13 Prince Philip Cup Qualifiers | Sunday 22 May 2022

Hosted by Petersfield Pony Club
Full results:
Area 13 Horse & Pony Care Competition | Wednesday 13 April 2022
The Area 13 Qualifier for the National Horse & Pony Care competition was run by one of our Pony Club Centres, Silvermere Equestrian Centre (many thanks for a well run day!).
The Mini Qualifier was as close run thing, but the Silvermere Snips ( Lauren B, Natsumi R and Isabelle T) won by 0.5 points over the Wokingham Blue team (Briony S, Isabella M and Alice B) and 3rd placed Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt (Ruby, Skye and Poppy) were just 4 points behind them!  In 4th place, was the Silvermere Stars (Rose D, Annabel T and Harriet M), in 5th was Wokingham Gold Team (Sienna C, Millie B and Teddy M) and in 6th place were the Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Beagles (Darcy, Oliver and Emily).
The Juniors Qualifier was equally closely fought but this time the Wokingham Green Team of (Emma D, Elsie N and Elsa F) won the class, with Silvermere Snaffles being pipped at the post by 1.5 points and in 3rd place was Silvermere Stirrups!
The full results below: 
Congratulations to the winners of both classes who qualify for the National Pony Club Championships in August – Good Luck!!
Pony Racing | Monday 11 April 2022 
Full Results:  
Bisley & Sandown Chase Pony Club | Prince Philip Cup Friendly Games Weekend

Full Results

On Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 March 2022, we had the most fantastic time hosting a Mounted Games weekend at the Pony Club field in Chobham where we had over 10 Pony Clubs meeting together for a weekend of fun and games.

Teams started arriving on Friday evening, setting up camp and penning their ponies, ready for an early start on Saturday morning.

We at Bisley & Sandown Chase Pony Club have been encouraging more teams in Area 13 to restart games, opening our Saturday afternoon training sessions to other Clubs. So having so many teams enter at all different levels was very exciting and meant we had some super competitive teams at the top end with last year’s HOYS teams and also Senior Novice heats with some members having only done games for a couple of weeks.

28 teams – some members as young as 3 years old in the Mini classes.  In Juniors we had fast, medium and slow heats, so catering for all levels; with guest riders and mixed teams we were able to make a place for everyone.

We were lucky with beautiful sunshine, and after a long day all settled down ready for the next day’s finals.

Here are the overall results from the Sunday finals and all the Saturday’s Heats morning and afternoon.

Thank you all for so much help and for encouraging the other Clubs; everyone learning about the equipment, line judging, rules and so much more.

Team Trainer
Philippa Westphal
Bisley & Sandown Chase Pony Club 

Well done to overall Champions 

Senior Champions | North Warwickshire
Junior Champions | Wylye Valley Juniors
(the Junior Competition prizes were generously donated by EGUK)
Novice and Mini Champions | Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt
Pairs Champions | Bisley & Sandown Chase Cousins



GRASSROOTS REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – RECTORY FARM, DUNTISBOURNE ABBOT (thank you to @Stitched Equestrian for their sponsorship of the Championships)

Dressage – Grassroots 2018 for individuals and teams

Arena A

1st – Lauren C (HH(N))
2nd – Imogen S (HH)
5th – William A (HH)
7th – William A (HH)
8th – Isabel Wilson (GS)

Arena B

1st – Bethan N-D (HH)
2nd – Anya H (Petersfield)
4th – Gigi B (Chiddingfold)
6th – Jessica L (LLPC)
7th – Olivia R (GS)

Arena C

3rd – Molly P (HH(N))
6th – Grace D (HH)
7th – Hattie L (HH)

Arena D

1st – Pippa R (Chiddingfold)
3rd – Venetia McM (LLPC)
4th – Freyamay B (HH)
7th – Amelie B (HH)

Then the top two from each Arena went through to a Ride Off to determine the top eight individuals.  Five of the eight were from Area 13, with HH, HH(N), Petersfield and Chiddingfold all represented, in an incredibly close competition the final placings were.

2nd – Imogen S (HH)
3rd – Pippa R (Chiddingfold)
4th – Anya H (Petersfield)
5th – Lauren C (HH(N))
6th – Bethany N-D (HH)


1st – Hampshire Hunt Buzzards: William A, Emily B, Hattie L, Freyamay B
2nd – Hampshire Hunt Kites: Imogen S, Bethany N-D, Grace D, Amelie B
3rd – Hambledon Hunt North Cyclones: Lauren C, Maddie C, Molly P, Poppy T
4th – Petersfield Piaffes: Charlotte D, Anya H, Trinity C, Ella B



1st – Greatham Equestrian Centre – Gracie, Katie, Paige and Sienna. This is the first Championship win for a PC Centre so double celebrations!
2nd Hambledon Hunt North – Catherine, Esther, Lauren & Poppy, they were the only team to finish on 4 faults in the jump off – how amazing.
4th Garth Hunt – Emily, Rosie, Zara, Raphaela, they were pipped into 4th by just 1.2 seconds, what a fantastic finish.


3rd – Raphaela (GH)
4th – Brian D-L (Vine Hunt)
6th – Jessica I (Wokingham)
9th – Orla B (Chiddingfold)
10th – Flora B (Vine Hunt)

Honourable mentions go to the Hampshire Hunt team of Barty, Imogen, Katie & William and the Chiddingfold team of Orla, Sasha & Emily who also finished on 8 faults in 9th and 11th place respectively, just outside the team placings.

Also, to Esther T (HH(N)) and William A (HH) who were the only other individual riders to have 3 rounds of Showjumping without any faults but were unfortunately just outside the placings in 11th and 12th respectively.



Arena G

1st – Anya H (Petersfield)
2nd – Isabella H (LLPC)
3rd – Katy F (HH(N))
8th – Jemima T (Cowdray)
10th – Darcey I (Chiddingfold Farmers’)

Arena H

1st – Bethany N-D (HH)
3rd – Annabel H (Chiddingfold Farmers’)
7th – Olivia A (HH)
8th – Edie B (Petersfield)
10th – Lara G (HH)

Arena I

1st – Betsy P (GS)
2nd – Elodie N (Petersfield)
4th – Rosie K (HH)
5th – Imogen S (HH)
6th – Emily C (Chiddingfold)

Arena J

3rd – Hattie L (HH)
4th – Erin B (HH)
6th – Ruth B (B&SC)
7th – Lauren B (HH(N))
8th – Brooke M (LLPC)


1st – Petersfield – Anya, Edie, Elodie & Harriet
2nd – Hampshire Hunt – Anabelle, Olivia, Rosie, Erin
5th – Hambledon Hunt North – Katy, Dorothy, Aneka, Lauren
6th – Hampshire Hunt – Dylan, Bethany, Imogen, William
7th – Lord Leconfield – Isabella, Annabelle, Esme, Millie
10th – Lord Leconfield – Lexi. Oliver, Venetia, Brooke




This final championship class took place over the bank holiday weekend at Wellington Horse Trials on 29-31 August.  We had 8 Area 13 Riders who qualified to participate, and they were:

Millie A on Do Ya Dink He Saw Us – South Berks
Fiona D on The African Queen – Lord Leconfield
Allanah D on Zealous – South Berks
Piers F on Samphire III – Cowdray Hunt
Verity L on Ringwood Jackie D – Lord Leconfield
Sarah M on Sannanvalley Justice – Hambledon Hunt North
Ella P on Jubilee Star III – Petersfield
Anna S on Rhode Island 19 – Lord Leconfield

The competition was fantastic with a brilliant show jumping and cross-country track on Wellington’s gorgeous estate!! 

There were riders from 14 of the UK Areas taking part.  The Area 13 Team came 4th in the Area Team competition!

There were 9 teams in the Branch Team competition, and Lord Leconfield’s team of Fiona D, Verity L and Anna S took 5th place!

And last, but by no means least, individually, we had Sarah M from HHN who took 13th Place finishing on 36.3 and Fiona D did an amazing job to finish double clear on 31 to take 5th place and was one of only 17 riders (from the 78 starters) who received the Craddock Rosette for a double clear at the Championships.

Huge congratulations to all qualified and very well done to all those who were placed!!


The #jcbponyclubchampionships Polo Championships took place on the last weekend of the Champs week at Offchurch and Hampshire Hunt were the sole representative for Area 13.  They had a great time receiving many placings in the exciting matches!! Very well done to all who took part and we hope you enjoyed the experience!!

Jorrocks Division 1 – Hampshire Hunt 3rd
Jorrocks on Polo Ponies (JOPPS) – Hampshire Hunt 3rd
Handley Cross – Hampshire Hunt 1st
Rupert Thorneloe Trophy – Hampshire Hunt – Charlie Fergusson
Most improved first year Jorrocks – Hampshire Hunt- Lilly Whittington
Surtees Division 2 – Hampshire Hunt Green 1st
Surtees Division 1 – Hampshire Hunt Red 2nd

OPEN / PC110 Championship Classes for Dressage and Showjumping

The #jcbponyclubchampionships Open/PC110 classes took place on 19-20 August!!  Well done to all who qualified for the championships, that we have shared below, along with those who were placed!  We hope you enjoyed the experience!!

Open Dressage:

Team & Individual Dressage:

Area 13 Mixed Team – Meredith W (Garth South), Georgina W (HHN), Charlotte K (HHN) and Jemima H (Petersfield)

Chiddingfold – Jess C, Emily D and Lucy B (on Darcy & Noddy)

Individual Dressage:

Tamsin S (SC&SH) and Fiona D (Lord Leconfield)

Wow!  The Open dressage teams did not fail to impress with both teams in the placings!!  Huge Congratulations to the Chiddingfold branch whose team came 4th and our Area 13 Mixed team who were in 8th place!! 

For the individual competition, we lots of placings with Fiona D (LL) 3rd, Jess C (Chiddingfold) 6th, Charlotte K (HHN) 6th and Lucy B (Chiddingfold) 7th.

Congratulations to you all!!

PC110 Showjumping:

Team Show Jumping:

Area 13 Mixed Team: Milly A (South Berks), Fiona D (LL), Jak L (GS) and Indi H (South Berks)

Petersfield Triple X: Evie D, Georgia D, Jessica W & Megan D

Petersfield Vindicat W: Josephine P, Alice R, Eliza P

PC110 Individual Show Jumping:

Josephine P (Petersfield), Evie D (Petersfield) and Jess W (Petersfield)

The Open Show Jumping Teams had a great time and huge congratulations to the Area 13 Mixed Team who were placed 5th, the Petersfield Vindicats who were in 8th place.  Very well done to Fiona D who was one of only 9 double clears in this class!

In the individual competition, Evie D (Petersfield) came in 3rd place with a lovely double clear getting her into the jump off!

INTERMEDIATE / PC100 Championship Classes for Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing

The #jcbponyclubchampionships Intermediate/PC100 classes took place on 20-22 August.  Very well done to all who qualified for the championships, that we have shared below, along with those who were placed!  We hope you enjoyed the experience!!

Intermediate Dressage:

Team & Individual Dressage:

Garth South: Gabrielle D, Jennifer C, Meredith W & Madeleine Y

Individual Dressage:

Olivia B (Petersfield), Rosie M (B&SC) and Elsa I (Lord Leconfield)

Intermediate Dressage to Music:

Lucy B (Chiddingfold) and Olivia B (Petersfield)

In the Dressage, all our riders rode well in this competitive class with the Garth South team finishing in a very respectable Team 13th and very well done to Meredith W who came 5th individually.  

For the Dressage to Music, congratulations to Lucy B (Chiddingfold) who was placed in 8th and well done to Olivia B (Petersfield) who was less than one point behind her in 9th!

PC100 Showjumping:

Team Show Jumping:

Garth South – Poppy B, Cosima A, Lucy H & Olivia I
Chiddingfold – Emily D, Jessica C, Lucy B & Isabella T
Hampshire Hunt – Albert B, Isabel R, Harriet H & Archie H

PC100 Individual Show Jumping:

Ivan L (LL) Anna J (LL), Verity L (LL), Jess W (Petersfield) and Claudia B (Vine)

The PC100 SJ tracks were equally tough, with only 14 double clears over the day, so the 25 Intermediate teams had to work hard for their places!  Very well done to the Chiddingfold team of Emily D, Jessica C, Lucy B & Isabella T who were placed in 7th.

In the individual class, Claudia B from Vine was just pipped into 9th place, just outside the placings so well done to her for jumping so well!  Finally, congratulations to Ivan L of Lord Leconfield who won the Horsemanship Awards that ran alongside the Intermediate SJ Class!!

PC100 Eventing:

Team & Individual Eventing:

Hampshire Hunt: Megan R, Isabel R & Harriet H

Individual PC100 Eventing:

Verity L (LL), Siena C (Cowdray) and Hattie C (HHN)

Congratulations to Verity L on Badgerhill Melody who came 6th in her Arena in this very challenging class!!

NOVICE / PC90 Championship Classes for Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing

The #jcbponyclubchampionships Novice/PC90 classes took place on 17-19 August and it was certainly lovely to all be camping in the same area on the site!!  Well done to all who qualified for the Championships, that we have shared below, along with those who were placed!  We hope you enjoyed the experience!!

Novice Dressage:

Team & Individual Dressage:

Vine:  Alicia C, Ella W, Gabriella D & Roddy G

Wokingham: Madi A, Lola D, Lily H & Freya W

Individual Dressage:

Isabella H and Holly J (Lord Leconfield), Bethany C (B&SC), Rachel C (SC&SH), Tabitha P-S (Garth Hunt) and Lauren B (HHN)

Open Novice Individual Dressage:

Tamsin S (SC&SH), Lauren B (HHN) and Penny I (Petersfield)

In the Dressage, all our riders rode well in a tough class with the Wokingham who finished in Team 12th out of 28 teams. 

Very well done to Freya W (Wokingham) who came 3rd and to Alicia C (Vine) who came just outside the placings in 9th in their arenas in the Novice class, to Isabella H (LL) who came 7th and to Tamsin S (SC&SH) who was placed =8th in the Open Novice class.

PC90 Showjumping:

Team Show Jumping:

Garth Hunt: Isobel B, Annabelle H, Tabitha P & Daisy S
Lord Leconfield:  Lexi D, Holly J, Elena J & Darcey M
SC&SH:  Lucy C, Polly C, Jessica D & Sophie S
Wokingham: Lola D, Daisy H, Lily H & Freya W

Novice Individual Show Jumping:

Scarlett M and Georgia B (Bisley & SC), Evie E (CHHS)

Open Novice Individual Show Jumping:

Abigail C (Garth South) and Penny I (Petersfield)

For the Show Jumping, all the courses were tough and well up to championship standards.  Very well done to all our Team Show Jumpers and especially Garth Hunt who finished in 11th place out of 46 teams who completed.  Special mentions for Darcey M (LL) and Freya W (Wokingham) who were 2 of only 27 double clears!! 

For the Open Novice, Abigail C (Garth South) had a great day, coming 1st on Lola and 3rd on Molly Chestnut, and to Penny I (Petersfield) who came 5th.

A huge congratulations to Raffy Dawson who came 3rd in the Mini Major qualifier!  Unfortunately, only 1st place gets a direct qualification, and the competition is fierce, she will be jumping the last qualifier at Rectory Farm.

PC90 Eventing:

Team & Individual Eventing:

Hampshire Hunt: Albert B, Annabel P, Ella S & Louise V
SC&SH: Lucy C, Polly C, Charley P & Sophie S
Wokingham: Lola D, Lily H, Olivia O & Freya W

Individual PC 90 Eventing:

Katie H (Cowdray), Emily B (Garth Hunt) and Marnie H (HHN)

Open PC 90 Eventing:

Penny I (Petersfield)

Again, the Eventing class did not disappoint!  The PC90 track contained some real questions, and our riders did a great job to complete!!  Very well done to the Wokingham team who were placed Team 6th out of 32 Teams and special mention to Olivia O and Freya W of Wokingham who both finished on their dressage scores and well done to Freya W (Wokingham) who came 6th in Arena A

In the individual class, congratulations to Emily B (Garth Hunt) who was placed 8th in her arena.  Finally, well done to Penny I (Petersfield) who came 5th on Horace The Horse and 10th on her second horse Jelt Miakoda!!


The #jcbponyclubchampionships Tetrathlon classes took place over the weekend did not disappoint for Area 13!!

We had 15 riders who qualified from Area 13:

Grassroots:  Molly W, Lucy W and Georgina G (Vine)

Junior Girls:  Madeleine E, Orla B (Chddingfold), Olivia O (Wokingham) and Georgie W (Vine)

Junior Boys:  Brian D & Roddy G (Vine)

Intermediate Girls:  Jessica C (Chiddingfold) and Bisley&SC team of Maia R, Gabriella B and Molly B

Open Girls:  Rosie M (Bisley&SC) and Becky S (Wokingham)

The competition was strong, particularly in the Junior Girls, where there were 88 in the class!

Our riders did us proud with the Bisley&SC Intermediate Girls taking 3rd place and Vine Grassroots Girls taking 9th place!

Individually, we had Olivia O (Wokingham) who came 6th in the Junior Girls, Jessica C (Chiddingfold) who won the Intermediate Girls and Becky S from Wokingham who came 2nd in the Open Girls class!!

Amazing effort by all and we hope you all enjoyed the championships! It was lovely to see that the Tetrathlon ethos of fun, friendship and horsemanship was as strong as ever!!


The #jcbponyclubchampionships Mounted Games competition took place on first weekend of the Championships and was a fast and furious affair as they kicked off the Champs week.

Area 13 had teams from South Berks, Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt and Bisley & Sandown Chase branches taking part and they were:


B&SC: Talluah H, Valentine T, Crystal F, Olivia S and Maisie C
South Berks: Annabelle W, Holly L, Alex B, Connie M & Safia C


B&SC: Valentine T, Antonia S, Gemma S, Lois C and Hannah C
SC&SH: Harriet, Archie, Jacob & Aidan


SC&SH: Harriet & Charlotte
B&SC: Gemma S & Antonia S

The South Berks Juniors came 7th and B&SC Juniors came 12th in their respective sessions getting Area 13 off to a great start!

In the Seniors the B&SC team were 18th in their session and very well done to the SC&SH team who were 8th in their session!  This was a great result given that 3 of the SC&SH team have only just stepped up to this level!

Finally, in the pairs, very well done to Harriet and Charlotte (SC&SH) who came 12th in the pairs in a very fast and competitive pairs competitions and congratulations to Gemma S and Antonia S who won the Turn-out competition in the Senior Pairs from Bisley & Sandown Chase!!

It’s a great achievement and wonderful experience to get to the champs and we hoped you all enjoyed your time there!!


Saturday 1 May 2021 at Chase Farm, Bramshott Chase hosted by Petersfield Pony Club.  To view photos from this event:

1st    Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt – 30 points Qualified           
2nd   Bisley & Sandown Chase – 24 points Qualified            
3rd   Petersfield – 16 points  
4th   South Berkshire – 9 points

1st   Bisley & Sandown Chase –   11 points Qualified 
2nd  South Berkshire  – 9 points Qualified

1st   Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Diagonals – 24 points Qualified
2nd  Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Diamonds – 23 points Qualified
3rd   Bisley & Sandown Chase Bolt – 17 points
4th   Bisley & Sandown Chase Diamonds – 16 points


On Saturday 13 March, the Area 13 Branches and Centres took part in the Area 13 Quiz Qualifier!!
We had four Area 13 Pony Club Centre Teams from Greenaway Stables and Silvermere Equestrian Centre, together with 11 Branch teams from Chiddingfold, Hampshire Hunt, Hambledon Hunt (North), Isle of Wight, Lord Leconfield and Wokingham.     
It was a tight competition and congratulations go to the Hambledon Hunters who won on the day with 102 points and qualify for the Championships, along with Greenaways Stables who qualify as the highest placed PC Centre!! They will all take part in the Championships on Saturday 24 April!












1st  Silvermere Swans  –  262.5 pts  Centre Qualification
2nd Silvermere Swallows – 248.5
3rd  Hambledon Hunt North Rubies – 236.5  Branch Qualification
4th  Hampshire Hunt Hedgehogs – 218.5
5th  Wokingham Silver – 198.0
6th  Hambledon Hunt North Sapphires – 197.0
7th  Garth South Diamonds – 196.0
8th  Petersfield Connemaras – 193.0



AREA 13 MINI CHAMPIONSHIPS hosted by Bisley & Sandown Chase Pony Club at Dunstall Green Field, Chobham on Sunday 29 September: 

Saturday 24 – Monday 26 August 2019
Rectory Farm, Duntisbourne Abbots, nr Cirencester


Grassroots Dressage Test 2018 


7th   Hambledon Hunt North Rubies – Keeley Howard, Dot Mills, Hattie Cobden, Lily Owton
11th Vine Hunt – Sophia Cole, Roddy Goodenough, Ella Woolmer, Ella Mead

Arena A

9th   Amelia Smythe – Demensinghe’s Martin (Hampshire Hunt)

Arena B

6th   Dot Mills – Sprinkles (Hambledon Hunt North Rubies)
10th  Phoebe Dallyn – Dazzler (Lord Leconfield Hunt)  
13th  Ella Brisbourne – Alley (Petersfield)

Arena C

1st  Lily Hamble – All That Jazz (Wokingham)
3rd  Hattie Cobden – The Snowman  (Hambledon Hunt North Rubies)
4th  Ella Woolmer – Ilanidan Jasmine  (Vine Hunt)
8th  Imogen Smythe – Rosey (Hampshire Hunt)  

Arena D

14th  Ella Mead – Luminere des Etoile (Vine Hunt)

We would like to thank the Pony Club for including Hannagh Mohan in this event.  Hannagh’s coach, Kimberley Haslam-Collister and Bisley & Sandown Chase Pony Club’s DC Sue Seers worked tirelessly to have Hannagh included seamlessly into the event.  Hannagh’s team supported her all the way and were delighted with her amazing results.  It’s been a learning curve for everyone; Hannagh hopes to be competing in many more Pony Club dressage events.  In the spirit of inclusion, its heartwarming to see the progress being made to include disabled competitors along able bodied riders.











6th  South Berkshire – Grace Armstrong, Flora Hodge, Amy Perrott
9th   Vine Hunt – Toby Balding, Isabelle Cole, Alicia Corbett, Clare McGonnell
10th   Hampshire Hunt Red – Dylan House Walton, Albert Bell, Ben Spencer

Arena A

2nd  Ciara O’Brien – Priory Juniper (Wokingham)
3rd  Toby Balding – Freeway IV (Vine Hunt)
4th  Dylan House Walton – Rusty Boy (Hampshire Hunt Red)
8th  Molly Mossman – Glebe King  (Garth Hunt)

Arena B

5th  Amelia Smythe – De Mensinghe’s Mari Jn  (Hampshire Hunt Blues)
9th  Emily Scott – Jack (Lord Leconfield Hunt)  
11th  Lauren Bendell – Misty (Hambledon Hunt North Pearls)  

Arena C

6th  Amy Perrott – Partly Puzzled  (South Berks)

Arena D

2nd  Lily Hamble – All That Jazz (Wokingham)
4th  Louise Van Randwyck – Black Spark (Hampshire Hunt Blues)  
6th  Clare McGonnell – Hurngate Golden Charm (Vine Hunt)
7th  Gemma Sinclair Williams – Cracker (Bisley & Sandown Chase)











2nd  Garth South
Sissi Herbert – Goombay Smash
Ben Brooks – Tagunnan Bobby
Connor Kinrade – Susie
Megan Budd – Bex

3rd  Hampshire Hunt Purple
Isabel Rendall – Woldgate Blue Moon
Amelia Smythe – De Mensighe’s Marijn
Ella Sinclair – Murphy
Sophie Worthington – Wella

4th  South Berkshire
Grace Armstrong  – Tullibarda’s Winning Mood
Edith Chettleburgh – Coedeneirin Toyboy
Amy Perrott – Partly Puzzled
Flora Hodge – Bankside Saffron


1st   Sissi Herbert – Goombay Smash (Garth South)
3rd   Grace Armstrong  – Tullibarda’s Winning Mood (South Berks)
6th   Ben Brooks – Tagunnan Bobby (Garth South)


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Pony Club who have QUALIFIED for THE HORSE OF THE YEAR SHOW!!

Their journey:

  • Won the Area 13 Mounted Games Qualifiers in May
  • Zones were at Stanford Hall; SC&SH were 3rd
  • Championship replaced at Stanford Hall on Monday 19 August; SC&SH were SECOND to Atherstone – both teams qualified
  • SC&SH did it the hard way; it was all to do on the last race! . . . . . . . which they WON
  • Won Best Turned Out Team


Ben Connell – Floyd
Lucy Chambers – Star
Poppy Bowdler – Duke
Millie Day – Prince
Sophie Stenning – Lucca
















THE PONY CLUB ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS at Euston Park, Thetford, Norfolk on Thursday 15 August 2019

HUGE congratulations to Lettie and Solli.  They rode 32km at a speed of 11.3 kmph and Solli had a finishing heart rate of 44, awarding Solli a Grade One. Lettie was then amazed to be placed 2nd individually in the Novice Championship. 
Lettie joined forces with the New Forest Hunts Branch and the ‘Hampshire Team’ came 1st and are Pony Club National Team Endurance Champions! What a fantastic achievement and experience for you both.


THE PONY CLUB SOUTHERN DRESSAGE FESTIVAL held at Eashing Farm, nr Godalming on Friday 16 August 2019 hosted by Chiddingfold Pony Club and Chiddingfold Farmers Pony Club.  Thank you Andrea Hurley (Chiddingfold) and Sarah Halsey (Chiddingfold Farmers) for the enormous task it has taken to pull this event together today – truly in the Pony Club spirit!!  Also to Garth Hunt Pony Club for generosity donating prizes. It was lovely to see so many happy, smiley Pony Club members competing. Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to those lucky enough to be in the ribbons 🎉👏🎖: The Pony Club Southern Dressage Festival Results 2019










THE PONY CLUB POLO CHAMPIONSHIPS at Cowdray Park Polo Club from Friday 9 – Sunday 11 August

Hampshire Hunt Boys only went and WON!  They are Jorrocks (6-11 year old category on under 13.2hh ponies) Champions 2019.
Well done Bart, Freddy, Nathaniel and Tom for fantastic team play and superb final match against the Cotswold.

Also to HH Handley Cross Team (11-14 years on under 14.2hh ponies) Lara, Albert, Olivia and Alice for a hard fought season with many ups and downs, finishing a respectable 4th at the Championships in a new section where they were the youngest. Well done!

And to Bart for the TicTac Trophy 2019, awarded to the Best Playing Rider and Pony Combo in Jorrocks, on the amazing and multi talented Misty. 


THE TETRATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS & GRASSROOTS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 Friday 9 – Sunday 11 August at Offchurch Bury Warwickshire

The Shoot phase was held in the marquee at Offchurch, and the Swim phase at Warwick University’s brand new Sports and Wellness Hub. The Ride phase involved another challenging cross country course designed by Lloyd Hunt, which proved to be highly influential to the overall result, with only six clear within the time at Open level and three at Intermediate. The competition was rounded off by the Run phase on Sunday morning, prior to prize giving and dispersal in monsoon-like conditions on Sunday afternoon. 

Mixed Area 13 Team 

Placed 16th

Becky Storer – Wokingham (Open Girl)
Jess Cross – Chiddingfold (Intermediate Girl)
Emily Martin – Chiddingfold (Junior Girl)
Gabriella Bolt – Bisley & Sandown Chase (Junior Girl) 

Junior Girls Teams

Placed 10th – Petersfield
Alice Robinson
Georgia Dyer
Josephine Porter Wright 





Intermediate Girls 

Placed 7th  –  Jess Cross – Chiddingfold

Jess also BROKE the British record in the swim, which had been held since 1997!! 





Intermediate Girls Teams 

Placed 3rd – Bisley & Sandown Chase 

Annabelle Hadden Wight
Rosie McDermott
Charlotte Hadden Wight





Grassroots Teams 

Placed 7th – Vine Hunt 

Clare McGonnell – 5th ind in the Run
Roddy Goodenough
Georgina Wallis
Molly Wallis






HURST COLLEGE NATIONAL SCHOOL, PONY CLUB & NSEA CHAMPIONSHIPS held at the Hickstead Showground on Tuesday 1 August 2019.

The Hurst College National Schools and Pony Club Jumping Championships were first held in 1964.  Since then thousands of young riders have come to Hickstead each summer, each hoping to qualify to jump on the hallowed turf of the word famous International Arena.

Team Results

2nd Garth South Pony Club (team score 4)

Meredith Wilson – Casaretta
Abigail Cottingham – Molly Chestnut
India Courage – Renkum Nelocia
Jak Loving – Stonehenge Cosmopolitan

Libby Mead had a lame horse so wasn’t able to compete, but still came along to help and support for the whole day.














5th Garth Hunt Pony Club (team score 16)

Maddison Peries – Cluain Cain Mirah
Olivia Francis – Gatestown Diva
Jemima Maxwell – Arno De Kalvarie
Isobel Stenning – CFS Kancruz 

Individual Placings 

2nd India Courage Renkum Nelocia
4th Meredith Wilson Casaretta
7th Isobel Stenning – CFS Kancruz

AREA 13 SHOWJUMPING QUALIFIERS hosted by Garth South Pony Club at Wellington Riding, Heckfield on Sunday 21 July 2019: Area 13 Showjumping Qualifiers Results 2019

AREA 13 HORSE TRIALS QUALIFIERS hosted by Chiddingfold and Chiddingfold Farmers Pony Clubs at Heath Farm, Munstead on Sunday 14 July 2019: Area 13 Horse Trials Results 2019

Full results: Area 13 Horse Trials 2019 Results

AREA 13 DRESSAGE QUALIFIERS hosted by Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt Pony Club at Blackcroft Farm, Farley Hill on Sunday 7 July 2019: Area 13 Dressage Qualifiers Results 2019

Full results: Area 13 Dressage Quals Full Results 2019

AREA 13 OPEN HORSE TRIALS held at Tweseldown BE on Monday 8 July 2019: 

The team of 3 have qualified for the Championships

1st Fiona Dallyn : The African Queen (Lord Leconfield Hunt)
2nd Rosie McDermott : Sportsfield Bounce Back  (Bisley & Sandown Chase) 
3rd  Charlotte Kennedy : Leonardo De Lux  (Hambledon Hunt North)

AREA 13 MOUNTED GAMES hosted by Petersfield Pony Club at Chase Farm, Bramshott Chase on Sunday 19 May 2019: Area 13 Mounted Games Results 2019


The Pony Club National Quiz Competition held at Addington Equestrian Centre in Buckinghamshire on Sunday 14 April 2019.  This saw 29 Branch and Centre teams from around the country test their knowledge across a wide range of equestrian topics. Rounds ranged from general Pony Club knowledge to tack and equine behaviour, as well as a picture round on poisonous plants.









4th Hampshire Hunt Pony Club


1st Silvermere



Area 13 Blue Cross Horse & Pony Care Competition held at Lower Peake, Warnford on Wednesday 10 April 2019:

1st  Wokingham   Q
2nd  Chiddingfold Stars
3rd  Hampshire Hunt Hedgehogs
4th  Silvermere Shetlands
5th  Petersfield Lads
6th  Vine Hunt Red
7th  Chiddingfold Comets
8th  Garth South Blue

1st  Hambledon Hunt North Silver     Q
2nd  Wokingham Sapphires
3rd  Silvermere Swallows
4th  Hampshire Hunt Blue
5th  Chiddingfold Diamonds
6th  Hambledon Hunt North Gold
7th  Silvermere Swans
8th  Cowdray Hunt Diamonds

1st  Hampshire Hunt   Q
2nd  Silvermere Shires
3rd  Wokingham Emeralds
4th  Silvermere Sorraias
5th  Silvermere Suffolk Punches
6th  Chiddingfold Planets


The Pony Club Winter Triathlon Finals held at Stantonbury Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes on Sunday 31 March 2019.

Minimus Boys

19th William Austin – Chiddingfold
18th Roddy Goodenough – Vine Hunt

Minimus Girls

12th Claire McGonnell – Vine Hunt
24th Madeleine Edgington – Chiddingfold

Junior Girls

22nd Gabriella Bolt – Bisley & Sandown Chase
39th Libby O’Brien – Wokingham

Open Girls 

2nd Jess Cross – Chiddingfold
7th Rebecca Stoner – Wokingham
16th Charlotte Hadden Wight – Bisley & Sandown Chase

Open Boys

17th Freddie Carden – Hambledon Hunt North
25th Harry Goodenough – South Berks


Area 13 Dengie Winter League Showjumping Qualifiers organised by Wokingham Pony Club on Sunday 24 March 2019 at Berkshire College of Agriculture, nr Maidenhead:

Dengie Debut

1st Gemma Sinclair Williams : Cracker  – Bisley & Sandown Chase    Q
2nd Ciara O’Brien : Culmore Bertie – Wokingham     Q
3rd  Oliver Allison : Lislarkin Lad – Lord Leconfield Hunt   Q
4th  Orla Stone : Tate Mist – Hambledon Hunt North   Q
5th Josephine Porter-Wright : Jiggy – Petersfield  Q
6th Amelia Ralls : Lakeside Dun Silver – Hampshire Hunt   Q
7th Anna Collis : Windmill Charlie – Hampshire Hunt
8th Alice Robinson : Falmoe Rocky – Petersfield

Dengie Novice Winter League

1st  Charlotte Watts : Surf n Turf – Hambledon Hunt North  Q
2nd  Eliza Porter Wright : Buck Or Two – Petersfield
3rd  Annabelle Howie : Nimbus Nine – Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt   Q
4th  Archie Howard : Kismet VI – Vine Hunt  Q
5th  Alice Robinson : Falmore Rocky – Petersfield
6th  Orla Stone : Arctic Monkey – Hambledon Hunt North  Q
7th  Chloe Petersen : Pollyanna – Staff College & Sandhurst Hunt   Q
8th  Evie Denton : Longstone Royal Messiah – Petersfield

Dengie Open

1st  Sophie Sparkes : Marno – Wokingham   Q
2nd  Meredith Wilson : Casaretta – Garth South  Q
3rd  Olivia Francis : Gatestown Diva  –  Garth Hunt  Q
4th  Isabelle Elwes : Fast Fuse  –  Royal Artillery
5th  Eleanor Sparkes : Birchills Speed Bonnie Boat  –  Wokingham  Q
6th  Izzy Hopkinson : Fandiamo – Wokingham
7th  Ella Jane Creasy : Model T – Petersfield
8th  Etienne Westphal : Hakon van de Smeets – Bisley & Sandown Chase


Area 13 Dengie Winter League Dressage Qualifiers organised by Lord Leconfield Hunt Pony Club on Sunday 17 March 2019 at Priory Equestrian, Frensham: Area 13 Dengie Winter League Dressage Qualifiers 2019



1st Silvermere Squirrels Q
2nd Lavant House
3rd Silvermere Seals
4th Silvermere Sloths


1st  Hampshire Hunt Hedgehogs  Q
2nd Wokingham Rubies
3rd Hampshire Hunt Hares
4th Wokingham Emeralds
5th Wokingham Sapphires
6th Garth South Tiggas
7th Garth South Lori



Area 13 ran a shoot training day on Sunday 13 January.  Andy and Andrea Hurley provided coaching and competitions so all could improve their technique.

Juniors and Intermediates also had a sport psychology session with Steffi Dampney from The Sporting Difference.

A very successful day and great fun!