Monday November 18, 2019
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Process for change of DCs

What process should be followed going forwards?


What does the change of DC form now look like?

The change of DC form has been attached for your reference. The document is a PDF file that can be edited electronically by selecting on each of the blue areas and typing in the correct information. Handwritten forms will not be accepted going forwards as this can often be difficult to read and understand.

Change of DC Form 2019 v1.0

Where do completed forms need to be returned?

Completed documents are to be emailed

When will this process come into force?

This process should be followed from today. If we receive any old versions of this document, a request to complete the new form will be sent to the branch.

What is the expectation for ARs?

An updated list of changes will be circulated to ARs on a monthly basis identifying who the new DC is and for which branch. ARs will need to confirm by email whether those changes are correct and/or if there are any concerns with the nominated individuals.

From there, the process will then remain the same whereby new DCs are ratified by the Volunteers and Officials Committee and the expectation to attend a Branch Officials Training Day still remains. We are looking to host a number of training sessions in the next 12 months, with the first being on 10thDecember 2019.

 Where can I find more information?

Full details about this can be found on the website:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards

Stef Brazier
Development Officer

t: 02476 698323   e:

Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW


Organisation of Safeguarding Courses

We would like to take a different approach to arranging safeguarding courses in 2020. The new process is based on feedback from attendees and aims to have at least one course in the diary per quarter for each tutor. This does depend on:

  • the demand for courses and the time of year.
  • Will offer flexibility for arrangement of increased course offerings per quarter in area
  • Meet the needs of the attendees by having a variety for day-time and evening courses


Courses are designed to hold between 20 and 24 attendees. We will require a minimum of 16 attendees to ensure courses are financially viable. Entry pages will close a week before the course is planned so that delegate packs and an attendance sheet can be posted to the tutor in plenty of time. Courses with less than the minimum number a week before the course will be cancelled.


Over the next few weeks I would like to progress with arranging the first six months courses across the country so we can confirm tutors and advertise the dates for attendees. To support this I would very much like your help and would appreciate some venue suggestions for courses within each Area to ensure we have an even spread across the UK and first half of 2020. This will also help to encourage those to plan ahead and book on as you would be able to promote these at Area meetings in February

Stef Brazier
Development Officer

t: ‪02476 698323‬   e:

Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW

A marvelous end to the Eventing season. The Area 14 Eventers League presentation evening. Thank you to all our sponsors, particularly Balanced Horse Feeds, and to our tireless organisers Fran and Deborah. Over 300 members took part in the two leagues. One Pony Club League and one BE League with apparently 600 entries to BE alone! Congratulations to our winners. We’ll ridden!

Our thanks to Fran & Debbie for running this for  another successful year



Huge well done to all the winners in the Pony Club Area 14 open Eventing Competition, pictured with Alexa Palmer, the 2019 recipient of the Hannah Francis Award for Talent, Courage and Inspiration, and Mrs Angela Yeoman without whom Nunney wouldn’t take place 👏👏👏😊

Thank you James and Rachel Francis and Willberry for presenting the Hannah Francis Award to Alexa from the Cattistock who has overcome a dreadful fall and shown talent courage and inspiration to all of us and her friends.

Here are some of the photos from the area 14 CPD day at Badminton organised by Louly Thornycroft and very kindly given by Eric Winter.

A fabulous opportunity for all who attended. Hugely insightful and educational with very relevant comment at all levels. Our very grateful thanks to Eric for sharing his knowledge and time during such a busy couple of weeks!

Great to see such diversity of attendance and some of our young coaches too!


Well done West Hants PPC Team for a smashing win making you the England u15 Champions – riding all together as Dorset. We are all very proud of you and your ponies 

Area 14 Junior Games Winners !

A huge well done to Ellie, Daisy, Lexi, Bonnie, Lola and Poppy and their trainer Heather who won the Junior Area mounted Games this weekend.

Our little Junior B team came 4th and were also fantastic: Lewis, Ellie, Evie, Esme, Lexi and Chloe

Equestrian Advanced Safeguarding Online Refresher

Online Course Entry Page

Criminal Record Checks

For information on the criminal record checks that apply to you, please click the link below.

DBS Checks (England & Wales) –


The Pony Club policies run from July 2018 to July 2019




Body Protector Rule 2019


Hat Rule 2019


Hugest Congratulations to Louly….

THANK YOU to the whole of Area 14, and to all the Branch DCs and Secretaries for awarding me my 30 year bar to my Cubitt Award. Gosh has it really been that long? Old age must be creeping up. It is a huge honour to represent Wessex and the Channel Islands nationally.




New Equestrian Microchipping legislation.

Many (38,000) of you will have seen the post which I put on Facebook on October 1st about the new DEFRA legislation regarding micro chipping for ALL horses, ponies and donkeys in England and Wales.  I have asked DEFRA whether Scotland and Northern Ireland are included but have not yet had 100% clarity from them.  We have got until 2020 to make sure that all Pony Club horses and ponies, regardless of age, are chipped and passported –  the legislation includes all retired horses, companion ponies and those that never leave home.  We are talking to various vets to ascertain how best to assist you all in getting unchipped ponies chipped and will keep you informed as to any potential ‘mass chipping’ dates.  In the meantime please do talk to your own vets to arrange to be chipped and then please remember to register your microchip. 

“And the winners, in the closest of finals were…. the team from the West Hants. What a fantastic competition. Well done everyone. The crowd was gripped at Horse of the Year Show”


First round of the Prince Philip Cup at HOYS in the bag. Well done West Hants. Last night was their ‘first session win’ tonight was their second, they certainly know when to produce their A* game. It was another fast and accurate session with quality riding from all the teams.

Go to our FB page for more news & photos


The BETA 2018 Body Protector Standard has been approved.

The new standard, offering three levels of protection, is due for release to the market on 1 October. It is a bright blue logo on a black background.  Pony Club will continue to require Level 3 for cross country.

The purple label 2009 BETA level 3, whilst eventually no longer being sold (only for sale until current stock runs out) will be accepted for use in competition by BE/BRC and PC for the next 6 years.  So if people have bought a new 2009 purple level 3 label, they should not be told they need a new 2018 one.

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Another exciting press release attached.  The Chief Chemo Pony funds are being put to excellent use and its great to see Hannah’s Legacy in action…

Well done Miles, what an achievement and I feel that all of you in Area 14 have played no small part in it too.  Bakeberry (Area 14 berry’s cousin) is with the International Tetrathlon team in America, last seen about to go on the cross country.

Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity press release 24.07.2018